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Handprint Location Guide

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Episode 1: Into the Depths

#1: In the second area of the beach while scanning the carcasses. The handprint is located on a FBC crate near the dock.

#2: Once inside the ship for the first time continue to reach the dining area with some vending machines. Scan the food vending machine to find this handprint

#3: After the scene in the kitchen, backtrack to the small storage room to the southeast of your map, where you first caught a glimpse of the B.O.W. There's another handprint located along the corridor, outside of that room. It is on the wall to the lower right.

#4. After seeing a woman get murdered by a couple of BOWs in the infirmary in the ship’s bilge, scan the wall where there are pinned X-ray results to find this handprint.

Episode 2: Double Mystery

#5: While controlling Chris, follow the path until you reach the crash site. Jump down the ledge and scan the area for ammo. Continue until you reach the cockpit. Open the cockpit door then scan the controls for a handprint.

#6: Once you’re inside the caves, you’ll reach a large cavern where you have to fend off several wolf-like BOWs. Proceed to the next corridor and you'll find some stalagmites to the left. Scan it to find another handprint.

#7: Once you’ve reached the cafeteria area in the ship, scan the turkey in the corner, near the Helm Door to find this handprint.

#8: This is inside the room where Jill woke up earlier. You can return there after getting your equipment. Kill the BOW inside and scan the wall by the showerhead in the bathroom to find this handprint.

#9: This is inside the bridge, on the window across the stairs.

Episode 3: Ghosts of Veltro

#10: Inside the main hall, go behind the giant clock and scan it from behind to find this print.

#11: In the main hall still, go to the lowest floor and scan the broken display case on the wall to the northeast. You'll find another handprint there.

#12: From the main hall, make your way to the third floor to find the lone corridor leading to the Solarium. Once there, rewire the control panel beside the green-lit door. Enter the room and scan the handprint on the electrical box.

Important: Activate the pool’s water purification system here.

#13: After defeating the mutated comms officer in the Promenade, scan the crate inside the room where he came out.

#14: In the Promenade, go to the lower floor and go to the open kitchen. There's another handprint on the hanging cabinet.

#15: Opening the large Lifebouy door in the Promenade area gives you access to the elevator that will bring you to the deck and the bridge. Head to the deck level and scan the stained table there to find this print.

Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited

#16: If you activated the water purification earlier (when you found handprint #12), then the pool in the Solarium will be clean enough for swimming. Dive to the water and head to the nearest ladder. This will bring you to the diving pool's diving board. Climb the diving board to find a rifle ammo, machine gun ammo case and a handprint.

#17: After reaching the Casino area, turn to the right from the escalators and scan the slot machines to the southwest. You should find another handprint there.

#18: This is found inside the room where you found the dummy Chris earlier. Enter it and kill the BOW inside. Scan the handprint on the Veltro banner.

Episode 5: Secrets Uncovered

#19: After entering the locked door from the security room, scan the wall to the right, where the projector is pointing, to find a handprint.

#20: After using the lift, get off then head to the northeast corner of the room. Scan the logbook on top of the box to find a handprint.

Episode 6: Cat and Mouse

#21: After reaching the antenna arraw, scan the electric box to find this handprint.

#22: After reaching the foredeck, scan the northernmost ledge to find the handprint on the edge.

#23: During the timed race to the UAV’s remote controls, you’ll reach the cargo hold where Rachel and a lot of BOWs are waiting. Enter the small control room to the left then scan the window to find this handprint.

Episode 8: All on the Line

#24: Once you’ve reached the secret lab and enter the locker area through fingerprint scanning, scan the locker to the left to this handprint.

#25: Check the bloodied side of the aquarium in the secret lab to find this handprint.

#26: After exiting elevator, scan the left side of the first arc in the tunnel to find another handprint.

Episode 9: No Exit

#27: Inside the secret lab, room before reaching the main viral container, there’s a computer in the corner of the room. Scan it to find handprint on the wall, above the monitor.

Episode 11: Revelations

#28: You'll now be fighting against a giant, mutated beast; the handprint in the middle of the platform, on a boiler.

Episode 12: The Queen Is Dead

#29: Once you’ve reached the interior of the ship, you’ll eventually find a dining room. Scan the blood-stained wall to find this handprint.

#30: After reaching the room where Norman is staying, scan the base of the throne to find the game’s last handprint.

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