Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

5. Ho-Oh -- Fire / Flying Type

The addition of the dual-type Fire/Flying Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh to the list really requires no explaining -- particularly considering the history that this one has throughout the games (and not just the handheld games but also the NGC titles!).

Often considered to be closely related to Lugia as its duo partner, depending upon the game in the series you can get a different definition of its presence in the world -- but its overall reputation as the guardian of the skies seems to be a sealed deal.

Thanks to having a very powerful Attack stat, the ability to soak up considerable damage, and a flexible (and very strong) set of moves, Ho-Oh is the rare combination Legendary that can function as a fast-attack member and as a tank.

Considering its awesome attack capabilities and its considerable defensive abilities, it really is no wonder that Ho-Oh is a go-to choice found in a vast majority of Legendary teams -- particularity in tourney play (when Legendary are allowed AND when Ho-Oh is not specifically disallowed).

In fact it is fair to say that Ho-Oh is one of the most dangerous Sun-based Pokemon in the game -- even in rain condition.

The version mascot for Pokemon Gold, Ho-Oh reprises that role for the remake Pokemon HeartGold. While it was obtained in a number of events, it was also obtainable in Pokemon Colosseum by purifying all 48 Pokemon and then completing 100 battles on Mt. Battle.

It is also available in HeartGold -- using the Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell Items -- which means while it is not the most common of the Legendary, it is still by far the easier to obtain of the very desirable Legendary!

Posted: 19th Mar 2014 by CMBF
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