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Episode 2: Double Mystery

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The control now switches to Chris and Jessica. Just follow the path until you reach the crash site. Jump down the ledge and scan the area for ammo. Continue until you reach the cockpit. Open the cockpit door then scan the control panel for a handprint.

Scan the pilot's corpse then pick up the Flight Plan from him. Continue forth and destroy the crates along the way to find some items. Open the gate to proceed inside the mine. You'll encounter some infected wolves. Kill them quickly then scan them immediately as their corpses disintegrate almost immediately. Past the large cavern are two paths. Don't worry since they'll lead to the same area. Pick up the ammo and continue forth. Before jumping across the gap, kill the infected wolves and pick up the BOW Decoys on the nearby crate.

Continue to the large cavern. There's a lot of infected wolves that will appear so use your BOW Decoys to make your job a lot easier. After clearing the area, pick up the ammo and green herb, as well as extra handgun ammo and BOW Decoys by scanning. Proceed to the next corridor and you'll find some stalagmites to the left. Scan it to find another handprint.

Continue forth and you'll find more crates. Destroy them to find additional supplies. Follow Jessica and jump to the next ice ledge. An accident happens and you'll find yourself temporarily incapacitated at the bottom of the pit and a large group of beasts unto you. Shoot a few of them but when their numbers get too much for you to handle, use your BOW Decoys to give you some breathing space. If you haven't used that much before reaching this point, you should have enough to survive until Jessica arrives. Climb the ladder then continue to the next area. Look over the ledge to trigger a scene.

The control switches over to Jill. Push the table away from the nearby door then open it. In the bathroom, examine the toilet to find the screwdriver. Pick up the green herb in the corner as well.

Go back to the bedroom and a BOW will appear. You don't have any weapons so you just have to evade it. Position yourself in front of the TV and let the BOW attack. Evade at the right time and it will hit the TV, trapping it there for a bit. Now go to the control panel by the other door and screw it open. You have to re-arrange the circuitry so that the buttons will be over the glowing orbs. Open the door to leave the room.

You have to keep avoiding the enemies and make your way to the eastern side of the immediate area. This is a straightforward path so you don't have to worry about getting lost. Pick up ammo along the way and continue until you reach the large dining hall (Cafeteria). Go downstairs to meet up with Parker. Go through the door and he'll hand you x3 BOW Decoys. Enter the first door then avoid the BOWs. Head to the next room. This room has a lot more BOWs so you may have to use your BOW Decoys to lessen their numbers.

Head to the next room and go straight ahead. Pick up the Custom Parts on the cabinet beside the metal door. Kick the metal door to retrieve your weapons. After that, examine the green chest to modify your weapons. Install the Damage +1 upgrade to your handgun.

Once done, enter the room straight ahead and kill the BOW. Scan the bed to find a Hand Grenade underneath it. Backtrack through the two rooms and kill/ go past the BOWs. Scan the clock in the second room to find a green herb. Once you've reached the corridor where there's a door requiring a card key, scan the ornament on the table to obtain a Custom Part (+Firing Rate). You can return to the weapon room to upgrade your handgun again.

Return to the cafeteria and scan for some additional items. There's a Helm Door to the east but you can't open it yet so just take note of it. There's also a handprint in the turkey itself. Scan it then go upstairs. There's also another anchor door in the middle of the stairs. Ignore it for now and just take note of its location.

Go upstairs and scan the shelf in the middle-north to find a Hand Grenade. Kill the BOWs inside and continue forth. Make your way to the room where you woke up earlier. Enter that room and kill the BOW from before. Now go to the bathroom and scan the wall near the showerhead to find another handprint.

Exit to the corridor and shoot the lock open. There's also another Helm Door to the west so ignore it for now. Call the elevator and you'll have two options for your destination. Select the lower cabin first. Grab the green herb on the drawer then open the door ahead. This leads to the weapon box where you retrieved your weapons earlier.

Return to the elevator and select the bridge this time. Continue to the locker room and loot the green herb, shotgun shells and ammo. Once you make it to the bridge, scan the lower right corner to find a Hand Grenade. There's also a handgun ammo case in the leftmost control panel.

Finally, there's a handprint on the window near the middle so scan it as well. Examine the destroyed panel for a scene. Chapter complete.

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Jan 26th 2015 Guest
where to find pass key next to paintig
ID #507448
Sep 16th 2014 Guest
In Double Mystery when you wake up, your first fight with the B O W.if you get him to come to the foot of the bed dodge him to the right in front of the TV and he will stick his head into the TV and electrocute him self. This will give you plenty of time to work out the key lights for the door panel. After you open the door the BOW will come back to life so get out of the room.
ID #448451
Sep 15th 2013 Guest
ID #309707
Sep 13th 2013 Guest
how do ya salve the door panel 2nd one to get through ty.
ID #309461
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