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5-1: It's Raining Crazy

Army of Two: The 40th Day Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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5-1: It's Raining Crazy

You begin this chapter in the street - and once you move forward a bit go ahead and take cover as you watch an APC and some mercenaries move past at the end of the street.  The path divides ahead - you can ether go to the left or straight...

Option 1: If you go left you will spot an enemy facing away from you further down the street - take him out with a silenced head-shot and move forward.  The lane here divides again - you can go to the right or straight but this split basically takes you to the same situation.  You will see several mercenaries in the street - and kill them - and your partner will spot a heavy with a flamethrower.

Option 2:  If you go straight you will spot a mercenaries at the end of the lane facing away from you - take him out with a silenced head-shot, and move ahead, turning left as you reach the street.  There is another patrolling enemy ahead - take him out and then a burning pole will fall into the street.  Continue along and you will see a split to the right that leads to the same small alcove as referenced in Option 1 - ignore that and approach the rear of the APC ahead.  Head-shot the gunner in the APC and move to cover behind it and your partner will call out a heavy with a flamethrower - thus bringing both options to the same state.

Back On Track:  First order of business is to take out the Flamethrower - you have done this before but if you forgot, we do it by targeting the fuel tanks on his back until they explode!  Once he is down, mop up the rest of his minions in the area, and then another with a shotgun shows up - take him down by firing into his face!

As you work your way along the street mind the two or three mercenaries in the windows of the second story on the right - they wait until the guy on the mounted gun on the barricade at the other end of the street starts firing and then hit you in a cross-fire.  Once you have taken them out, and worked your way to the barrier, taking out the defenders there, swing around to the other side and be sure that you pick up the ammo and money that is dropped where they fell. 

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Comments for 5-1: It's Raining Crazy

6 comments, latest first.
Aug 24th 2013 Guest
the flamethrower guy is to hard help!!![b][color=red][/color] [/b]
ID #306467
Jan 3rd 2011 Guest
For those who wants to kill any flamethrower; you have to set your partner on attack mode, then quickly get behind the flamethrower and shoot the red tank on his back, but dont get too close, keep your distance to stay unseen"
ID #23956
Sep 21st 2010 Guest
im 11 and i can doit
ID #13239
Jul 26th 2010 Guest
after i beat the flamethrower gut the shotgun gut kills my partner
ID #6153
Jul 2nd 2010 Guest
I've killed the earlier Flamethrower dudes but this one I just can't beat.
ID #2827
Jun 12th 2010 Guest
i can;t take out the flame thrower, or else my partner gets hit6 and the flame thrower always stays n his spot making it impossible to save my partner, this one is the hardest test yet in the game
ID #398