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Episode 11: Revelations

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You'll now be fighting against a giant, mutated beast. There will be green herbs here and a hidden herb to the left. There's also a handprint in the middle of the platform, on a boiler.

Don't waste your ammo since the only way to take out the parasites is by using rocket launchers These are dropped by your support chopper. You have to evade/ shoot out the projectiles the parasites will release and you have to move from side to side to avoid getting crushed by the slam attacks of the parasites. The rocket launchers are only one-shot weapons but they're powerful enough to take out the parasites. Take out all tentacles to complete this sequence.

Against the giant T-Abyss mutation

In this sequence, you have to use the mounted machine gun on the chopper to deal with the multiple parasites. Like before, keep an eye on your gun's temperature to avoid overheating. You can also launch grenades but use these only when multiple parasites are converging or if you need some breathing space. The grenades are slow to recover so you'll have to rely on your gunning skills to take out the parasites. The weakness of these parasites are on their heads. However, hitting them with gunfire on their main bodies will still damage and kill them, only much longer. Connected grenade shots can also instantly take them out as well. Continue shooting them and the projectiles they release until the infected host opens its mouth. Keep shooting at it until you get the chance to target it using a missile launcher and land the killing blow on the beast.

Shredding an abomination to pieces

After the scene, we'll be controlling Parker again on another flashback. However, we will start fresh this time. You'll have very little ammo. Move forth and take out the hunter. To conserve ammo, stun it then hit it with a melee. Once done, pick up the green herb then enter the elevator. Exit the elevator and pick up the ammo on the floor. Take out he hunters then talk to Raymond to help him up.

Follow the path to the west (refer to the map) then enter the storage room. You should find some ammo and a green herb inside. Head to the next door and pick up the ammo along the way. Take out the hunter that will appear along the way and another one that will be waiting as you turn around the corner. Before entering the conference room to the south, you should go straight ahead and enter another storage room that contains a handgun ammo, hand grenade and green herb inside.

Enter the conference room and pick up another handgun ammo on the table. Exit to the next corridor and continue forth until you can leave Raymond down. Turn around and run past the conference room. Vault over the caution sign to find a green herb and MG ammo ahead. Now backtrack and vault over another sign to the north that will take you to the staircase. Go upstairs and kill the hunter then pick up the green herb along the way.

Ignore the 4th floor door for now then continue upstairs. Take out the hunter there and pick up the green herb and ammo by the door. Now go down to the 4th floor and enter the door. Pick up the ammo on the floor in the corner then continue to the next room. Open one of the lockers there to find more handgun ammo. Clear the room of hunters. Loot the nearby lockers for more ammo and green herb then pick up the tourniquet. There's also a grenade in the corner cubicle, before reaching the double-doors. You should see it on your way out.

Make your way back to Raymond and take out the enemies along the way. When you reach the corridor with Raymond, take out more enemies and tend to him. After the scene, open the door behind him and continue to reach the elevator. Take out the BOW there then pick up the ammo on the bench and inside the crate. Take the elevator next.

Exit the elevator and collect the supplies nearby. Make your way to the lobby and take out more hunters. Assist Raymond until he gets inside then kill all nearby hunters. Once done, replenish your ammo and herb supplies with the scattered items in the area and the scene will follow. This completes the current episode.

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3 comments, latest first.
Sep 28th 2015 Guest
I can't launch the rocket at the bosses mouth when im in the helicopter, keep getting killed. Playing on 360, what am I dling wrong. As soon as it is locked on, try to fire but I die. Help please. [email protected]
ID #612367
Jul 3rd 2015 Guest
Aim at the mouth of the boss. When you have successfully held the correct aim for a few seconds, the key for launch is displayed on screen - "Y" for 3DS, and "ZR" for new 3DS.
ID #579380
Aug 30th 2014 Guest
ID #442524
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