Top Ten Kalos Pokemon That Should Have A Mega Evolution

Have you ever just thought about all the Mega Evolutions that were released in the Sixth Generation of Pokemon? If you think closely, you might quickly see that only one Kalos Pokemon, the Mythical Diancie, has the privilege of a Mega Evolution. It doesn't make too much sense, since even though Mega Evolution began with Rayquaza in the Hoenn Region, Kalos is considered the where the birth of Mega Evolution ultimately began afterwards. Perhaps GameFreak was merely choosing to wait for future generations to give these newest Pokemon a Mega Evolution, that there were others from previous generations that deserved one more at the time. Whatever the case may be, there are a number of Kalos Pokemon that fans would like to see one day Mega Evolution. And this in article, we will go through who we feel are the ten most deserving Pokemon of the bunch to receive a Mega Evolution.

We'll try to keep bias opinions out of this here article, but that doesn't mean everyone from everywhere will agree with these rankings. If you disagree or would like to comment about anything at any time, please feel free to do so in the comment section below. We would love to hear your input, whether positive or not so much.

Before we begin, we usually like to name the Pokemon that just missed out cut. Usually these Pokemon are also deserving of a Mega Evolution, just not as much or they weren't as popular to receive one ahead of someone else. Anyway, here they are:

#13) Gogoat - Gogoat is a pretty rad Pokemon with the design it was given, especially in its Shiny Form, but its stats are pretty mediocre. A Mega Evolution would make it relevant.

#12) Xerneas - It's scary to think we're putting Xerneas on this list anywhere, since its already so good with Geomancy. However, if Zygarde's Complete Form is ever released, then who's to say Xerneas and Yveltal shouldn't receive a Mega or Primal to match its power?

#11) Yveltal - The same goes for Yveltal as does Xerneas, as it too is apart of the Duo/Trio of Mortality.

With that now out of the way, let's get to the top ten most deserving Kalos Pokemon for a Mega Evolution!

#10 - The Starter Pokemon

When we usually do articles like this, ranking the top Pokemon of a region to receive a Mega Evolutions, we usually rank them much higher than this. But the thing is, the final evolutions for the Kalos Starters are already three highly productive Pokemon in their own ways. Sure, it's looking like all Starter Pokemon will receive a Mega Evolution based on the current trend, but these three really don't need it. Will they take if it comes? Of course they will. But until then, they are sitting pretty with the power they possess.

Greninja is already a pretty terrifying Pokemon from a Spike Setter to an all out Special Sweeper, and the thought of Mega Greninja could blow your mind. As a Mega, Greninja would stick to the exact same script. It would keep Protean as an ability, and would receive larger boosts to its Speed and both offensive statistics. A few boost to its defensive stats would also be nice, since it is so frail to begin with.

Much like Greninja, Mega Delphox would probably stick closely to what it already does best. It would continue to be a special sweeper, receiving most of its 100 Point Mega Boost to its Speed and Special Attack. The only real difference would come in its ability, as Magician just doesn't do it justice. We think Drought would be the perfect ability for a Mega Delphox, as it boosts Fire Type Attacks but doesn't make it too overpowered.

And just like its counterparts, Chesnaught too would remain course to what it already does with efficiency. Bulletproof is a great ability, so it could keep this or probably get something like filter to lower super effective hits. It would receive most of its boost to its defensive stats, but don't be surprise if it also get a nice boost to its Attack Stat. A Mega Evolution should always help a Pokemon, and a little more power would definitely do for Chesnaught.

Posted: 18th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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