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Before You Tune

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At the risk of making the game seem more like a game and less like a simulation of racing, the Tuning process is not (and should not be thought of) as the go-to solution for track dominance for the campaign-based single-player story-mode of the game, because it really isn't.

The fact is that attempting to gain an edge by Tuning your car for these races will, 9 times out of 10, backfire on you as it will often cause your car PI to increment, which then disqualifies the car for that race.

The important thing to remember ius that racing in real life, and racing in the FM series, both share a single but very important common denominator: Physics.

Put this another way - as you work your way through the campaign, rivals, and multi-player - there is no good reason why you cannot simply place in the Top 3 for each race without doing anything to your car - as long as you have chosen the best car for that track and that race!

With that noted however, the chances are very high that you will eventually get tired of being owned by one or more of the Drivatars that you are racing against - and you will want to have that edge. Okay, perhaps not being owned, but getting toasted from time to time is one aspect of this that tends to get old quickly.

That is the primary reason that we (a) make car recommendations for the campaign based on the Volume and Series, and (b) make recommendations for the Mod Cards for you to utilize on a race-by-race basis..

When to Tune?

Multi-Player Racing: Where Tuning Works the Best

Conventional wisdom suggests that a knowledge of Tuning is required in order to alter the stacked-up odds The reality is something different. While tuning - and the ability to tune as well as a keen understanding of the tuning process - are important tools for increasing the edge your car has for each track, it's important to remember that there are a number of other approaches that have an equally effective impact.

In fact if you are not already knowledgeable on the topic of Tuning - or even if you are - the following tactics will allow you to alter the challenge levels without needing to research the science of tuning or master its learning curve. So here is our advice for the racer who is not yet ready to custom tune their rides for how to gain an edge on each course:

Equipping a Silver Badge

Choosing the Right Car

All Cars are NOT Equal - Just ask Jay Leno!

That's right, we can start by choosing the right car! Look, we know what it is like - there is a set of cars you really like, so naturally you prefer to choose one of those to set your lap time, win your race, show out your rival, and just all-around have some fun.

The thing is, all cars are not created equal - and when you look at the Leaderboards for a given track in Free Play you will notice that there is a specific group of cars that appear over and over again in the list. That is your first clue that they may be best suite for this specific track.

So with that in mind, and especially when you are doing the story campaign play, it would be a great idea to check the list of courses in our guide for the Volume and Series' and then check the list of cars that apply to the Series Class you are racing, and THEN take a look in Free Play at the track to see which cars from the list actually appear there.

That way you can leverage the established records in order to make the best choice. Well, you could - but we help you out there already as we make recommendations using just that source of info!

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Downloading Tunes

Where Clever Meets Statistics

Considering the fact that we just de-emphasized the whole Tunes issue, you might find it surprising that the first go-to for this alternate advice is Tuning, but there you have it because it is. Or rather other people's tuning is. Bear with us, this will all make sense in a moment.

Free Play

When you are setting up a Free Play Race, you select GO RACE > FREE PLAY and that brings you to the first menu where you can pick your Car, the Track, and set the Game Options, set the Assists, and Load Tune.

The thing is, the Load Tune tab that you select here is a general tune option that applies exclusively to the CAR, not the Car & Track, and that is critical for you to be aware of. Sure you can apply a recommended tune from this page, but all that will do is set up the car randomly at least in terms of the race you are about to run, and that is NOT good.

Some of the Tunes that are found on the Tune Setups > Recommended Tunes pages are actually fake tunes, that exists only to help that player unlock the Tune-based Achievement(?!) A randomly created Tune that can actually make your car harder to drive and your experience worse!

So what do you do?

Buying the Right Tune

Car & Track Tune Choice

Once you have selected the car, the track, and the options, hit the Start Race Tab to get popped into the Pre-Race Screen, which is where among other things you can pick your Mods, Tune your car, check the starting grid, set the Drivatar difficulty, set your assists, and finally, check the Leaderboard. That last, by the way, being what you want to do.

When you tap the Leaderboards, in addition to getting to see the best times for this particular track and car combination and race, you ALSO get to see what Tune File (if any) they used to do it with. That is significant in that when you are looking at the list you can scroll down until you find a listing entry for the car YOU want to use, that also has a name in the Tuned By line, as that means you can then select that entry and download the Tune used to set that time, in that car and on that track!

