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Master Arts Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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In Persona 5 Strikers, combat will take up most of your playthrough. There are several things you can do to improve on how well your team will perform in battle. Some of these range from leveling up your characters, giving them the best equipment, getting some combat-focused Bond Skills, etc. Master Arts is one of those factors that can further improve the combat effectiveness of individual Phantom Thieves members.

In this page, we will discuss what Master Arts are, how to unlock Master Arts, and the list of all master arts for your characters.

What are Master Arts

Each character in P5S has four Master Arts exclusive to them. These master arts are inclined towards the character’s combat style and their default elemental affinity. You can always review your characters’ Master Arts by going to the Command menu and selecting Stats.

How to Unlock Master Arts

To unlock Master Arts, you have to keep playing the character and keep defeating enemies. Take note that only the character you're using will progress through their Master Arts. Using weak attacks to chain long combos is a great way to grind for Master Arts. You can also use the same strategy against bosses since they have a lot of HP but this will require mastering the timing of perfect evasions.

To grind for Master Arts, try focusing on a single character then move on to the other. There’s no shortcut or a reliably tested method for grinding Master Arts progression; you really need to fight a lot to train your characters. There’s a total of 36 Master Arts to master and it’s going to be a lengthy one. If you’re a completionist, unlocking all Master Arts for all characters will have a corresponding trophy to unlock. Thankfully, you don’t really need to do mindless grinding for Master Arts progression only. Remember that there are repeatable requests in the game that reward you with money, items, and more so do your grind run while doing these optional tasks to make the most out of your time.

Joker Master Arts List

For our list, we’re using the PS4 version of the game so the description will use PS4 buttons. Kindly replace the commands with the equivalent buttons assigned on your respective platforms.
Master Art Description
Marked Shot Perform a follow-up after a △ or mid-air △ gun attack
Wild Rush End the □□□□□△ combo with a persona attack by pressing △
Phantom Barrage Gun attacks won’t consume ammo. Perform a special 3-hit shot attack after a specific attack.
Dead Shot While holding L1, press and hold R1 to consume the remaining number of bullets to fire a powerful burst shot.

Morgana Master Arts List

Master Art Description
Animal Instinct Perform a follow up with □□□□△ combo
Cat's Paw Enemies are pulled in during the □△ or □□□△ combos.
Miracle Punch The □□△ combo has a chance of changing into a Miracle Punch (critical hit)
Cyclone Charge After transforming into Morgana van, ram enemies that will also generate a wind shockwave.

Ann Master Arts List

Master Art Description
No Escape Perform a follow-up after □□□□□
Feel the Heat While Enchant is active, press △ at the end of a combo to perform a swinging whip attack.
Crocodile Tears Press □△ to summon Carmen and cast Tarunda (lower all enemies’ attack). This move will not consume any SP.
Wildfire Ann’s fire-based attacks will be boosted and will have a higher chance to inflict Burns to enemy targets.

Ryuji Master Arts List

Master Art Description
In My Sights Perform a follow up after □□△.
Good Measure □△ attack does more damage. If the attack is charged, Captain Kidd will appear dealing additional damage.
Sprinter Increases the charging rate of attacks.
Rebel Yell Extends the active time of Toughness and increases the chance of reducing damage.

Yusuke Master Arts List

Master Art Description
Gleaming Blade Perform a follow up after □□△.
High Counter Countering with △ or perfomring □□□△ temporarily increases the number of hits by pressing the △ button repeatedly.
Legendary Thief Press □△ to summon Goemon and cast Sukukaja (increases agility). Press the △ button repeatedly to cast Masukukaja instead. This doesn’t cost any SP.
Ice Counter Special attacks with △ will inflict Freeze. Press the △ button repeatedly to further increase the chance of Freeze.

Makoto Master Arts List

Master Art Description
Wheelie Rush Perform a follow up after □□△.
Phantom Star Rider Using Burst increases damage for all Makoto's special attacks
Fortified Moxy Using Burst boosts damage for Makoto's melee △ attacks.
Nuclear Reaction Performing a follow-up or 1 More activates Burst.

Haru Master Arts List

Master Art Description
Axe Waltz Perform a follow up after □□□□.
Vertigo Slash □△ attacks has a chance to inflict Dizzy.
Ballroom Blitzer Increases the damage and range of all gun attacks. Ammo will no longer be consumed while holding △.
Étoile While holding △ special attacks, attacks will become faster and Haru will be harder to get interrupted.

Sophia Master Arts List

Master Art Description
Drive Spinner Perform a follow up after □□□□△.
Data Sync Performing □ or □ mid-air attacks with proper timing will increase Sophia’s attack power by one level.
Blast Processing △ special attack is boosted after a Perfect Catch. While boosted, press △ repeatedly after performing □△ or □□△ to register more hits.
Mega Blaster Aim with L1 then hold R1 to launch a gravity bullet. Perform a Perfect Catch to replenish ammo.

Zenkichi Master Arts List

Master Art Description
Wolf's Maw While △ Fury is active, all attacks will have Almighty affinity buff.
Master of the Hunt While △ Fury is not active, increases HP absorption.
Wolf's Howl While △ Fury is active, HP consumption is reduced and Critical chance increases.
Alpha's Fangs Perform a follow up after □△. Extend □□△ by holding △. Press △ repeatedly after □□□△ to register more hits.

That concludes our Master Arts Guide for Persona 5 Strikers. Please check out our other guide pages for more helpful tips and tidbits about this outstanding action RPG.

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