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Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited

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Once in control, collect the items nearby and scan the control panel to get some shotgun shells. You can examine the Safety Procedures nearby as well if you want. Leave the Comms room then take the Iron Anchor Key from Raymond. You have to go to the Casino in the first floor of the hall but before leaving, go upstairs and return to the Solarium. If you followed this walkthrough and activated the water-filtration system earlier, then the water should be clean by now.

Dive to the water and head to the nearest ladder. This will bring you to the diving pool's diving board. Climb the diving board to find a rifle ammo, machine gun ammo case and a handprint.

Return to the pool and go to the northeast corner ladder. Scan the stumbled artificial tree to get some ammo, get the custom parts on the nearby table and Illegal Custom Parts on the counter of the nearby hut. Collect the BOW Decoys, Grenades and ammo nearby. There are some meat chunks you can scan as well. Leave the Solarium and head back to the main hall.

Upgrade your weapons using the parts you acquired. Before moving to the casino, you can backtrack to the Cafeteria to open the Anchor Door there. Inside, you'll find more ammo. Scan the table near the wall to get a Custom Parts as well. Once done, enter the casino next.

There's a small fountain in the middle of the casino with some fishes and a shining golden object on top. Just take note of this object of interest when the power returns. Turn right (south) and you'll find a Handgun Ammo Case by the grates.

Turn to the right again and scan the slot machines to the southwest. You should find another handprint there.

You'll also find a Green Herb to the northwest part of the room, beside the stairs. Now go upstairs to the northeast to find the breaker for the casino. Activate it to restore the power. Go to the fountain and press the button. This will transform the fishes into flesh-hungry beasts. Kill them all and grab the coin that they'll drop.

There's also a note by the fountain that'll say that the door to the VIP room needs 107 grams to open. Play the slot machine nearest to the stairs. Don't worry if you don't win since you'll always get your coin back. Keep playing until you hit the jackpot and get a Bundle of Coins. Now go to the VIP door and place the coins on the platter. You need to place 3 bronze, 2 silver and 4 gold coins to get the exact weight.

Once inside the VIP room, collect the ammo and scan the cabinet by the wall. You'll be able to obtain a Custom Part there as well. Now go down the ladder until you reach the bottom floor then use the next ladder to climb back up. Follow the tunnel to the Freight Lift. Before boarding the lift, check the southwest corner (refer to the map) to find a Custom Part again.

The key to operate the lift will be missing so enter the door to the south and follow it until you reach an elevator. It won't be operational so you have to rewire the nearby control panel again. Activate the elevator to return to the Crew Quarters.

Make your way through the dining room and the kitchen. You'll finally reach the room where the dummy Chris was held. Enter it and kill the BOW inside. Scan the handprint on the Veltro banner, then grab the Custom Kit on the floor. Scan the corner beside it to find some handgun ammo. There's also a note on the table that you can examine.

Leave the room and then go upstairs. Continue forth until you reach the Iron Anchor door you found earlier. Enter it to find ammo, green herb, MP5 and a weapon box. Swap any weapon then apply the new upgrades you found. I suggest bringing in the MP5 and swap it with your M401 Rifle. There's a boss battle ahead so it is recommended to attach Bind, Damage +30 and Infighter to your MP5. Otherwise, you can opt to put these instead to your shotgun. There's also another custom part that you can pick up from the floor along the corridor outside, though you should be able to scan and tag it from the weapon box's location.

Leave the room and continue to the infirmary where you recovered the keys earlier. Enter the room and examine the note if you want. After doing so, you'll find the mutated Rachel outside the window. Pursue her and you'll encounter her immediately in the staircase outside the room. Aim for her head when you can and evade her lunge. She doesn't have that much attacks so you have to expect that she'll get in close to grab you or pummel you. After dealing enough damage, she'll cower and run away.

Follow her and take out the BOWs along the way. She'll appear inside the crew cabin's shower room. The space here is very limited so deal damage to her the best you can. Like before, she'll run away through the vents when enough damage is dealt.

Exit the crew cabin and you'll encounter a shooter BOW around the corner. Be prepared since Rachel will be here as well. Engage her and deal damage to her the best you can. Continue forth to the staircase and you'll encounter Rachel again.

You'll eventually reach the dining room. Here, you'll have to finish her as more enemies come in. Parker will arrive to lend a hand. It will be a good idea to throw a grenade or two to soften the enemies up.

After defeating Rachel, pick up the Lift Key from her corpse then head back to the freight lift. Use the key on the panel then pull the lever to activate the lift. Chapter complete.

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