Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

2. Victini -- Psychic / Fire Type

A dual-type Psychic / Fire Legendary Pokemon who also happens to be the second most difficult to obtain Legendary, mostly due to the scarcity of its distribution.

Originally Victini could only be had via the Liberty Pass event in Black and White, then it was offered as a WiFi Wondercard event for Black 2 / White 2 briefly.

Said to bring victory to any Trainer that befriends it, the truth is that it is not really a formidable Pokemon at all. As far as battlers go, it is probably not one you would choose for your team, but if you are willing to structure a team around it its U-Turn and strong special attack are such that it can still be an effective (if temporary) force on the field.

From a rarity point of view -- and for pure cuteness -- it is one for the books in terms of desirability, which is how it ended up making the list so high.

Unfortunately that rarity plays against you if you did not obtain it when it was available either via the ticket event or the WiFi Wondercard distribution, as the chances of it appearing again do not seem all that high.

Posted: 19th Mar 2014 by CMBF
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