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Army of Two: The 40th Day Guide and Walkthrough

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Army of Two: The 40th Day Guide

Unoffical guide by Chris Boots-Faubert for

Army of Two is a third-person shooter with a focus upon teamwork, and was designed to be played by two human players, though it can be played solo, with the A.I. controlling the second character.  Army of Two: 40th Day is the sequel to the original game, Army of Two, and takes place after the events of the first game.

The original Army of Two took place between 1994 and 2009, in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, China, and Florida, and featured the main characters, SSC Operatives Tyson Rios, Elliot Salem, and their SSC control contact, Alice Murray.  Rios is an ex-Army Ranger from Brooklyn New York, and Salem is also an ex-Army Ranger and gang-banger from Yonkers, New York.  Murray serves as the control contact at at the new company that the trio established - T.W.O. - after the disaster that was SSC in the last game. 

Interfacing with the pair via radio and satellite communications, Murray is the off-site over-watch for the team, providing intelligence information, situation reports, and updating their assignments from their clients.  Although you do not get to see much of her, Alice is present for nearly the entire game as the voice in your ear.

In 40th Day, Rios and Salem find themselves trapped in Shanghai when a hot-war erupts that may be connected to the assignment that they are presently working on.  After the events of the first game, the trio broke away from SSC and formed their own private military contracting agency, Trans World Operations (T.W.O.) and accepted the contract to place beacons in Shanghai - though they have no idea why the beacons are being placed. 

Now trapped in Shanghai, they must fight their way through squads from two different PMC's to rescue Murray, who is trapped in the South African Consulate, before the PMC's capture or kill her, and then fight their way out of the city and then country.

While the game follows the basic genre of the original, significant improvements have been made in the graphics and A.I.,  including a morality system that slightly alters the end-game, weapon customization, and increased focus on team play, and a more robust multi-player mode.  Although there are some minor bugs in the game - in particular sound stutters and Achievement/Trophy bugs, the game is surprisingly solid and reliable out of the box!

If you did not pre-order the game from a participating store, part of the multi-player content is not available to you until after 15 February 2010.  Players that pre-ordered the game received a code that enabled the Extraction Maps for the online PvP mode, but players who did not pre-order, or who rent the game, have to wait a month before they will be able to play that part of the game.

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Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
Derecho. Esa información es totalmente cubierta en nuestra guía para ese juego en el sitio Web. A la siguiente dirección URL:

Note to English speakers: He is asking how to create a mask for his characters - our reply was that the subject is covered in our guide and that he should hit the URL above.
ID #485374
Dec 16th 2014 Guest
como puedo crear una mascara o poner una en mi cuenta de psn 3 en army of two 40 days
ID #485342
Oct 23rd 2013 [email protected]
I put these two comments in the wrong section and don't know how to remove them. I meant to put them under masks. Sorry. Feel free to remove.
ID #315958
Oct 23rd 2013 [email protected]
Your mother told me the same thing as you before I bought my used copy from her, "buy used and get screwed." Your mom didn't disappoint! It was the best $25 dollars I ever spent. I could have bought the Army of Two game for $5.00 from Gamestop but I think I got a better deal from your mom.
ID #315956
Oct 23rd 2013 [email protected]
Most greedy company ever. In Dead Space 3 they sold super gun - Evangelizer for real money and in game resources for real money. They removed multiplayer in Army of Two 1 because they shut down their servers. Now they don't even have a link to make the mask. Three examples of greed from EA that I have personally dealt with and I am a capitalist who normally doesn't complain about a company wanting to earn a profit but EA is just plain sleazy. Fortunately for them they make terrific games.
ID #315955
Aug 21st 2013 Guest
batman[img][video][/video] [/img]
ID #306098
Jul 3rd 2013 Guest
The killer mask
ID #294594
Jul 3rd 2013 Guest
The Killer mask
ID #294593