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Bond Skills Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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In the original Persona 5, your relationships with various NPCs and party members is represented by the Confidant (Social Link) system. Persona 5 Strikers doesn’t have such a system but the closest feature to the said system is the Bond System. In simpler terms, Bond Skills are passive buffs and effects that can improve your party’s overall combat capability.

In this page, we’ll cover the available bond skills, how to avail them, how to improve them. These are just our recommendations so don’t be afraid to experiment and try out the bond skills you think will suit your gameplay better.

What are Bond Skills?

Bond Skills are special passive effects and buffs that are applied to your entire party. To purchase them, you’ll need Bond Points. These are obtained as your Bond Level increases. Allocated Bond Points can’t be recovered or re-allocated to a different Bond Skill so make sure to read the description and select the one that you wanted.

Bond Skills will start at LV1 but their effects can be further improved by leveling them up. Increasing the level cap of your Bond Skills can be achieved by completing certain requests.

How to Unlock Bond Skills?

This feature unlocks automatically on 7/27 (in-game date) and will appear under the Command Menu. More Bond Skills will become available as you proceed with the story and you can increase the level of unlocked Bond Skills by completing certain requests.

How to increase your Bond Level?

Bond Level can be increased by defeating enemies in Jails or socializing with your allies in the real world. There are also certain spots in the cities you visit that can boost your bond level by simply interacting with them.

Bond Skill Description / Effect
HP Boost Increases maximum HP of all party members by 5 HP per level.
SP Boost Increases maximum SP of all party members by 3 SP per level.
Strength Boost Increases St of all party members by +1 St per level. (St affects physical attack damage)
Magic Boost Increases Ma of all party members by +1 Ma per level. (Ma affects magical attack damage)
Endurance Boost Increases En of all party members by +1 En per level. (En affects defense)
Agility Boost Increases Ag of all party members by +1 Ag per level. (Ag affects critical hits and auto-evasion)
Luck Boost Increases Lu of all party members by +1 Lu per level. (Lu affects critical evasion and ailment infliction rates)
Pass Appeal Showtime gauge fills up faster after performing a Baton Pass. Gauge increase rate increases per level.
Harisen Helper Increases the chance to trigger Harisen Recovery*. Chances of triggering increase every level.
Oracle Recovery Restores HP and SP to all party members at the end of battle. Amount of HP/SP restored increases with every level.
Martial Arts Boosts damage of physical persona skills. Skill damage increases with every level.
Spiritual Arts Boosts damage of magical persona skills. Skill damage increases with every level.
Tactical Arts Increases the chances of Persona skills to apply status ailments. Chance of infliction increases with every level.
Supportive Arts Increase the duration of buffs and debuffs applied by Persona skills. Duration is increased with every level.
Joker’s Wild Increases the chance of masks to manifest. Chance of manifestation increases with every level.
Ambusher Restores HP of all allies after a successful ambush. Amount of HP restored increases with every level.
Phantom Striker Increases damage when performing a Phantom Dash. Damage increases with every level.
Avenger Counterattack damage increases after evading an enemy attack. Damage increases with every level and may even inflict debuffs.
Ammo Hoarder Increases the amount of ammo for all allies. Max ammo increases with every level.
Proper Showman Increases the damage of Showtime attacks. Damage increases with every level.
Spiritual Blow Replenish SP whenever you land a blow. Amount of SP recovered increases with every level.
Smart Shopper Get better deals at Sophia’s Shop. More items will be affected by sales with every level increase.
Metaverse Medic Increases the effect of healing items. Recovery effect of healing items further improves with every level.
Bondmaker Bond level will increase more quickly. The amount of Bond EXP gained increases with every level.
Highwayman Increases the chance to obtain items after every battle. Drop rate will increase with every level.
Extortionist Increases the amount of money earned after every battle. Amount of money gained increases with every level.
Safecracker Allows you to pick open difficulty chests. The level of locks that can be picked will increase by 1 with every level.
Master Chef Allows the creation of more food items with potent effects. The Cooking level and strength of the dishes’ effects increases with every level.
Treasure Hunter Increases the chance to encounter Treasure Demons**. Appearance rate of Treasure Demons will increase with every level.
Packrat Increases the chance of obtaining junk parts. The drop rate and amount of junk parks will increase with every level.

* Harisen Recovery: During battle, if a party member gets afflicted with a status ailment, there’s a chance for an ally to activate this ability to remove the said status ailment.
** Treasure Demons: These are special and rare enemies that give players a huge reward if they manage to slay it.

That concludes our Bond Skills Guide for Persona 5 Strikers. Please check out our other guide pages for more helpful tips and tidbits about this outstanding action RPG.

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