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Sophia’s Shop: All Protectors List

Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Like any other RPGs, shops play an important role for keeping the protagonist’s party properly equipped and supplied. In Persona 5 Strikers, you’ll encounter various shops that have the same function. However, there’s one particular shop that’s conveniently accessible and will cater to the Phantom Thieves’ needs. In this short guide, we will list down all protectors that you can buy from Sophia’s shop.

Protectors come in four varieties: unisex, male-exclusive, female-exclusive, and cat armor. You’ll be able to buy better protectors from Sophia’s shop by continuing with the main story and completing some specific requests. Since the game doesn’t have a weapon crafting system or collection system, there’s really no practical reason for keeping your old gear, especially the very outdated ones. As long as you keep updating your party’s protective gears, don’t hesitate to sell the old ones to get a bit of money back.

Protectors (Unisex)

Protector Price Defense Additional Effect
Padded Shirt 1600 34 En +3
Lynx Camo Vest 2600 44 Null Sleep
Chain Vest 3200 56 None
Reckless Vest 4600 68 Null Fear
Army Vest 6000 82 St +3
Austere Haori 8400 96 Null Dizzy
Papal Robes 12200 114 Low chance to reduce Blessing DMG
Hope Shirt 15800 128 Low chance to reduce Psy DMG
Ghillie Vest 25200 150 Low chance to reduce Phys DMG
Egoist Shirt 28400 170 Null Brainwash

Protectors (Male)

Protector Price Defense Additional Effect
Shoulder Pads 1800 36 Ag +2
Burn Tech Shirt 2800 46 Null Freeze
Survival Vest 3800 58 En +2
Cosmic Undershirt 5200 72 Null Rage
Plate Vest 6800 86 Low chance to reduce Nuke DMG
Retention Vest 9200 102 Null Forget
Athletic Shirt 13400 118 Ag +2
Saint’s Tunic 17000 134 Null Rage
Fluted Guard 26800 158 Ag +2
Brave Waistcoat 30000 178 Null Fear

Protectors (Female)

Protector Price Defense Additional Effect
Battle Camisole 1,800 Yen 34 Defense HP+10
Magic Camisole 2,800 Yen 44 Defense Ma +3
Robust Apron 3,600 Yen 56 Defense None
Lady’s Dress 5,000 Yen 68 Defense Null Rage
Power Camisole 6,600 Yen 84 Defense St +3
Glaring Cape 9,000 Yen 98 Defense Null Dizzy
Elysian Robe 13,200 Yen 114 Defense Low chance to reduce Curse DMG
Dogwatch Kimono 16,800 Yen 128 Defense Null Sleep
Rune Dress 26,400 Yen 152 Defense Ma +3
Kotodama Cape 29,800 Yen 172 Defense Null Brainwash

Protectors (Cat Armor)

Protector Price Defense Additional Effect
Silk Scarf 1400 34 Ma +3
Cat Sweater 2400 46 Null Freeze
Breeze Scarf 2800 58 Ag +3
Water Crown 4200 70 Null Burn
Cone Collar 5400 84 Ma +3
Camo Collar 7800 100 Low chance to reduce Phys DMG
Sparkly Collar 11400 116 Low chance to reduce Curse DMG
Morose Collar 15000 132 Null Rage
Just Collar 24000 154 Auto-Tarukaja
Measuring Collar 27200 176 Lu +5

That concludes our quick list for all the protectors that you can purchase from Sophia’s Shop in Persona 5 Strikers. Please check out our other guide pages for more helpful tips and tidbits about this outstanding action RPG.

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