Ranking the Six Johto Megas

What's up everyone?! It's us again, the Pokemon Experts of SuperCheats, and this time we're bringing you our rankings of the Six Johto Mega Pokemon. Now there have been almost fifty Mega Pokemon introduced to the World of Pokemon so far (Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire), but only six of them come from the Johto Region. It's a little upsetting that there have been so few, but on the other hand, it leaves us hopeful for more to come. In this piece, we'll examine the six Johto Megas and rank them for worst to best.

Now many factors will go into these rankings, including each Pokemon's popularity in competitive play, how popular their Mega Forms are in general, and how good they actually are. No bias opinions will be shown here; we'll let the Pokemon do the talking and earning of their ranking.

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Us Experts here at SuperCheats usually enjoy ranking the Pokemon that missed the cut, but unfortunately, there are only six Johto Megas to rank. Oh well... We guess that means we should just begin!

#6 - Mega Ampharos

We have to start things off with the worst Mega Evolution of the bunch, and that just so happens to be Mega Ampharos. Now Mega Ampharos has the privilege of being one of the very few Pokemon to receive an Electric / Dragon Typing. Only one other Pokemon, Zekrom, has this unique typing. And whenever you compare to a Legendary like Zekrom, you would think you'd be pretty good; and Mega Ampharos is in many ways.

Mega Ampharos - along with its AMAZING Typing - has a STAGGERING Special Attack Stat. It's Special Attack sit at an INCREDIBLE 165 Base Stat, making it rank within the top ten in that given category. That's CRAZY strong. It literally is almost at Mega Rayquaza's Special Attack Level, and that says a lot. It also has Mold Breaker as its ability, which means nothing can prevent itself from feeling this things rath... Unless, of course, you defeat it before it can harm you. Unfortunately, Mega Ampharos has a HORRIBLE Speed Stat, and speed is vital in the World of Pokemon. With a Base Speed of 45, Mega Ampharos has an EXTREMELY hard time sweeping opposing teams, which it should be doing with that AWESOME Special Attack. It's defensive stats, thankfully, are good enough to allow it to take a hit or two, but THAT'S ALL. Normally, Mega Ampharos is swept away before it can even do some REAL damage.

If it just had a little more speed, it would be a true threat. It could have definitely sacrificed some of its Attack Stat to do this, since it's NEVER used as a Physical Sweeper. These Stats could then have been given to its Speed, which would have been FANTASTIC. But we guess the Pokemon Creators saw otherwise, and Mega Ampharos will go down in Pokemon History as the worst Johto Mega Evolution (unless something worse is even created).

Posted: 29th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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