Once you find the one you want you tap the 'A' button to download the Tune, making a note of the Tuner and then once it is downloaded you need to back out to the Pre-Race menu, then EXIT to the Free Play screen and from there select the Load Tune Tab, and then us the RB button to change to the section called "MY TUNES" which is where you will find the Tune you just bought.

Now apply THAT tune to the car - this is actually where you have to pay the cost of the upgraded tune mind you - and then you are all set to head back tot he track and race! Which means hit Start Race, add any other alterations you prefer to Assists, and Mod Cards, and then get-er-done!

Remember when you opt to go with community tunes like this, you will get a tune that has proven to work well with that track and car, but the tune will be installed to your car, which means when you change tracks you will need to load a different tune, naturally.

That being the case, you should create a file or start a Tune Notebook in which to jot down the Tuner / Tune Name you obtained and for what track, that way when you need to come back, you know what tune to use.

To use this method in Rivals Mode, you will need to access the Leaderboards for each track by tapping the 'Y' button from the first Rivals Screen per track.

2014 BMW #5 eBay Motors 1251 M Sport
2014 BMW #5 eBay Motors 1251 M Sport

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Assists Optimization

More Help than you Need?

Here is the thing about Assists - on the one hand (especially if you are new to Forza) it seems like having the Assists can only help you, right? But on the other hand there are plenty of circumstances in which having certain Assists turned on actually HURTS you!

Before we start to explain why that can happen, we should first look at the Assists so that we are all on the same page here... Each setting will have an impact on the bonus percentages that you receive in XP and Cr. based on the realism level you opt to play with. While the percentages are low for these, collectively and over the course of the campaign these really add up to major Credits and XP...

The Forza Motorsport 6 Driving Assists are:

(1) Suggestion Line

This Assist has 3 unique Settings:

1. FULL - A line appears on the track to indicate the suggested driving line. This line turns blue when you should accelerate, or red when you should brake to slow down. (0% Cr. Bonus)

2. BRAKING ONLY - A red line appears on the rack to indicate where you should brake to slow down. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

3. OFF - You will be on your own to find your own racing lone and braking zones, so driving will be more challenging. (+12% Cr. Bonus)

(2) Braking

This Assist has 3 unique Settings:

1. ASSISTED -Whenever you approach a corner, this system automatically applies the brakes appropriately so that you can make the turn. (+0% Cr. Bonus)

2. ABS ON - When you apply the brakes, this system pulses the brakes to ensure that they don't lock up. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

3. ABS OFF - You will be in full control of the braking force. If you apply the bakes with too much force, they will lock-op. In this state your braking distances will increase and steering will be difficult. (+12% Cr. Bonus)

(3) Steering

This Assist has 3 unique Settings:

1. ASSISTED - Assisted steering uses Forza's artificial intelligence to guide your steering when necessary. (+0% Cr. Bonus)

2. NORMAL - Normal steering gives you full control, but dampens certain physical effects to make driving easier. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

3. SIMULATION - Simulation steering eliminates any damping and steering speed assistance for a more realistic, one-to-one effect, making counter-steering much quicker. Please not this mode is difficult with a controller, and is recommended for advanced players. (+12% Cr. Bonus)

(4) Traction & Stability Control

This Assist has 4 unique Settings:

1. TCS+ STM ON - Together, these systems will help you maintain traction when accelerating, and keep the car under control when it might otherwise spin out. (+0% Cr. Bonus)

2. TCS ONLY - This system reduces wheel-spin during acceleration by reducing power when your tires begin to slop. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

3. STM ONLY - This detects when your car starts to yaw (or rotate) too much, and applies the brakes to the individual wheels in order to straighten out the car. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

4. OFF - Experience the challenge of racing without electronic driving aides. (+12% Cr. Bonus)

(5) Shifting

This Assist has 3 unique Settings:

1. AUTOMATIC - Automatic mode will handle the shifting for you. (+0% Cr. Bonus)

2012 Bowler EXR S
2012 Bowler EXR S

2. MANUAL - Manual Mode requires manual up-shifting and downshifting. This selection is like the Butterfly Paddles that you often find on modern GT and Supercars - basically you need to shift up and down but you get the Clutch done for you! (+5% Cr. Bonus)

3. MANUAL WITH CLUTCH - Manual with Clutch requires clutch depression between all gear changes, using wither a clutch pedal or button. (+7% Cr. Bonus)

Efficient manual shifting can result in better acceleration, and therefore quicker lap times. This setting choice basically duplicates the standard transmission - you push in the Clutch to use the gears.

