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Collection - Star Cards

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Participation in all modes of the game result in unlocking Credit Rewards that can then be used to unlock items in the Collect Section of the game - which includes the following items:

Star Cards

Equipment and Abilities.

  • Thermal Detonator (150p) The most poular and widely used grenades in the galaxy. Unlocked at Rank 2.

  • Scout Pistol (650p) A light side-arm effective at taking out opponents at close range. Unlocked at Rank 3.

  • Ion Torpedo (650p) A homing ion torpedo that is designed to deal heavy damage to vehicles and stationary weapons. Unlocked at Rank 4.

  • Pulse Cannon (1,700p) An incredibly powerful long-range rifle utilizing the frame assembly of a DLT-20A, the so-called “pulse cannon” has become the weapon of choice for many sharpshooters. Unlocked at Rank 5.

  • Impact Grenade (1,700p) Having a smaller BLAST radius than a Thermal Detonator, the Impact Grenade explodes directly on contact with any object. Unlocked at Rank 6.

  • Cooling Cell (1,700p) When activated, vents heat from yoru main weapon and prevents further heat build-up for a short period of time. Unlocked at Rank 7.

  • Ion Shot (1,700p) A modification which allows your primary weapon to fire ion charged bolts, making it very effective against shields, droids, and vehicles. Unlocked at Rank 7.

  • Focus Fire (1,700p) A gyroscope modification that stabilizes weapon accuracy for a short time. Unlocked at Rank 7.

  • Ion Grenade (2,300p) An ion grenade that delivers massive damage against vehicles, shields, and droids. Unlocked at Rank 9.

  • Homing Shot (3,100p) A homing shot that locks on to enemy soldiers from afar. Unlocked at Rank 11.

  • Jump Pack (3,100p) Back mounted Jump Pack that utilizes burst thrusters to allow its user to jump over large distances. Unlocked at Rank 13.

  • Scan Pulse (1,700p) A 360 degree pulse burst that reveals enemy soldiers, even if they are behind cover or out of sight. Unlocked at Rank 13.

  • Bodyguard (7,000p) Rigorous TRAINING and a brief career as a bodyguard in the Outer Rim has made you a lethal warrior capable of handling extreme situations. Unlocked at Rank 15.

  • Survivalist (7,000p) As an orphan, you were raised by the Wookiee Survivalists on Kashyyk, where you learned to revel in combat and quickly get back into the fight even after the most serious of injuries. Unlocked at Rank 15.

  • Scout (7,000p) During a brief sting in an elite reconnaissance unit, you learned how to use stealth tactics to find and eliminate the enemy. Unlocked at Rank 15.

  • Smoke Grenade (3,100p) Smoke grenades provide dense smoke that blocks visibility and lock-on weapons. Unlocked at Rank 16.

  • Explosive Shot (1,700p) Temporarily supercharges your primary weapon to fire explosive bolts. Unlocked at Rank 18.

  • Flash Grenade (3,100p) A non-lethal explosive which creates a bright energy flash and loud noise to disorient opponents. Unlocked at Rank 20.

  • Personal Shield (1,700p) The Personal Energy Shield provides protection from energy weapons. Unlocked at Rank 22.

  • Barrage (3,100p) The MPL-57 (Multi-Purpose Launcher) Barrage fires a volley of 3 grenades with a short delay fuse. Unlocked at Rank 24.

  • Bounty Hunter (7,000p) The Galactic Civil War creates many veterans looking for opportunities. Unlocked at Rank 26.

  • Sharp-Shooter (7,000p) Trained as a sharpshooter by a small team of rogue elite snipers, you enjoy operating alone and harassing the enemy from afar. Unlocked at Rank 26.

  • Cycler Rifle (3,100p) Designed to fire solid projectiles, this crude but reliable rifle is excellent at hitting targets at extreme range and penetrating energy shields. Unlocked at Rank 28.

  • Bowcaster (3,100p) Depending on the charge-up time, the Bowcaster fires 1 or more explosive bolts in a horizontal arc. Unlocked at Rank 32.

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