10 Things We Wish Pokemon Would Do

Pokemon has been around for over fifteen years. That's a very long time for any series in general, especially one based upon little monsters with incredible powers. Over the years, the Pokemon Company has developed a very popular Video Game Series, Anime Series, and Trading Card Game.

The Pokemon Company has brought many enjoyable moments to Gamers and Fans across the world. But not every decision they have made has sat good with PokeFans. As years passed, many things have changed and some have remained the same, but both left Fans wishing things were different.

In this article, we will examine various aspects of Pokemon that we wish were different, and what we wish the company would do about it. Included in this article will be aspects of the Video Game Series, Trading Card Game, and Anime Series. These are some of the most popular debates about Pokemon you could find just about everywhere on the internet, but there will also be a few topics that aren't really talked or thought about too much.

Want to share your thoughts on these issues? Comment at anytime in the Comment Section below. Tell us what you think about these issues, and if you think the Pokemon Company should indeed do them. We would love to hear what you think.

Without a moment to lose, let's get started.

Give Ash's Mom A Different Pokemon

No one should have to be left alone in an empty house every day, and that includes Ash's mother. It's fitting that someone should be there with her, especially since Ash's dad isn't in the picture. Why not give her a Pokemon to keep her company? It's really the only logical answer, since dogs and cats don't really exist. But why, with all of the possible Pokemon choices, would you choose to give her Mr. Mime?

Sure, this Mr. Mime is sweet and kind; it also helps out around the house. But that doesn't take away from Mr.Mime's creepiness. The sheer look of it and how it moves in-game just fills your mind with horrifying images. Real life mimes, to some, are creepy all by themselves. But this thing... It's like the creators were trying to find ways to making a mime look even worse. I'm serious...

Not every Pokemon were made with thoughts of children in mind; just look at Hypno. The Pokemon Creators might try to pass this Pokemon off as a loving, playful helper, but you should know better. Besides, I don't think this thing is really even a Pokemon; it looks like a creepy old man in makeup.

There just doesn't seem to be any reason that can justify why the creators didn't give Miss Ketchum a real housepet. I get she wants someone to help around the house, but how much work can there be? It's only you living there Miss Ketchum, I remind you. Perhaps she doesn't even care about keeping the house clean... Maybe... Just Maybe... She has Mr. Mime around to freak Ash out whenever he comes home, in order to shorten his stay. We all know she likes making him different outfits everytime he leaves for another region.

In all actuality, it just seems like a Growlithe or Meowth would be a better choice to help her fight the loneliness, that's all.

Posted: 3rd Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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