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Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Watch Dogs: Legion

Last Updated: by Dennis

Watch Dogs: Legion is an open-world action-adventure third-person video game that is the third installment in the Watch Dogs series. The game is set within a fictionalised representation of a future, dystopian London which is facing its downfall: the people are being oppressed by an all-seeing surveillance state, private militaries control the streets, and a powerful crime syndicate is preying on the vulnerable. The fate of London lies with the hacker group DedSec, and your ability to recruit a resistance and fight back. Watch Dogs: Legions is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Scout Areas First

Before you plan on doing something in Watch Dogs: Legions it is important that you take the time to scout the area and explore so you become familiar with it. Pay particular attention to the streets, places of interest, people in the community, and the level of Albion presence in the area. This will help you to prioritize who to recruit, devise possible strategies, and have multiple escape routes if everything doesn't go according to plan if an operation goes wrong.

Don't Waste Time Completing Relic Sets

One of the collectibles in Watch Dogs: Legion are Relics, these are indicated on your map by small lockboxes and they are something you should not worry about seeking out unless you are a completionist. Much like the text and audio logs they have little purpose and offer no rewards. If you do manage to complete a full Relic set they will only provide more background information.

How to get the Take Back London Trophy/Achievement

There are 22 Red Icons Borough Activites (Opression Defiance Challenges) in Watch Dogs: Legions and you must complete them to liberate the boroughs and turn them defiant. Turning all boroughs defiant will unlock the Take Back London trophy/achievement.

Each borough has 3-4 red icons on the map which represent the Borough Activities that decrease the oppression. When you complete them all you will unlock the Defiance Mission for that borough. When you then complete that mission you will liberate the borough and turn it defiant. Each borough unlocks a playable character, marks all Tech Points (Skill Points) on the map, and makes people easier to recruit. Nothing is missable, you can still do everything after the story in free roam.

How to get the Bottom's Up Trophy/Achievement

In London there are 26 bars and in order to get the Bottom's Up trophy/achievement you must drink at least once at every location with the same character. You simply have to visit the bars which are scattered around each of the boroughs until you have been to all of them.

You will not be able to attempt this trophy/achievement until you have unlocked the DedSec safehouse at the beginning of the game. None of the Drinking Locations are missable. You can still do all of them after the story in free roam. Make sure that while you are in each bar you remember to play the dart game which you can do in Solo Practice mode to make it count towards the 'Bullseye' trophy/achievement.

Avoid Engaging in Combat

Don't engage in combat unless you absolutely have to because once one enemy's soptted you it will bring enemies to your location from every direction which is something you want to avoid at all costs. It is more beneficial to use your Spiderbot or stealth cammo to stay hidden and if necessary retreat and return later.

How to get the Piece de Resistance Trophy/Achievement

In watch Dogs: Legion there is a total of 47 Paste Up Locations and you will be ablet to find them all after you have unlocked the DedSec safehouse at the beginning of the game. None of the Paste Up Locations are missable and finding them all will earn you the 'Piece de Resistance' trophy/achievement. You can still collect all of them after the story in free roam.

Paste Up Locations are empty walls you can paint some graffiti. It is recommended that you play as the construction worker as you willl be able to climb upon their Cargo Drone which will make reaching the Paste Ups that are high up on buildings easy. To get the 'Piece de Resistance' trophy/achievement you need to unlock all the Past Ups with the same character.

How to Bypass Security Lasers

A lot of the builings in Watch Dogs: Legion will have tight security with some of them even having huge red security lasers blocking doorways. In order to diable this type of security you will need to sneak round the back and find the switch which can be problematic and difficult to do. You can though if you equip the AR Cloak walk straight through them and find somewhere to hide during the limited time this gadget makes you invisible.

Recruit a Construction Worker Early

The best character to recruit early in the game is the construction worker. Their high vis and hardhat gets them into any construction sites and they are equipped with a nail gun which can be used as a silenced pistol but with less firepower. They are also able to summon a Cargo Drone without having to find a drone pad which they can climb aboard to reach high places and get around the city of London quickly.

Upgrade your Spiderbot Gadget

In Watch Dogs: Legion there are two types of Spiderbots, the Infiltrator and the Combat versions, both of which can be upgraded and swapped between and both are very useful for completing missions that have areas that are filled with security. It is therefore recommended that you fully upgrade your Spiderbots whenever possible because when this gadget is fully upgraded it will be able to run fast, turn invisible, double jump, and take take down enemies. Spiderbots can also be used to pick up collectibles and hack computers that need physical interactions.

Ride Cargo Drones to Reach High Places

The skies of London are full of drones of all shapes and sizes and the most useful, and biggest, are Cargo Drones as they are large enough to climb aboard and ride. This is very useful as it will help make missions a lot easier by allowing you to reach high places to collect goodies and also to traverse the city quicker. All the characters you recruit will be able to summmon a Cargo Drone which is done at the drone platforms that are scattered around the city, these are identifiable on the mini-map as a square with a circle in the middle.

