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4-1: Higher Ground

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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4-1: Higher Ground

The chapter begins with you on a street outside on the other side of the zoo.  You get a head's up from Murray on what the next objective is - we are looking for a communications relay - actually those are more common than you might think, so I hope that we know which one we need to find...

Proceed ahead and turn the left corner but be easy on your weapon - there are civilians here and we are not supposed to shoot them - no permit you know.  After the three civilians run down the street some merc's appear - kill them as quick as you can and mind that one of them is in a mounted gun on that APC at the far end of the road.  Now proceed up the road past the APC and turn right, and then right again and co-op open the gate here.

Your next hostage rescue is here - you get the normal CS, and you should make it a point to spot the officer here!  Now there is an easy way and a hard way to do this.  The hard way is to target the merc near the hostages and take him out, then the next closest, then the closest.  I do not recommend this unless you are a really good shot.

The easy way is to attach the silencer to your pistol and put a round through the head of the closest merc - who is NOT the officer.  Now stealth up the road a little and put another silenced round into the guy on the upper level to the right, then grab the next closest guy on the street and use him as a meat shield!  He is not the officer so the other mercenaries will only keep their hands raised for a few seconds - so go ahead and start killing them immediately.

Once you have them all dead, walk over to the two hostages and save them - cha-ching!  Easy money!

Now backtrack to the stairs by the open fire plug and go up them (they are on the left side of the street as you were coming down, right side of the street if you already moved past them) go up the stairs.  At the top you will see a ladder on the wall here - climb that and move forward to the railing.  You spot the antenna and you engage a large force of mercenaries.  Kill them now.

Collect the seventh Cat

Once you have eliminated the threat, pull out your sniper rifle and aim a little up and straight ahead to the right of the door on the second floor of the building at the end of the street to target the next Cat (Neko Cat 7 of 12).  Excellent shot! 

Move along the left side here and your partner will move to the right side of the street - and take out the new mercenary squad that arrives ahead and above you.  Work your way along the path and you will hook back up with your partner at the stairs.  Head up and then into the building entering at the Communications Room.  There is a switch on the left side for you to throw, but you report to Murray that there is nothing else here - so move to the door in the back of the room and kick it open, dropping down into the next area.

As you cross the metal walkway ahead it triggers a CS in which your partner makes a joke about the solid Shanghai construction and then the platform collapses, causing him to fall a good ways and get hurt.  The CS shifts to a new scene - your partner is laying on a gurney and it is now 24 hours later.  There is a TV playing in the background so you get some news - and you learn that you are in a hospital.  The doctor tells you what he wants from you - to get the generator running, and protect the hospital while he evacuates the patients.  The Doc does not think much of you - in fact he does not like you at all - but he still wants your help. 

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