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Episode 5: Secrets Uncovered

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You'll be controlling a new character now. Start by scanning the immediate area for items. First, scan the crates to the right for some MG ammo. Go downstairs and before entering the room, scan the barrel on the floor beside the shelves with boxes for a Screwdriver. Enter the room and grab the green herb inside then exit and continue along the corridor. You'll run into two doors. One is locked and can only be opened by rewiring the control panel. Open the panel using the screwdriver you found earlier and start rewiring it.

Examine the controls to open the locked down door. Get the grenade and the MG ammo by the shelf then exit the room. Exit through the next door and go to the next room. Scan the wall to the right to find a handprint.

Loot the ammo and grenades nearby then scan the floor to obtain the Security Token. This sub-chapter will be complete afterward.

Control shifts back to Jill. Get off the lift then head to the northeast corner of the room. Scan the logbook on top of the box to find a handprint.

The door to the southwest requires a card reader so ignore it for now. Go through the northeastern door. If you noticed, there's an ammo case on top of the pipe but you can't reach it for now. Shooting it won't dislodge it from its location either. Ignore it for now then go down the ladder. Proceed through until you reach a control room. Scan the pipe beside the consoles to find a rifle ammo. There's also a weapon box here so customize / swap your weapons as necessary. Examine the warning screens to know where the problem is. You can't do anything with the consoles for now so just leave the room and continue.

Exit the room and turn right to find a couple of crates. Break them to obtain some ammo. You have to wade through flooded waters this time. There will be infected fishes as well; however, engaging won't be cost-effective as of this moment since you probably have limited ammo after your fight with Rachel last time. Follow the corridors until you reach a room with an elevated platform and green herb. Before reaching that room, you should have noticed steam blowing off from an overhead path. Take note of this since you'll have to return here in a short while.

Exit the room and quickly turn right (north) then left (west) to find a steel gate. Open and go upstairs. Scan the vent to find some MG ammo then enter the door. Ignore the console for now then grab the green herb ahead. There's also a note that will tell you how to operate the steam using the lever to the right.

A: Maintenance Room

B: Engine Room, Upper level

C: Engine room, lower level

Pull the lever once so it stops the steam from blowing in the lower level. Backtrack to the water and kill/ avoid the monsters along the way. There are MG ammo in the dead end to the south. One is on counter while the other should be scanned, submerged on the floor. Now enter the next gate and go through another door to reach the engine room's lower level. Turn to the right to find a custom parts kit.

Now go around and obtain the Queen Zenobia Lower Interior Map on the wall. Go through the next door this time and go up the ladder. Pick up the ammo along the walkway and ignore the large cog door for now. There's also an Illegal Custom Part in the other platform with no way to reach it. Just take note of its location since you can't get it for now. Go downstairs and carefully kill the infected fishes before moving forth.

Enter the room to straight to the northeast and kill the monster inside to find an AUG and a custom kit. Exit the room and head south this time. There's some shotgun shells underwater in front of the stairs to the southwest so scan it and pick it up when you have the chance. Now go upstairs and destroy the crate to find a shock grenade. Enter the nearby door to find yourself in the engine room's upper level. Go straight to find a Machine Gun Ammo Case and a memo beside it. Examine the console to update your objectives.

Now pull the lever to remove the steam in the upper level. Pull the lever near Parker again so it stops to A. Now exit through the door behind Parker and go back to the previous room with a green herb and elevated platform.

Exit to that next room and you'll notice that the steam is gone now. There's also another out-of-reach Custom Part on top of the tank here. Like the Illegal Custom Part a while ago, ignore it for now since you'll be able to collect it in the later chapters. Grab the Cog and shock grenade in the room. Scan the floor beside the valve to find some shotgun shells. Now turn the valve so the dial turns to “Off”

Now you have to backtrack to Parker. Take note that enemies will spawn the areas you cleared so you have the option to run past them or engage them. After regrouping with Parker, go past him and exit through the other door. Now you have to go downstairs and make your way back to the Cog mechanism you saw earlier. Place the cog in the middle then operate the button to the left to reveal the Restart Key. Get the key and return to the engine room. Place the key on the other console and watch the next scene. Regroup with Parker to complete the section.

The control now switches over back to Keith. Follow the path and take out the BOWs along the way. Once you've reached the crash site, invisible Hunters will attack you. Fall back to the ledge you jumped from. This way, you can avoid getting surrounded. Let your partner stay in front so the enemies attack him. Keep your eye on the shimmers and distortion in front of you and feel free to shoot them. If you're using your shotgun, wait until they get into close range to knock them off. Take note that after they stagger, you can shoot at them while they're down. Keep doing this until your partner tells you that you've taken care all of them.

Collect all items you from the crates and scanning the area. Once done, find the terminal and examine it for a cutscene. Mission complete.

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