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Episode 10: Tangled Webs

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You'll be controlling Parker this time. You have to head to the bridge so enter the Promenade. Go downstairs and destroy the crate to find some handgun ammo then continue to the main area. You'll encounter a knight BOW here and several stalkers. Take them out and head to the Lifebouy Door. You'll find two stalkers and a knight BOW inside. You have to use a grenade to stun them then shower them with shotgun shells up close. Take the elevator but do a detour to the deck first. Head to the helipad and destroy the crates to find some ammo. Scan the UAV launcher to find a Custom Part. Return to the elevator and go to the bridge this time. Watch the scene and the section will be complete.

You'll now have to control Jill again. Follow Chris as he leads you out of the lab. Jump to the hole and dive down. Follow the corridor and you should see an Illegal Custom Parts kit before the next corner. Debris will fall down on it but that doesn't mean you can't get it. Pick it up and continue swimming through the hallway to reach a ladder. Go up and follow Chris. Once you exit the door, an explosion will occur nearby. Check where it happened to find a Handgun Ammo Case.

Jump down from the ledge and follow the path. Attempt to follow Chris, only to have your path stopped by an explosion. Open the door nearby and continue until you find Parker. Talk to him and assist him. Continue to the next door and grab the handgun ammo. Move on and your path will be hindered by steam. Backtrack a bit and turn off the steam using the button past the group of floating BOWs.

Two BOWs will emerge from the water. Shoot the nearby gas tank to soften them up then finish them off with your handgun. Continue forth to meet up with Chris. Turn around first to find some handgun ammo by the blocked door. Kill the group of BOWs in front of Chris by shooting the gas tank nearby. Kill a couple more ranged BOWs in the next turn by doing the same. Kill the last BOW in the boiler room and continue through the door. Follow the walkway for a cutscene.

After the scene, you'll have another countdown. You have to make your way out of the ship and go to the foredeck before the time runs out. Head to the door and destroy the crate to find a green herb. There's also a weapon box nearby that you can use if you want. Jump down the ledge to encounter another knight BOW charging towards you. Stop it on its tracks by shooting the gas tank by the wall. Kill it then turn the valve to the left to turn off the fire stream.

Continue to the end of the walkway and grab the MG Ammo from the crate. Take the ladder up and kill the ranged BOW there. Proceed to the end of the path and jump to the shaft. Kill the two BOWs then grab the Custom Parts in the crate. Climb up the ladder afterward.

Continue to the viewing deck of the ship and run ahead. Be careful of the falling lifeboats and debris. Once you've reached the end, watch the following scene and the episode will be complete.

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