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Follow the dark path or use the light

Resident Evil: Revelations

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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough and Guide

Episode 9: No Exit

Head inside and make your way to the security door. You'll encounter two BOWs along the way. Kill them and head to the next room. If you haven't collected all items here, you should be able to do so now. Take the elevator next. In the next room, you'll find more items. There will be two Rocket Launchers (though you can only swap one of your weapons and carry of launcher at a time), green herbs (one must be scanned from the dumpster), M401 rifle, BOW Decoys, a Python Magnum (and magnum bullets beside it), MG ammo, shotgun shells and Shock Grenades. Take note of their general locations.

Once ready, activate the two generators to activate the computer. There will be a lot of BOWs that will start pouring in. Stay on the upper platform for the meantime and take out the enemies that will go after you. One of the generators will reset so you have to go down and pull the lever down again. Use your grenades, especially the BOW Decoys if ever you feel that you're getting overwhelmed. I also suggest using the Rocket Launchers here to deal splash damage to multiple enemies. This way, you'll save green herbs and bullets. Eventually, hunters will also appear. Do the same tactic you did the first time you encountered them; find a corner and wait for them to attack to avoid getting surrounded. Once clear, gather the remaining supplies and ammo then regroup with Quint to examine the data.

After the cutscene, the control will switch to Jill. Before moving on, there are invisible laser barriers that will prevent your progress. Use your scanner to see them. Turn around from Chris and operate the panel on the wall. This will allow you to move forth. Then find another similar control box nearby and operate it. This should deactivate all lasers in the walkway. The door nearby won't open so head to the next door. Pick up the green herb along the way.

Examine the fingerprint scanner beside the door and enter the room. You'll find ammo (scan the corner beside the MG ammo to find some Magnum ammo) and a green herb. There's also a manifesto under the blacklight that you can read. There's also a Machine Gun Ammo case on the table in the middle.

Head to the next room and find a computer station in the corner. Scan the wall above the monitor to find a handprint.

You can find another Illegal Custom Part by scanning the reading equipment on the table beside the rifle ammo. There's also another note on the table in the middle, this time discussing the Malacoda mutation. Exit to the main viral container. Collect the ammo outside. There's also a weapon box and a green herb beside it. Head to the elevator and ride it down.

Exit the elevator and collect the ammo nearby. Use your scanner to see the invisible laser grids and make your way to the control panel. You can't do anything about the item by the corpse so ignore it for now. Press the button once then backtrack to the starting point. You should be able to go down the ladder next. Exit to the next door where you'll find a ranged BOW and two shielded BOWs. Use grenades if you have to then climb up the platform to find some ammo, a pulse grenade and an Illegal Custom Part. If you peek through the window, you'll find another Illegal Custom Part floating in the water. Just ignore it for now.

To open the next door, use the fingerprint scanner beside it. Continue through another door to find the map for the Laboratory on the wall. Scan the floor in the corner to get some shotgun shells then collect the other ammo in the room. You can't copy the passcode from the console yet so find the laser control console near the door. Use it to deactivate the laser grid you encountered earlier.

Return to the laser room with the corpse and examine the body. Read through the notes to obtain the Prototype Vaccine. Return back to the control room and use the inoculator. Next, examine the console to enter the employee ID and download the data.

Wait until the download is complete then get the Authentication Code from the console. Now leave the room and make your way back to Chris. The room will be filled with virus-infected water so you have to swim out of the area. The laser grids will still be active so don't just go swimming blindly. You have to swim above the laser traps and through the broken window. Swim up for air. Before finding the ladder to regroup with Chris, we must dive again to get the Illegal Custom Parts you saw floating around a while ago. Dive to the window level and swim north. You should find it along the way. Now swim to the ladder and climb up to regroup with Chris. Use the weapon box as necessary.

Now examine the terminal to initiate the virus neutralization program. Now you have to fend yourselves from multiple BOWs. Take out the ranged BOWs and stay on the upper platforms. Shielded BOWs will make an appearance and will be able to jump on the platforms. Just switch platforms as necessary. Don't forget to scan them as well. After defeating all enemies, cutscene plays and the episode will be complete.

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Jul 12th 2015 Guest
It kills me when the infected water comes through
ID #583612
Dec 6th 2015 Guest
That's because you didn't take the vaccine and inoculate yourself.
ID #631525
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