Toughest Battles In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Lusamine Pokemon League Battle

Back in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you would only battle Lusamine on two separate occasions: once at the Aether Paradise, and again while you’re in Ultra Space. After defeating/saving her and then returning from Ultra Space, Lusamine will be too ill from converging with the Ultra Beast to battle again. She will be so sick that Lillie will actually leave The Alola Region with her and head to the Kanto Region, hoping Bill, who was once turned into a Pokemon, could help heal Lusamine with his given machinery. However, in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, none of these events will occur, allowing both Lusamine and Lillie to remain within the Alola Region during the Post Game.

Since she wasn’t taken to Kanto Region, it is actually possible to battle Lusamine during the Post Game. However, actually being able to do so is quite the challenge. You see, the only way to battle Lusamine is during one of your rematches with the Pokemon League. But there’s a catch! Unlike other challengers to your throne, the only way to have the chance of battle Lusamine is on the very first day of every month. If you one day are able to get the chance at battling Lusamine, you better be ready for a great challenge. Even though her team will remain the same as always - consisting of Clefable, Lilligant, Lopunny, Milotic, and Bewear - all of her Pokemon will reach almost Level 70. Like all incoming challengers to your championship thrown, expect to use plenty of Healing Items during your battle with Lusamine.

Posted: 27th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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