Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon have long been a controversial subject among Pokemon Trainers, and not just because the field seems to be split between players who believe that they are to be collected but never actually played, and the other half, who believe that once you have a Legendary you have every right to make the best use of it that you can.

That controversy spans a number of subjects - the most obvious being that many of the Legendary are not really all that legendary in terms of abilities and strength, they are simply difficult to obtain. Another aspect that bothers is the fact that so many Trainers, desperate to get their hands on the Legendary of their choice, will resort to cheating, which rather confuses the whole point of pride in having caught them, doesn't it?

Then there is the issue of creating a Top 10 list of Legendary Pokemon... No matter which ten we choose, there will be plenty of Trainers who disagree, mostly because favorites among this particular type of Pokemon are largely a personal matter of likes. That being the case, we fully expect that this list will polarize, and that there will be disagreement. Excellent!

The best thing you can do -- if you disagree with our choices -- is to post your own Top 10 in the comments section! And we welcome that, because it very much serves to flesh out what is a perennially thorny issue among dedicated Pokemon Trainers: that being which Legendary are the best.

Our Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

10. Deoxys -- Psychic Type

Deoxys is a Psychic-type and a Legendary Pokemon -- but a rather special one in that it has multiple forms -- that is to say that it can change to different forms depending upon its use.

The choice of forms is a bit tricky in that for Generation III, it depends upon which game cartridge it resides on -- and that form will not change unless it is traded. In the later generations the form is easily changed via Veilstone City, Route 3, Nacrene City, or Amberette Town.

Its different forms are:

Defense Form (default in LeafGreen)

Normal Form (Ruby and Sapphire)

Attack Form (FireRed)

Speed Form (Emerald)

You may have noted the particular order in which the forms are listed above -- the legend is that Deoxys was formed by the mutation of a virus from space -- a virus based upon DNA -- hence the names of its forms: DNAS. The virus fell to earth in a meteor and underwent a mutation after entering the atmosphere, turning the virus into the Pokemon!

This Pokemon will make any Top 10 list simply due to the difficulty that is had in obtaining one! It is only distributed at events -- one of which was at the NASA Space Center in Texas, another at the NYC Pokemon Center. It was briefly distributed via Wondercard in Black 2 / White 2, so there is a good chance you know someone who has it.

Today the only sure way to obtain a legit one is to trade for it online via your game, but to do that you first need to find someone to show it to you so it gets added to your Pokedex, making it one of the two rarest in the games.

Posted: 19th Mar 2014 by CMBF
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