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4-4: A Room with a View

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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4-4: A Room with a View

As you move along the hall here and approach the door you get your next hostage rescue challenge - and this one is a beauty!  There are a lot of mercenaries in this area, and the hostages are in the center of what appears to be a lecture hall - this must be a teaching hospital...

The easy way to handle this is to sneak to the left and down the stairs and then grab the officer standing at the bottom of them slightly to the left.  Once his men surrender, tie them all up and save the hostages.  At this point you get attacked from the other side of the large crater that was the rest of this floor - and in the CS the kid spots a sniper rifle and asks you if he should grab it and help you.  

I told him no - to stay hidden - but letting him help is how you unlock the Barrett Rifle, so if you are not doing the positive play-through, go ahead and let him help to unlock that weapon - but be aware that you are sentencing him to death. If you tell him to stay hidden you get a cash reward from the doc once you deliver the kid, so it is win-win either way.  

Several snipers appear at this point, and if you are using your sniper rifle this is also where you should pick up the next Achievement we are due, Co-Op Sniper.  You should also have picked up the Achievement Meat Bag for using 15 enemies as human shields when you grabbed the officer.

Collect the eighth Cat

Eventually once you eliminate the guys across the gap, a squad busts in above and behind you to flank you - take them out and then before you do anything else, arm your sniper rifle and look across the gap in the middle and you will spot the last Cat (Neko Cat 8 of 12) on in this chapter.  Shoot it, and then head through the door that they came in by. 

You get a brief CS showing the rest of the squad, and then you move along the hall and kill them - easy peasy!  There are two more to kill around the corner, and then you head into the supply room and use the ladder there to go down several levels.

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