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How to get the Best Recruits

Watch Dogs: Legion Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to get the Best Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legions

In Watch Dogs: Legion you are able to recruit any character you want to help DedSec as it fights facism and organised crime. However, some potential recruits are more talented and more useful than others and it's finding these people in the futuristic open-world London settinng and building a well rounded team that can fill a lot of roles is the key to being able to advance through the campaign missions easier.

Finding these high-quality recruits can be made a lot easier if you know where to look. Our How to get the Best Recruits guide will help you to put together a good DedSec team quickly by telling you where the most likely places are that you will find the best recruits.

Liberate Boroughs
Although it is a lot of work you will be able to get the best operatives on your DedSec team by completing objectives in each of London's eight boroughs in order to turn them 'Defiant'. To succesfully liberate a borough so it get the 'Defiant' status you will have to complete a series of objectives, some harder than others. These will include things like hacking billboards in unguarded areas to freeing prisoners from a police station. Upon completing these objectives you will unlock a special mission related to the borough. Once all objectives including the special mission has been completed in a borough you will be rewarded with a high-level operative with special perks, these operatives include a 007 type spy with gadgets and a hacker who will make all your network infiltrations go a lot smoother.

Bagley Tags Recruits
Bagley is a sentient AI program that assists members of DedSec in Watch Dogs: Legion and as you progress further into the story Bagley will start to make recruitment a little easier by marking higher-tier potential agents you should check out with a green dot over their head and on the map. These potential recruits will only appear for a limited amount of time so you need to locate and profile them as soon as possible or face losing out on the useful skills they have to offer. It is possible to save these potential recruits to chase them down later when doing their side mission does not interfere with the main campaign but this is providing you have located and profiled them before the timer runs out.

Buy the Deep Profiler for Tough Recruits
Not all the people you profile on the streets of London will be easy to recruit. If a potential recruit has a 'thumbs down' icon near their name it is to indicate that the person is not a supporter of DedSec and in order to have any chance of recruiting them you will have to raise your standing. If you buy the Deep Profiler upgrade in the 'Gear' menu you will be able to unlock more information about the potential recruit and see a few ways in which you can help them so they change their opinion of DedSec and join your team. This will include things like erasing their debt with a loan shark.

Team Perks are Important
If you are playing Watch Dogs: Legions with Permadeath mode switched on you need to also consider recruiting people that have perks that will benefit the whole team. These potential recruits include doctors and lawyers who can reduce the period of time the character you are controlling will be out of commission if they are injured or arrested. A doctor for instance will help you recover from your injuries more quickly while a lawyer can reduce arrest times. Other useful perks that will help your team escape the police or earn more money from hacks should also be considered when recruiting.

Know the City
You will be able to find particlar types of people more reliably in certain boroughs of London so you need to pay attention to where you are. For instance government types are usually in Westminster while Tech-focused hackers will likely be found in Camden and Nine Elms. Go to parks and places that have tourist attractions to find street performers who tend to have useful perks such as the ability to hide in plain site or hypnotize onlookers. Look for hospitals to recruit doctors and police stations or Albion sites to recruit authority figures. Complete brawling challenges to find strong fighters.

Blend in with Uniforms
Don't overlook the usefulness of recruits in professions that wear uniforms as they will make it a lot easier to enter areas in London that are restricted to people off the street and being found there in civilian clothes will get your immediately arrested or attacked. Make getting recruits that have useful uniforms such as police, doctors, Albion soldiers, and construction workers a priority early in the game as it will make completing some of the tougher missions that take place in restricted areas later on in the game easier.

Take a look at our How to Unlock All the Masks guide to find out where you can find these collectibles your operatives can wear.

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