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5-5: Just Blow it all to Hell

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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5-5: Just Blow it all to Hell

Next you get a CS in which the Russian sort of fills you in, and then you recover your gear and the Russian expands on your mission and the plot by telling you about some explosives and what you can do with them.  Now you head back out of the gate and you get a CS of their control center - and the Russian briefs you on where to place the explosives.

Collect the tenth Cat

Follow the Russian and have your partner pick up the bomb, then escort him to the X on the right side and he will place it.  Now regroup on the Russian and go to the room behind him and grab the second bomb, and escort him to place it.  Now rinse and repeat the third bomb, but before you escort him pull out your sniper rifle and target the target the last Cat (Neko Cat 10 of 12) for this level. Now regroup on the Russian and watch the fireworks!

Now follow the GPS trail down one level and engage the squad and the heavy grenade merc - to kill him target the bags on his hips.  Once you have eliminated all of them, continue on the path and the Russian will open a gate for you - follow him over the crates, and then you have an extended firefight with mercenaries below you. Once you clear enough away, drop down to their level on the boxes below the opening and begin sweeping through the area, killing as you go.

When you get to the back of the area you get a CS in which the Russian opens a door and you have a sort of confrontation with him - a woman is inside and you have to make a choice - take his bribe or stop him.  I chose to stop him - and the woman ended up delivering the killing shot in the graphic novel-style transition - but it turns out that she was not the innocent that I thought she was - she is an agent tasked with killing defectors, and their families. Fortunately the Russian was not actually killed and he catches up to her before she can kill his baby in the hospital.  Makes me wish I had taken the bribe now...  but that is it for us as the chapter ends.

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