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Episode 8: All on the Line

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Swim through the corridor until you reach the Cargo Hold. If you missed getting the Rocket Launcher earlier, this is the time to do so. Swim up to get some air then make your way to the ladder. Go around the walkway and enter the control room where you scanned a handprint earlier. Table and area behind it to find more ammo. Now jump off the ledge nearest to the control room and dive. Open the door and follow the corridor until you reach a staircase. If you swim up, you'll find a ladder leading to Trident Door. Ignore it for now; scan the side to get some ammo instead.

Jump back to the water and dive to the bottom. Grab the ammo box there and open the door. Swim in the corridor and make sure to catch your breath by going up the open vents. Follow the path until you reach the large room with Cog mechanism (where you got the Reset Key). There will be swimming BOWs here; avoid them since you don't have any way of attacking them. Don't forget to grab the Illegal Custom Parts that's unreachable a while ago.

Continue swimming until you reach the control room. There's an ammo box in the middle so pick it up then swim up in the middle vent, where you pried it open a while ago. Climb up and jump back to the water at the other end of the tunnel. From there, enter the room to the right then swim to the next room. Grab the Custom Parts kit that's previously unreachable.

Continue swimming and you'll find an ammo box along the way. There's a broken window that you can swim through ahead; enter it to reach the control room easily. There's also an air pocket here that you can use. Continue through the next corridors and once you reached the ladder, grab the Rifle Ammo Case on the pipe near the ledge.

Continue to the lift and swim up to grab some air. You'll find a Custom Parts Kit and an ammo box on the lower platform underwater so dive down and grab them. Once done, climb up the ledge and pick up the green herb in the corner. Scan the boxes and electronic cabinets to find ammo. There's also another green herb in the corridor to the south.

Go through the tunnel to the northeast and jump down the water. Swim to the next ladder and climb up. Scan the floor near the fan to get some ammo then continue up to the casino VIP room. Scan the chairs to find some ammo then exit the room for a scene.

During this sequence, you have to gun down the grotesque tentacles. You have to mind your gun's temperature. Save your grenades when the tentacles are swarming towards you. Shoot also the pods that they release. The grenades replenish over time but you still have to make your shots count. You'll have to heal as necessary. Continue until you get a cutscene. After the scene, the section will be complete.

After the scene, you'll be partnering up with Chris. You'll have to make your way to the lift and dive again. Don't bother using the Pulse Grenade unless its necessary. Open the previously locked door and follow the corridors. Grab the handgun ammo along the way and exit to the next room. An BOW will emerge from the vent. Kill / avoid it then swim up to the open vent for air. Grab the ammo on the floor as well. Continue to the next corridor and grab the shotgun shells. Kill/ swim past the BOW and open the door to reach the hold. Make your way to the corner door again where you dove earlier then make your way back to the staircase where the trident door is located. Climb up the ladder and Chris will give you the Trident Key. Open the door to enter the lab.

Once inside, go past the door with fingerprint recognition system and vault over the broken window. Scan the room to find a Pulse Grenade and handgun ammo. Examine the computer to register your fingerprint. You can also use the weapon box nearby.

Return to the other door and operate the fingerprint sensor to the left. Once inside, scan the handprint on the locker to the left. There's also an Illegal Custom Part and some ammo on the bench. There's also a BOW Decoy under the shelves on the other side.

Now enter the sterilization chamber. A new BOW will make an appearance. Use your pulse grenade to stun it and wait until the door is opened. Fall back and engage it. The enemy is slow and the area's pretty wide so run around and shoot its unarmored parts until it explodes. Now for its surviving lower half, keep distance until it is taken out. Don't forget to scan it as well for additional analysis points.

Now before doing anything, scan the bloody side of the aquarium to find another handprint.

Before doing anything, pick up the L. Hawk from the seat in the corner then go back to Chris's sterilization chamber and scan the floor to find another Illegal Custom Part.

Once done, take the elevator to the west. After exiting, scan the left side of the first arc in the tunnel to find another handprint. Go through the tunnel and scan the flesh chunks for large analysis boosts. Pick up the handgun ammo along the way as well. Once done, head to the vault door in the end of the tunnel to complete the episode.

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