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Best Bond Skills to Prioritize

Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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In the original Persona 5, your relationships with various NPCs and party members is represented by the Confidant (Social Link) system. Persona 5 Strikers doesn’t have such a system but the closest feature to the said system is the Bond System. In simpler terms, Bond Skills are passive buffs and effects that can improve your party’s overall combat capability. In this page, we’ll cover the most useful Bond Skills that you should prioritize getting.

We’ll categorize the Bond Skills that can be used for grinding, survivability, and combat. For the complete list of bond skills, please check the preceding page. Some of the Bond Skills are locked behind story progression so prioritize choosing the ones that are available to you at this point. Make sure to read the descriptions of the Bond Skill before purchasing it!

To summarize:
* This feature is automatically unlocked on 7/27 (in-game time). You can find it in the Command Menu.
* Bond Skills are special passive effects and buffs that are applied to your entire party
* You need Bond Points to purchase these skills.
* You’ll gain Bond Points by increasing your Bond Level
* Bond Level is increased by winning battles.
* Allocated Bond Points can’t be recovered or re-allocated to a different Bond Skill
* You can increase Bond Skill levels by completing certain requests.

Bond Skills for Utility

Bond Skills in this category basically improves your “way of life” and overall enhances your experience in the game. We will list down the bond skills you can consider prioritizing in order.
Bond Skill Description Note
Bondmaker Increases the amount of Bond EXP gain. No further explanation necessary why this skill takes the utmost priority. Buy this as soon as you can!
Extortionist Boosts the amount of money gained and dropped items. Persona 5 Strikers can be quite grindy if you want to get the most out of it. Having a lot of money and items is always welcome.
Joker’s Wild Increases the chance of obtaining Masks after battle. Masks are necessary to obtain new personas. More personas means you have more materials for Fusion. This skill will also help in obtaining the personas needed for certain requests that require Fusion.
Treasure Hunter Increases the chance to encounter Treasure Demons. Appearance rate of Treasure Demons will increase with every level. Treasure Demons are rare and they often drop huge rewards, making it quite beneficial to hunt them down and get rich quick.
Safecracker Allows you to pick open difficulty chests. The level of locks that can be picked will increase by 1 with every level. Chests often contain valuable items. And the harder the chest's difficulty to pick, it's safe to assume that the more valuable it contains. This skill allows you to open such chests and loot their content.
Highwayman Increases the chance to obtain items after every battle. Drop rate will increase with every level. Free items are always welcome! Excess items can also be sold after all.
Packrat Increases the chance of obtaining junk parts. The drop rate and amount of junk parks will increase with every level. Similar to Highwayman, this skill also increases your chance of obtaining free items that you can use or sell.
Smart Shopper Get better deals at Sophia’s Shop. More items will be affected by sales with every level increase. After earning a lot of usable funds, you can now spend them to your heart's content. Prioritize getting the best gears possible and watch out for Sophia's deals!

Bond Skills for Survivability

These Bond Skills increase your survivability by providing extra healing, buffs, and recovery. We will list down the bond skills you can consider prioritizing in order.
Bond Skill Description Note
Oracle Recovery Restores HP and SP to all party members at the end of battle. Amount of HP/SP restored increases with every level. This skill is very important as it restores a bit of HP and SP after every battle. While it won't replace the need for outright healing, this makes daunting jail grinds a lot more manageable.
Ambusher Restores HP of all allies after a successful ambush. Amount of HP restored increases with every level. Ambushing enemies as often as you can is actually a strongly recommended strategy. Healing your entire party while setting up the advantage is indispensable.
Master Chef Allows the creation of more food items with potent effects. The Cooking level and strength of the dishes’ effects increases with every level. Having a good stock of potent healing items is always welcome. This is always a good option to have, especially when the most powerful healing items are usually incredibly rare and hard to come by.
Metaverse Medic Increases the effect of healing items. Recovery effect of healing items further improves with every level. You should consider getting once you have Oracle Recovery and Ambusher purchased first. This also works hand-in-hand with Master Chef, further increasing the already potent healing items you produced yourself.

Bond Skills for Combat

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time battling in Persona 5 Strikers either through normal story progression or grinding, getting yourself some combat-oriented bond skills will make your combat experience much smoother. We will list down the bond skills you can consider prioritizing in order.
Bond Skill Description Note
Harisen Helper Increases the chance to trigger Harisen Recovery. Chances of triggering increase every level. Harisen Recovery: During battle, if a party member gets afflicted with a status ailment, there’s a chance for an ally to activate this ability to remove the said status ailment. This auto-heal ability will be incredibly handy, especially when you're facing enemies with status effects that can disable teammates.
Spiritual Blow Replenish SP whenever you land a blow. Amount of SP recovered increases with every level. Having an option to replenish SP during combat without using an item is always a great strategic option.
Avenger Counterattack damage increases after evading an enemy attack. Damage increases with every level and may even inflict debuffs. Having this damage boost option when counterattacking makes that defensive move even more viable in combat.
Pass Appeal Showtime gauge fills up faster after performing a Baton Pass. Gauge increase rate increases per level. Showtime moves are the "super" moves that is capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. Pass Appeal allows you to fill up the gauge to trigger these powerful attacks faster, and more frequently.
Proper Showman Increases the damage of Showtime attacks. Damage increases with every level. This is a great skill to have once you have secured Pass Appeal first. Now you can trigger even more powerful Showtime moves often.

The following Persona-related skills should be considered after getting the priority skills listed above. This will allow you to further enhance your party’s persona’s damage output and overall effectiveness with their skills. These skills are even more valuable to Joker since he can deploy several persona.s. Getting at least LV1 for these will help the team a lot in any battle scenarios.

Bond Skill Description
Martial Arts Boosts damage of physical persona skills. Skill damage increases with every level.
Spiritual Arts Boosts damage of magical persona skills. Skill damage increases with every level.
Tactical Arts Increases the chances of Persona skills to apply status ailments. Chance of infliction increases with every level.
Supportive Arts Increase the duration of buffs and debuffs applied by Persona skills. Duration is increased with every level.

What about the other skills?

If you look at it thoroughly, the stat-boosting skills are not really worth it, especially when the stats they provide are quite miniscule. I recommend saving up your Bond Points in getting the priority bond skills we listed here then level them up instead. Now, if you managed to max out these priority skills and you still have points to spare, then that’s the time to start leveling them up.

That concludes our Bond Skills Priority Guide for Persona 5 Strikers. Please check out our other guide pages for more helpful tips and tidbits about this outstanding action RPG.

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