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Resident Evil: Revelations PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil: Revelations please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : 3DS : Xbox 360 : PC : Wii U : PlayStation 4 : Xbox One

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Alternate Costumes

Unlock the following alternate costumes by completing the corresponding task.

Chris (BSAA Mission):

Reach player level 30.

Chris (Sailor):

Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit in Raid mode.

Hunk (Umbrella):

Complete ALL stages under the Abyss difficulty with an 'S' rank.

Jessica (Arctic):

Complete ALL Raid mode stages under the Chasm difficulty.

Jessica (FBC):

Reach player level 40.

Jessica (Scuba):

Complete ALL Raid mode stages under the Trench difficulty.

Jill (BSAA Mission):

Obtain a super rare weapon.

Jill (Pirate):

Complete The Ghost Ship bonus stage.


Unlock Auto Loader (Campaign Only)

This weapon custom part becomes unlocked when you beat the game on the Normal difficulty setting without Continuing.

Custom Parts

The following custom parts become available when you Complete the corresponding task.

Bind 1:

Execute dodge successfully 20 times.

Long Magazine 2:

Execute 10 fully charged physical attacks.

Charge Shot 3:

Complete the game under the Casual or higher difficulty setting.

Auto Loader:

Complete game under the casual or higher difficulty setting without using herbs or the Infinite Rocket Launcher.

Costume Usage in Story Mode

When you have beaten the main campaign once you will gain the ability to use costumes in Story mode.

Free Herb in Raid Mode

Whenever you complete a Raid mode stage the BSAA emblem will appear. Smashing the BSAA emblem with a fully charged melee attack will gain you a Herb.

Raid Mode Colours

Get the indicated amount of bonuses to unlock the corresponding Raid Mode colour for your player.


Get 50 different bonuses.


Get 100 different bonuses.


Get 150 different bonuses.


Get 200 different bonuses.


Get ALL different bonuses.

Unlockable Campaign Weapons

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding weapon for Campaign mode.

PSG-1 Sniper Rifle:

Scan 15 of the hand prints.

G18 Handgun:

Scan ALL the hand prints.


Complete the game on at least the Normal difficulty setting.

Raid Mode Characters

Complete the following tasks in Raid mode to unlock the corresponding character.


Complete ALL stages under the Chasm difficulty setting.


Complete ALL stages under the Abyss difficulty setting.


Locate the real exit on stage 21.


Collect ALL the rare weapons.

Raid Mode Stages

When you complete the following tasks in the main campaign the corresponding stage in Raid mode will become unlocked.

Stages 1 to 7:

Complete Episodes 1 through 3.

Stages 8 to 12:

Complete Episodes 4 through 6.

Stages 13 to 17:

Complete Episodes 7 through 9.

Stages 18 to 20:

Complete Episodes 10 through 12.

Bonus Stage 21:

Complete the game.

Unlock Modes

The following difficulty settings become available when you complete the corresponding task.

Hell Mode:

Complete the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty setting.

Abyss Mode in Raid Mode:

Complete ALL Raid mode stages on the Trench difficulty setting.

Trench Mode in Raid Mode:

Complete ALL Raid mode stages on the Chasm difficulty setting.

'' Codes

Register a Capcom account at and link it to your game account. Then enter the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) at to unlock the corresponding in-game bonus. Note: some codes will expire and will require re-entering to continue the effect.

M92F Level 1 Slot 4:

Enter 'abyss'

G36 'Light Weight' Level 3 Slot 4:

Enter 'albert'

M92F 'Short Range' Level 1 Slot 3:

Enter 'beach'

Pale Rider Level 3 Slot 5:

Enter 'bioterrorism'

M92F 'Easy Grip' Level 3 Slot 4:

Enter 'dido'

P-90 Level 1 Slot 6:

Enter 'farfarello'

Windham Level 1 Slot 4:

Enter 'ghiozzo'

PC356 Level 1 Sl..

Unlock PC356 Handgun

This weapon becomes unlocked when you defeat 150 enemies in Campaign mode.

Gold/Orange Screen

When your screen goesa gold/orange colour it is to indicates that you have too much weapons and need to dump some of them to be able to continue playing.

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