(6) Damage, Fuel & Tire Wear

This Assist has 2 unique Settings:

1. COSMETIC - Cars will show the appearance of damage, but there will be no physical effects. Tires will not wear, and fuel will not run out. (+0% Cr. Bonus)

2. SIMULATION - Cars experience mechanical damage during collisions, including destruction of major parts such as the engine. Tires wear out based on your driving technique, and fuel is consumed as you race. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

(7) Rewind

This Assist has 2 unique Settings:

1. ON - You can use the REWIND feature to reverse time to a point of your choosing during your race. (+0% Cr. Bonus)

2. OFF - The REWIND feature will be completely disabled. (+10% Cr. Bonus)

Our Choice for Assist Settings

What you opt to use for your Assist Settings is purely a personal matter. That said, there are certain Assists that can (will) mess with your ability to make tactical moves, drive defensively, and overall control the car and therefore your part in the race!

In addition to that, how you haw the Assists has a direct and easy-to-see impact on the rewards phase of completing a race as well. But this is a highly personal issue in which the notice "YMMV" certainly applies!

If you are curious, this is how we have our game setup for play both for the pirposes of this WTG and for regular play:[br /]

SPECIAL NOTE ON DAMAGE: If you decide you like the idea of fuel getting used up, tires wearing out, and mistakes causing damage to your ride (and when we say ",mistakes" we mean the few you are likely to make PLUS the nasty surprises you get from Drivatars who use you as a target during the races)...

We just want to remind you that there is a reason that in every pro race there will be, at the end, several racers and their cars who clock an overall time of "DNF" for their race... And just so you know, "DNF" means DID NOT FINISH the race. That happens for a number of reasons, but usually it happens because something important that could not be corrected in the Pit got broke!

If you opt to go for realism in damage, tire wear, and fuel, we strongly recommend that you turn Rewinding ON.








1967 Brabham BT24
1967 Brabham BT24

No matter how you configure the Assists in the game it is a compromise. For us it is a compromise between too much realism and not enough fun - basically we opted for the settings that give us the best direct control over the car, but that do not require us to remain on the knife-edge in terms of paying strict attention to what we are doing.

With the game Assists set this way we maximize the fun while still retaining principle control over our cars. There is plenty of leeway here though! If you don't like shifting, then by all means, turn on Automatic! If the Suggestion Line helps you then use it!

Remember, this is about having fun! If you ever reach a point where you are choosing not to use an assist and that choice directly impacts (diminishes) the fun-level you are experiencing, you need to re-examine your choices mates...

The most important point that needs to be made here however is in results. Specifically you will find that, for example, using the brakes with ABS OFF gives you a very real edge in corners allowing you to go mondo aggressive and thus dominate the Drivatars to the extent that they suffer the impact of your driving will!

As our good mate Austin Powers would say: "Yeah Baby!"

Our best advice to you? Sincerely - give each setting a try to see what works best of you - or you could just go whole hog and copy ours for a serious competitive edge over the Drivatars. Your call! But remember that of all the things you can do in terms of setting up for a race, the Assists will have the most visible and tangible impact overall.

- = - = - = - = - = - = * H&T * = - = - = - = - = - = -

Follow Our Guide

Seriously - follow the WTG Section by the numbers because there is a reason that we structured it the way that we did, and it is not just about following a logical path mates. We structured our guide to give you the best and the most complete technical advantage that we could manage based upon our long experience with the FM series!

This is worth emphasis - otherwise we would not have brought it up here - but just for fits and shiggles, please indulge us by reading this bit carefully won't you?

Our Guide Path

You may have noticed that the path for our WTG has some diversions to it... There is a reason for that, and it is not just to help you score a bunch of "g" so the MP side will take you more seriously either - though that is rather important for those of you who plan to get busy online.

No, there is a far more practical reason for the approach that we take you on - the path of our wisdom if you will. And that is totally down to the experience mates.

You should notice that immedately following the prep sections and the Achievement Grind, we go to the first Volume and then immediately segue into the Showcases. There is a reason for that: between the Achievement Grind races, the first Volume, and the available Showcase Events, by the time you wrap them all up you have not only been exposed to a wide assortment of tracks, but also every track condition several times.

That is good, because it prepares you for what is coming in the remaining four Volumes. It serves several purposes - getting you valuable experience, gamersscore to serve as a buffer between you and O/L players who judge by that sort of thing, and finally it gains you a boatload of Credits which should see you easily to fleshing out the bulk of the Mod Card Collection - which you really need to do before you seriously dig into the rest of the campaign play!

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