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Episode 1: Into the Depths

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After the scene, go up the walkway and shoot the lock on the door. Enter the cabin and follow the corridor until you get a glimpse of something in the next room. Proceed through the next door and continue until you find multi-corridor room. Examine the blood coming out from the ducts if you want then find your way to the next door.

Enter the dining room and go around the counter to reach the door to the southeast of the room. Examine the locker in the corner to find some handgun ammo as well. Enter the kitchen and examine the sparkling object under the grate on the floor.

After the scene, kill the enemy. It may take multiple shots to the head before it goes down. Watch the next scenes. Once in control, read the short Genesis bioscanner manual since it will be a very helpful tool you can use throughout the entire game. Jump off the broken stairs and collect the ammo nearby. Scan the carcass using your Genesis tool. You have to check the beach and scan the carcasses until you get 100% analysis.

In the first beach, you can get 66%. Three large chunks and three small chunks on a pole, by the boat and another small one behind the shack, on top of the dump. The carcass near the pathway to the west will come to life so shoot it until it dies. Grab the green herb afterward.

There's a small chunk inside the tunnel, a large chunk outside and another by the shore. Pick up the hand grenade by the barrel beside the large carcass then scour the area for more ammo and another grenade by the boats. There's also an FBC crate nearby. Scan it to find the first handprint (collectible) in the game.

There are two more chunks under the wooden walkway and another one in the corner, among the pile dump. Explore the deadend further west and scan the area to find a green herb.

There should be more than enough carcasses to get 100% analysis. Once done, report back to your boss. A living carcass will burst through the shack's door. Kill it and hand over the samples for a scene and evaluation. Manually save your game and continue.

Once you're back, scan the corpse and an item near its head to find some ammo. There are other scannable objects here. Scanning the chunk of meat on the sink will also give a significant analysis boost.

Before opening the next door to the north, return to the dining hall to the west and scan the food vending machine to find the second handprint in the game.

Before returning to the kitchen, backtrack to the small storage room to the southeast of your map, where you first caught a glimpse of the B.O.W. There's another handprint located along the corridor, outside of that room. It is on the wall to the lower right.

Return to the kitchen and go through the door to the north. Follow the walkway until you reach a fork. Examine the brown, heavy door to the west to find Chris. You need to find the key so go through the next door and go downstairs. It's a dead end so scan the floor to find a green herb. Go upstairs this time and pick up the green herb along the way. Continue along the corridor only to find it blocked. Enter the crew cabin and proceed to the shower room. There's a mutated enemy here so kill it then immediately scan it afterward. Scan the nearby bed to find some ammo.

Go around the cabin and exit through the next door. The next door along the corridor bears and Anchor Mark. This leads to a weapon box. You can't open it for now so continue forth. The brown door to the right is locked so just go straight ahead.

As soon as you enter the door, you'll hear a woman's scream. Go downstairs to see her murdered. Open the door to the infirmary and kill the enemies. Don't forget to scan them before or after killing them. Scan the area for items, including another handprint by the wall with some x-ray results. Scan the floor near the woman to find the Crew Quarters Area Key.

Exit the infirmary and kill the B.O.W along the way. Once you've exited to the hallway with two locked doors, open the first door to the left to enter the laundromat. There's a hand grenade on the table, some ammo and another grenade by the open washing machine (scan it). There's also a B.O.W that will emerge from one of the open machines there. Exit the room afterward.

Enter the crew cabin next. There's a BOW waiting by the door so quickly kill it. Continue forth and two more BOWs then backtrack to meet up with Parker. Open the door to trigger a scene. Chapter complete.

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Aug 1st 2014 Guest
I'm an amateur and your instructions were right on target. I had no problems following your instructions you are extremely thorough. I want to say thank
you for making everything so easy it made playing the game enjoyable. Thanks
once again.
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