10 Things We'd Like To See In Pokemon 4th Generation Remakes

If you're anything like me, then odds are you also cannot wait for the Pokemon 4th Generation Remakes. It has been over a decade since the original 4th Generation Games first came to be, and I, along with many others, feel it’s way overdue for them to finally receive their Remakes like every Generation before them. The 4th Generation Pokemon Games were what resparked, personally, my love for the Mainstream Pokemon Games, and they are still one of the highest rated Pokemon Games among fans that there has ever been. It has now reached a point where fans aren’t just hoping for 4th Generation Remakes, but they expect such a thing to come in the very near future.

However, in order to make these Remakes better than the original, I do feel the Pokemon Company needs to either include, create or enhance a number of things in order to do this very thing. And this is exactly why I have decided to construct a list of ten different things that not only I, but I’m sure what most other Pokemon Fans hope to see in the 4th Generation Remakes. From the Overall Plot and New Pokemon Forms to Characters and Legendary Pokemon, I will name the ten things that all of us (hopefully) who like to see in these games.

If at any given time you would like to express your thoughts, you can do so in the Comments Section below each and every page of this here article. Whether you agree with one of my ideas or absolutely despise one of my thoughts, you can tell me about it in the area provided below. You can even share some of your own wishful desires for the 4th Generation Remakes in the space down below! No matter what you would like to express, I would love to hear from you regardless!

So, without even more second to delay, here are the ten things that we’d like to see in the upcoming Pokemon 4th Generation Remakes! I truly hope you enjoy the read!

Sequel Plot

One thing I know I would like to see in the 4th Generation Remakes is a sequel plot, much like we saw in Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 in regards to their predecessors. There are so many questions left unanswered from the events that took place in Pokemon Platinum, just like there were after Pokemon Black and White. After the original 5th Generation Games, we had no idea whatsoever where either Ghetsis or N went. N ran away with the other Legendary Pokemon while Ghetsis escaped being arrested for his crimes, neither surfacing until Team Plasma rose through the ashes in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. This is very similar to the events that ended Pokemon Platinum, with the whereabouts of the Team Galactic Leader, Cyrus, are still unknown.

By going with more of sequel rather than a glorified remake, there is so much, I feel, the Pokemon Company can do with these given games. For one, obviously, they could have Cyrus creating an uprising from out of nowhere, rebuilding Team Galactic from the ground up in hopes of accomplishing his greatest masterplan yet. No only that, but the Pokemon Company could breath new life to Sinnoh Region by adding new characters and altering the status of other characters, including having a variety of new Gym Leaders like what was seen in the 5th Generation Sequels. On top of all of this, the Pokemon Company can even have the central story revolve around a Sinnoh Legendary Pokemon different than that of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, as that has already been accomplished in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Posted: 8th May 2018 by Warrior13
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