Recruit a Medic and a Lawyer

It is recommended that you recruit a medic and a lawyer to your DedSec team if you decide to play with permadeth on as they can be very helpful. If your operative is facing a hospital stay having a medic with the perk 'Team Injury Release' will enable you to occassionally auto-release an injured teammate without waiting through the cooldown and having a lawyer is useful for getting operatives out of jail.

Unlock Fast Travel

You can save a lot of time in Watch Dogs: Legion by using fast travel which is unlocked by visiting different areas on the map. There are eight boroughs (districts) in London to open up and once you explore them and find the subway stations you will be able to use them to get around the city faster. The easiest way to unlock the Fast Travel locations is by driving around the city and completing the the main campaign missions.

Get Better Operatives

After you have completed the first few missions of the campaign it is recommended that you make the liberation of each of the boroughs in London your priority in order to earn the speacial operatives you get as a reward for doing so as each will have skills and abilities that most of the people who you encounter on the streets of London will not have. You will also be able to recruit people more easily and quickly in boroughs that have been freed. In order to liberate a borough so it becomes 'Defiant' you will need to complete three or so side missions.

Target Recruits with Uniforms

When recruiting operatives target those that they wear a uniform, these inlcude people like Albion gurads, police officers, and paramedics as recruits in these occupations can help you to sneak into various places unnoticed as you will look as if you belong there.

All Photographic Evidence & Collect Evidence Locations

In Watch Dogs: Legion there are 6 Photographic Evidence & Collect Evidence Locations and they are the most difficult of the Borough Activities (Oppression Defiance Challenges) that are marked on the world mapy by Red Icons to complete. These mini quests are marked automatically on the map from the beginning of the game and are required for the 'Take Back London' trophy/achievement. These can be done after the story in free roam.

Remove Useless Recruits from your DedSec Team

If you have operatives who are no longer useful you can remove them permanently from your DedSec team by doing the following. Go to the 'Team' tab and click on the member you want to remove. Then open the 'Edit' screen, where if you look at the bottom you will see an easy-to-miss prompt. Simply press that botton (Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox).

Get Hacks to Hijack Drones

The hardest and most annoying enemies to deal with singularly in Watch Dogs Legion are the Riot and CT drones as one wrong move gets their attention and it will scupper any stealth plans you may have. It is for this reason that you should concentrate on unlocking the hack skills in the bottom-right quadrant of the Tech menu first so you can quietly hijack them and fly them out of signal range. You will however ecounter these drones before you have the opportunity to unlock the hacks.

How to get the Bullseye Trophy/Achievement

There are 21 Darts Locations in Watch Dogs: Legions and you can complete one full match from 301 points to 0 pints in each location you will get the Bullseye trophy/achievement. All the Darts games are inside bars/pubs and get marked by a blue icon on the world map automatically when you get close to them. None of the Darts Locations are missable and all of the Darts games must be completed using the same Character. You can find all of Darts Locations from the beginning of the game and after the story in free roam.

Always Unlock and Upgrade Tech

As you explore the streets of London you will find Tech Points which you can then take to the Tech Lab and use to purchase various gear and upgrades. It is important that you periodically check your 'Tech' menu for new gadgets and abilities that you can unlock and new uprades for the stuff you have already unlocked. You can always share the things you unlock via the 'Edit Operative' menu in the 'Team' section.

Complete the Story Missions First

Resist the temptation of venturing out and randomly visiting famous landmarks and collecting as many masks and tech points as you can. You will save a lot of time by not having to re-do locations if you focus on completing the story missions first as you will be taken to most of the major locations during the campaign which you can infiltrate then to grab all the collectibles that are there.

Buy the Deep Profiler

In order to recruit the characters that are not supporters of DedSec such as police officers and Albion guards you will need to buy the Deep Profiler upgrade which costs 25 Tech Points at the 'Tech' menu. When you have this upgrade you will be able to get additional information about the people you are trying to recruit and use it to change their opinon so they join your DedSec team. This will though involve completing a mini-mission which will help them out in some way.

Use Stealth to Complete Challenges

Employ stealth tactics to tackle the game's challenges as opposed to leaving a trail of bodies in your wake. You will find that you will have a lot more success if you approach the game as it is intended to be played which is to use hacks, bots, and stealth. If you keep getting into firefights when you tackle the challenges you will irritate the locales and find recruiting them as operatives for you DedSec team harder.

How to Distract Someone to Get Past Them

There will be instances where you will need to get somewhere but someone is blocking your path. In Watch Dogs: Legion you can distract anyone whenever you want by triggering their phone alerts. Once your target is preoccupied by their phone they will have absolute tunnel vision and you will be able to walk past them without being seen.

Don't Worry About Accumulating Money

The main currency used in Watch Dogs: Legion is called ETO and it is something you don't need to worry about accumulating. ETO can't be spent on weapons upgrades or anything else that would help your game progression, it can only be spent on cosmetics such as clothes and vehicle wraps which will not help you in any way.


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