Top 10 Pokemon Ribbons for Pokemon X & Y

Over the course of the main game series the wizards that create the games have tried out a number of medal and ribbon-based collections and awards schemes, looking for a means to add a collection-like recognition system in the games.

Starting with the third generation of the main game series the Ribbon System was added, starting with the Pokemon Contests, and special award ribbons for major accomplishments such as beating the Elite Four, attending special events, and others.

The ribbons were viewed via the PokeNav in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, while in FireRed and LeafGreen they were awarded but not visable.

Generation four included even more ribbons, which could be viewed in the Pokemon Summary Screen, and generation five retained the ribbons, even adding a few new ones in Black and White, which also for the first time sorted them into categories, making for the first formal Ribbon Scheme.

Considering that it should not come as a surprise that the sixth generation of the main game series not only retains and displays all of the ribbons from the previous generations, but adds an entire new set for the subjects of Super Training, Pokemon-Amie and the Battle Maison!

If we examine the ribbons system from the start it turns out that over the entire span since generation three the ribbons have been awarded for categories that include League Ribbons, Contest Ribbon, Tower Ribbons, Memorial Ribbons, Gift Ribbons, Tournament Ribbons, Pokemon Center Ribbons, Holiday Ribbons, Tower Ribbons, and more.

Of course you cannot have a recognition system like that without the players really embracing it - and without them pursuing it! It should therefore not come as all that big a surprise that a subset of Trainers in the world of Pokemon actually seek to have as many ribbons as they can possibly manage for each of their “prized” Pokemon... And they do!

The ribbon categories are:

Contest Ribbons: Awarded to Pokemon who win any of the Hoenn Pokemon Contests as well as the Sinnoh Super Contests.

Gift Ribbons: Awarded by the official originating source system for Event and Legendary Pokemon. The Gift Ribbon is already present on the Pokemon when it is transferred to the player by the network or distribution system. Gift Ribbons come in two categories: "Pokemon Event" and "Pokemon Festival" - though this is a double-edged sword because the presence of any of these will prevent that Pokemon from being traded via the Global Terminal / Global Trade Network.

League Ribbons: Awarded to every Pokemon in the player's party when they defeat the Elite Four.

Memorial Ribbons: Awarded to the first Pokemon in the player's team for fulfilling in-game accomplishments. Some are awarded to every Pokemon in the team.

Pokemon Center Ribbons: The most coveted of all of the Ribbon types, the Pokemon Center Ribbons are for Centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and New York City.

Tournament Ribbons: Awarded to players who won tournaments at Pokemon events. There are Ribbons for Regional, National, and Global tournaments for 2003, 2004, and 2005. Each has a Champion Ribbon, a Runner-Up Ribbon, and a Semifinalist Ribbon.

Tower Ribbons: Awarded to Pokemon used to complete challenges in the Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Johto Battle Towers.

Top 10 Pokemon Ribbons for Pokemon X & Y

As was the case with the previous games in the main series, Pokemon X & Y also includes the Ribbon Award System for Pokemon. The system in X & Y is slightly different from that in previous games in that in addition to displaying the Ribbons from the previous games it introduces a number of new Ribbon Classes.

When transferring Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2 & White 2 (including Pokemon that were moved forward into that generation from previous generations) all of the ribbons will become visible to players, which is generally considered to be a very spiffy thing!

Without further delay we now present to you the Top 10 Ribbons for Pokemon X & Y:

10. Training Ribbon

The Ribbon awarded to a Pokemon to recognize that they have overcome rigorous trials and training. This one is obtained by showing your fully-trained Pokemon (a Pokemon that has gold-medalled every Super Training Event) to the woman in Cafe Ultimo on North Boulevard in Lumiose City.

09. Best Friends Ribbon

A Ribbon awarded to a Pokemon who you share a close and meaningful bond with. To obtain this special Ribbon you must develop the maximum level of affection possible with a Pokemon in Pokemon Amie, and then you must show them to Bonnie in Lumiose City Centrico Plaza.

08. Contest Memory Ribbon

This is a commemorative Ribbon that represents all of the Ribbons you have collected for contests for that Pokemon in far-off lands (meaning other generations and regions). There are more than one type of this Ribbon and each has a slightly different appearance - growing more fabulous and impressive as the rank goes higher. The number/rank given depends upon the ribbons on your Pokemon from the previous generations contests in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, and the Super Contests in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

07. Effort Ribbon

A Ribbon that is awarded for being an exceptionally hard worker. This Ribbon is awarded to any Pokemon that has maximized its Effort Stat. This Ribbon is awarded by the Pokemon Fan Club President in Laverre City when a Trainer presents its Pokemon to be inspected by them. If the Pokemon you present has maxed out the Effort Value, he will award them the Effort Ribbon.

06. Footprint Ribbon

Perhaps it is the silliest of all of the Ribbons, but very few Trainers can resist its charming presence as one of the more desireable of the Ribbons! The Footprint Ribbon is awarded to any Pokemon that has been found to have a top-quality footprint. To seek this Ribbon visit the second house to the left in Shalour City, where you will find a Rising Star who will examine your Pokemon. If the Pokemon that you present to them has gained at least 30 Levels since you first acquired it (or transferred it) and is happy, they will award it with the Footprint Ribbon.

Note: Previously the Footprint Ribbon was exclusive to the Sinnoh Region, so including it in Pokemon X & Y is pretty monumental, all things considered. Plus it is truly an awesome looking Ribbon. It gives the OBE a run for its money!

05. Smile Ribbon

This is a special Ribbon that is actually part of a set of 7 Ribbons (one can be earned each day for different reasons). Awarded for your Pokemon recalling a memory or event that brings smiles to its face - because smiles help to enrich the quality of life for both Pokemon and Trainer alike! This Ribbon is awarded on Sundays by the girl in the hotel in Courmarine City.

Note: The Smile Ribbon is one of seven Ribbons in a set that are awarded by a girl who stays in a different hotel each day (and thus you have to track her down there). In addition to the Smile Ribbon, the set also includes the : Alert Ribbon (Monday at the Ambrette Hotel); Shock Ribbon (Tuesday at the Camphrier Hotel); Downcast Ribbon (Wednesday at the Geosenge Hotel); Careless Ribbon (Thursday at the Coumarine Hotel); Relax Ribbon (Friday at the Renri Hotel); and the Snooze Ribbon (Saturday at the Cyllage Hotel).

04. Skillful Battler Ribbon

A Ribbon awarded to a Pokemon who has achieved victory in difficult battles. This is obtained by defeating one of the heads of the Battle Maison.

03. Battle Memory Ribbon

A commemorative Ribbon representing all the Ribbons you collected in far-off lands (previous regions and generations) for battling. There are more than one type given and which depends upon the Ribbons on your Pokemon from the Battle Tower in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

02. Expert Battler Ribbon

A Ribbon awarded to a Pokemon who has achieved victory in difficult battles. This is awarded for defeating one of the heads of the Battle Maison in the Super Battles.

01. Kalos Champion Ribbon

The Ribbon awarded for beating the reigning Kalos Champion and entering the Kalos Hall of Fame, this is understandably the most valued of all of the Ribbons for Pokemon X & Y. The Ribbon is awarded to each of the Pokemon on the player's team while defeating the Kalos Elite Four.

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere!

And there you are! Our picks for the Top 10 Pokemon Ribbons for X and Y. Did we get the order right? Did we fail to include one you felt needed to be included? Well here is your chance to not only weigh in on the matter but take part in contributing to the overall knowledge of both the SuperCheats Gamer Community its Pokemon Trainer sub-Community!

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