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???’s Soul Spawns a familiar that travels around the room much to the same pattern of the Peeper firing tears.

AAA Battery Works in the same way as the 9 Volt, but in reverse. It will automatically recharge the last plip for the item.

Ace of Spades Increases the chance for tarot/Playing Cards to drop.

Bible Tract Increases the chance for Eternal Hearts to drop.

Black Lipstick Increases the chance for Black Hearts to drop.

Bloody Penny Gives a chance for a red heart to drop upon money pick up.

Broken Ankh Gives a chance, upon death to come back to life as ??? (AKA the Blue Baby).

Broken Magnet Only will attract coins towards your character.

Broken Remote Randomly will teleport your character upon use of your spacebar item.

Burnt Penny Gives a chance to drop a bomb upon money pick up.

Butt Penny Your character will release a poison cloud upon money pick up.

Cain’s Eye Gives a chance to have the Compass effect, showing the location of rooms, at the start of a new floor.

Callus Gives damage immunity to Creep and spikes allowing you to walk over them.

Cancer Increases Fire Rate

Cartridge Upon taking damage, gives a chance to grant the Gamekid effect.

Child’s Heart Increases the chance for Red Hearts to drop.

Counterfeit Penny Gives a chance for every coin pick up to count as two.

Cursed Skull If your character has less than a full red heart, upon taking damage, it will teleport your character to the last cleared room.

Curved Horn Increases Damage.

Daemon’s Tail Grants a chance that heart drops will spawn as a Black Heart instead.

Eve’s Bird Foot Has a chance to spawn the Dead Bird familiar each time an enemy is killed for the current room you are in.

Fish Head Spawns an attack fly every time your character takes damage.

Flat Penny Grants a chance to spawn a key upon money pick up.

Flat Worm Gives your character’s tears an oval appearance.

Goat Hoof Increases character’s speed.

Hook Worm Causes your character’s tears to move in a pattern of 90 degree angles.

Isaac’s Fork Gives a chance to heal your character for half of a red heart upon clearing a room.

Isaac’s Head Spawns Isaac’s head as a familiar that shoots tears.

Judas’ Tongue All red heart devil deal items will be reduced in cost to one red heart. Does not affect Soul Heart deals.

The Left Hand Replaces all gray and gold chests with red chests.

Liberty Cap For each room entered, it has the ability to grant a mushroom item effect, as well as the Compass ability.

Lucky Rock For every floor obstacle destroyed (Rock, Mushroom, Pot, etc.) , it drops a coin.

Lucky Toe Increases character’s luck.

Maggy’s Faith Grants an Eternal Heart at the start of every new floor.

Match Stick Increases the chance for bombs to drop.

A Missing Page Grants a chance of causing the Necronomicon effect upon taking damage, causing damage to all enemies in the room.

Missing Poster Causes a puzzle piece to appear on your character’s last will, upon dying in a sacrifice room.

Mom’s Pearl Grants a chance of heart drops to spawn as Soul Hearts.

Mom’s Toenail Summons Mom’s Foot to stomp down randomly in a room at specific intervals.

Monkey Paw If your character falls to half of a red heart after taking damage, it will spawn one Black Heart for three uses.

Mysterious Candy Causes your character to release a poison cloud or drop a poop at random intervals.

Mysterious Paper If your character falls to half a red heart after taking damage, it grants a chance to take the effect of the Polaroid or the Negative.

Petrified Poop Increases your chances of finding pick ups when breaking apart poops.

Paper Clip Grants your character the ability to unlock all golden chests without using a key.

Pinky Eye Grants a chance for your tears to have a poison effect. The tear with the granted effect will appear green in color.

Purple Heart Causes more enemies to spawn as their Champion versions.

Push Pin Grants a chance for your tears to have a piercing effect. The tear with the granted effect will appear triangular.

Pule Worm Causes your character’s tears to grow and diminish in size as they travel.

Red Patch Grants a chance to increase character damage, for the current room, when your character takes damage.

Ring Worm Causes your character’s tears to travel in a circular patter.

Rosary Bead A Faith Up trinket that gives you a higher probability to have Angel Rooms and for eternal hearts to spawn.

Rusted Key Increases the chance for keys to drop.

Safety Cap Increases the chance for pills to drop.

Samson’s Lock Grants a chance to increase your character’s damage each time an enemy is killed for the current room.

Store Credit Will cause the next visited shop’s items to have a cost of 0. Works for only one thing in the shop to be picked up. Disappears after use.

Swallowed Penny When your character takes damage, money drops.

The Tick Deals 15% damage to Boss enemies and heals for one red heart upon entering the Boss room. The Tick can not be dropped or swapped for a different trinket.

Umbilical Cord When your character falls to half a red heart it causes a familiar to spawn for the current room.

Wiggle Worm Causes your character’s tears to travel in a serpentine pattern.

Whip Worm Increases shot speed for your character.

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