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3-1: Solid Ground

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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3-1: Solid Ground

We begin this Episode outside and as you round the corner you get a CS in which a transport helicopter hauling an APC goes down in flames, the APC doing some serious damage to a nearby building.  Up ahead is a squad of mercenaries who you engage - they are mostly coming from the road on the right ahead and hiding behind the barricade in the street ahead of your position. 

After you take them out, head into the road on the right and co-op open the gate at the end; as you move into this road you will get a brief CS and your next hostage rescue scene.  Like before use your GPS to determine who is the higher ranking merc and then take them hostage, forcing the others to their knees.  If you are bored and curious, try taking a lower ranking merc hostage to see what happens - but don't do that if you are seriously trying to rescue the hostages, okay?

Collect the sixth Radio

Once you have them dead or tied up - whichever you choose - remember to rescue the hostages for the extra cash, and then look in the alcove nearby and grab the Radio (Radio 6 of 14) on the counter in the corner.

Follow the main street up and turn left to reach a gate - there is a boost point on the right, and this is your next hostage rescue point.  You are going to be tempted to take a direct approach to this - have your partner boost you up so you can snipe the two mercenaries from above - but unless you are really fast and really lucky that is not going to work here!

The best way to pull this off is to boost your partner up, and then move to the gate and hit LB to order him to climb down the ladder on the other side and open the gate.  Then you can stealth in and capture the merc on the left, forcing the one on the right to his knees, and either kill or tie up the pair and save the two hostages.

The path continues to the right where you get ambushed by some mercenaries - kill them and then head around the corner to the left and co-op open the gate here - and you enter a loading dock area.  Now this is where the real ambush happens!   You try to talk the door open but wave after wave of mercenaries pour over the wall - and your only job is to survive!

Collect the seventh Radio

Once you take out the mercenaries - including the ones sniping and throwing grenades from on top of the far wall - the loading gate opens on the building behind you.  As you enter the bloke you were trying to get to open the door spins you a bit of his personal philosophy.  Now before you do anything else, once you are inside, run around the racks past the soda machines and grab the Radio (Radio 7 of 14)  by the far wall.

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