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Episode 12: The Queen Is Dead

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Open the first hatch then collect the shogun shell and green herb from the room. Cut open the next hatch and continue to the next room with a dead blob. There will be two doors here. First, open the door to the north to find a room with a green herb, MG ammo and an Illegal Custom Parts.

Next, cut open the next door and swim through a bunch of dead blobs and a corpse. Continue to the next hallway and you'll see a blob eating a corpse. Turn left from that intersection where the blob came from to find a room with MG and rifle ammo, as well as a Rifle Ammo Case. Exit the room and swim to the next door. Pick up the handgun ammo on the floor then cut the next hatch open. There's an electronic door in this room. Pick up the ammo from the ammo box in the shelf to the right then cut the next hatch open while Chris fixes the wires on the door.

Head to the next room and you'll find the power button in the other side of the grates. You have to go around the corridors to get there. The problem is there's some blobs swimming about. For the first blob, wait for it to go away and pick up the magnum ammo from the floor. You have to swim to the ceiling to avoid it. Go around the corner to find the hole near the floor that you can go through. Head to the next hole and pick up the pulse grenade. In the next room, there's another blob that's going around. Just follow its direction, grab the floating ammo along the way and swim through another hole to reach the power button. Grab the MG ammo as well then press the button. Now backtrack to Chris and open the door. Pick up the rifle ammo swim up the ladder for a scene.

After the cutscene, pick up the voice recorder from the corpse. Move along to the next room and grab the shotgun shells from the table. Scan the corpse to get some MG ammo. Open the next door to reach a dining room. Scan the floor to find a hand grenade, green herb and MG ammo from the broken clock. Scan the wall with the markings to find another handprint. Head to the next room for a scene.

After the scene, scan the floor to find a hand grenade. Pick up the ammo and green herb here then use the weapon box nearby. Pick up your best weapons then open the helm door. Go downstairs and continue forth to the next door. Scan the base of the throne where Norman sits to find the last handprint. Scan the rooms further for some ammo and pick up the other supplies as well if you need to. Norman will drop his PDA. Pick it up and leave the area to complete this section.

This is the final boss fight in the game and it can either be frustrating or easy. The key here is evasion. (For Asian PS3 users, press the Circle button instead of the X button + yung left analog stick to evade) The battle will be divided to three stages. Suggested weapons here would be the Magnum, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher or Machine Gun. The boss has the ability to teleport and create illusions; you'll know if he'll use it when you see his only eye start to glow. Also, it's only weakness is its exposed heart. It will only get exposed when he's using his special attack.

For the first stage, the boss will just teleport near you and perform a smash attack that can cause AoE damage. The only way to stop this is to face him and shoot his heart before his attack lands. You only have a few seconds to react and your attack should be powerful enough to stagger him. That's why you have to use the magnum or shotgun in this stage. If his attack connects, expect high damage to your character or even get knocked down. Keep repeating this method until the boss staggers completely, allowing you to perform a charged melee attack. There are only two extra green herbs here. However, as long as you keep your cool, 2-3 herbs should be enough to last you through this battle.

For the second part, he'll start making a copy of himself and attempt to smash you. You can easily distinguish the real one from the purple smoke that he's emitting from his mouth. React quickly and shoot its heart to stagger it and stop the attack. It will also start sending illusions to confuse you. Take note; as long as you don't see a purple smoke coming from the enemy, don't turn around or run. After sending his copies, he will follow shortly after. As long as you're anticipating his attacks and react accordingly, then you shouldn't have problems stopping him.

For the third phase, the boss will start rushing towards you, with the combination of a few decoy attacks and a real, heavy swing that will send you flying. Prepare to evade whenever he vanishes; otherwise, use the time to reload whenever you're facing the illusions. During this stage, his heart will be exposed most of the time so showering it with bullets using your MG while keeping distance is a good way to keep dealing damage.

If you're having problems evading, you can exploit the weapon box by opening it at the right time, before the boss hits you. You'll be immune while opening it. Keep repeating this method until the squishy organ on his back turns to red. You can attack it or continue concentrating on his heart until he is defeated.

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6 comments, latest first.
Aug 1st 2015 Guest
Where can i get a rocket launcher?
ID #592624
Feb 19th 2015 Guest
Yes yes!!!!!!! I beat him
ID #518020
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
I beat him! Thanks!
ID #476230
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
Easy game until Norman D: game mechanics make it more awkward than hard!Now to wait for Revelations 2 :D
ID #460629
Nov 19th 2013 Guest
This guide makes a lot of sense. Beat the boss on my first try; though it took all my green herbs. Key for me was through trial and error; I used up all magnum ammo...And my Rocket Launcher was an EXCELLENT idea.

Got to stage 2 by chance and Beat Stage 3 in one blow with the rocket launcher. Tbh the game as a whole isnt that hard..
ID #320519
Oct 1st 2013 Guest
He's impossible this game is bull crap I shot him 20 times in the heart and nothing happens
ID #312023
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