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Follow the dark path or use the light

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Guide

The Mobs of the Pocket Edition

Last Updated:

The Mobs of Minecraft

Minecraft PE is rapidly approaching parity with the other Versions of the game, particularly with respect to its collection of mobs. At the present time (September 2014) these include three distinct classes of mob - Hostile, Neutral, and Friendly.

Mobs in Minecraft PE & Their Drops

  • Cave Spider
    Drops 0–2 String, and 0–1 Spider Eye.
  • Chickens
    Drops 1-3 feathers, 1-3 raw chicken and 1-3 cooked chicken if killed by fire.
  • Cows
    Drops 1-3 pieces of leather, 1-3 raw beef and 1-3 steak if killed by fire.
  • Creepers
    Drops 1-3 gunpowder.
  • Enderman
    No Known Drops but eventually will drop Ender Pearls.
  • Mooshroom
    Drops 1-3 mushrooms when sheared, one bowl of mushroom soup when milked, 1-3 raw beef and 1-3 leather when killed.
  • Ocelots
    No Known Drops
  • Pigs
    Drops 1-3 raw porkchops and 1-3 cooked pork chops if killed by fire.
  • Sheep
    Drops 1 wool when killed, and 1-3 wool when sheared.
  • Silverfish
    No Known Drops
  • Skeletons
    Drops 1-3 arrows, 1-3 bones, and very rarely their bow.
  • Slimes
    No Known Drops
  • Snow Golem
    Drops 0–15 Snowball or 1 Pumpkin + 8 Snowballs
  • Spiders
    Drops 1-3 string.
  • Squid
    Drops 1-3 inc sacks.
  • Villagers
    No Known Drops
  • Wolf
    No Known Drops
  • Zombie
    Drops 1-3 feathers, rarely 1-3 carrots and/or potatoes, and very very rarely a stone shovel. Also can drop Rotten Flesh.
  • Zombie Pigmen
    Drops 1-3 feathers, 1-3 gold ingots, and very VVERY rarely their gold sword.
  • Zombie Villager

While most games in the action-adventure and survival genres come complete with mobs, few games have managed to endow their mobs with the sort of affectionate yet adversarial relationships as has the Minecraft series.

It is fair to say that even the worst of the mobs has earned if not the odd fondness of the players, than at the very least their grudging respect. Take the Creeper for example - while it is perhaps the most despised (and often feared) mob in the game thanks to the fact that the last thing a player usually hears when they are not paying close enough attention is “hisssss” and then St. Peter welcoming them to heaven.

Yep, they are so deadly you hardly hear the “boom” they make when these walking bombs detonate! That is reason enough to dislike them to be sure. And yet...

If they were truly hated, we would not see gamers proudly wearing Creeper T-Shirts, and sleeping with soft plushy Creeper dolls in their beds. Or even odder, showing up at Comic Cons the world over dressed as Creepers! Yep, they are hated, but they are also loved!

It is therefore fair to say that the mobs of Minecraft are a very important and necessary part of the game world.

They are living, moving entities who are as much part of the environment as they are affected by the environment! It is a common sight to witness burning mobs as the sun comes up - and make no mistake, the lethal archer-skeletons and nasty zombies - not to mention Creepers - are a good reason why the wise Minecrafter seeks the relative safety of their house or den when the sun goes down.

And preferably a house or den with an Iron Door!

It is worth noting that the mobs of Minecraft are not just a deadly threat in the game - they are also a good source for some hard to get Resources and Items. When killed, some of them drop items that are downright useful resources.

And they don't have to be killed by the player - one of the more pleasant tasks each morning is running around seeing if any mobs have burst into flames leaving behind arrows, bones, or other useful Resources conveniently piled on the ground!

Mobs come to exist by spawning in various ways. Players can spawn most mobs by using spawn eggs in creative mode, while in survival mode they spawn in darkness that is at least 20 blocks away from a player.

While they will not spawn right on top of the player, they are very much aware of any players within 16 blocks of them -- some can see farther than that! -- and will come to attack them if they are a hostile mob..

Generally speaking mobs don't see through glass - so it is considered a wise player who puts in lots of windows near the entrance of their home, den, or other form of shelter so that they can see what there is outside that may be a threat before leaving the relative safety it provides.

When building a house or fortress it is a good idea to Spider-proof it by building a ledge protruding from the edges of the roof so that Spiders cannot climb on top and sit there, waiting all sneaky like to ninja attack the poor Minecrafter as he leaves the safety of his refuge to do minecrafter things.

Well, that should get you into a good frame of mind to absorb the following mob-specific info. Remember, the more you know about the mobs, the more that they can do for you! The basic briefing for each of the Mobs in the game is found below, updated as of September 2014.

This information will hopefully assist you both in dealing with the potential threat they pose, and make use of the Resources that they can provide. So well met! Good luck!

- = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = -

Hostile Mobs

Hostile mobs are, by definition, mobs that will attack you on sight and for no reason other than you happen to be there when they happen to be there. Seeing you is sufficient reason for them to attack you!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cave Spider

Cave Spiders differ from regular spiders in that they are widely considered to be more dangerous. Add to that the fact that they tend to spawn in the dark in the mineshaft that are their homes (which means they spawn hostile rather than neutral) and you can see how that can be a problem!

From what we understand they are not supposed to be in the PE edition of the game - but we have had other players tell us they ARE in it - that they have encountered them. We do know that the mineshaft HAS been added to PE, therefore it is possible that the Mine Spider has also been added.

We cannot say for sure if that is true or not, but since we know that they WILL be added eventually, and they MAY already be in the game in some spawns, we may as well include them here.

If/when they are added, this mob will spawn exclusively in abandoned mineshafts - and they can also spawn by using spawn eggs in creative mode.

When they are killed, Cave Spiders they drop String like normal spiders.

Cave Spider Combat
These buggers are considered to be far more dangerous than your average run-of-the-mill Spider mostly because, during combat, in addition to biting and striking you, they will also POISON you!

Due to the fact that abandoned mineshafts are generally very dark, Cave Spiders rarely spawn in neutral mode...

By sight they are smaller than regular spiders, which is your first indication that they are not regular Spiders. That smaller size means they can fit inside half blocks (slabs) which means they can go where no regular (larger) Spider can go!

Easily defeated with a nice sharp Iron Sword, you may be able to use a Stone Sword against them but we don't recommend it... Yep, Iron or better weapons on these puppies are the rule!

If you are actually going hunting for Cave Spiders, it is a really good idea to bring with you a few buckets of milk - that being a well-known cure against their poison... And let's be realistic here mates, if you are going looking for Cave Spiders you are going to end up battling them - and when you battle them, chances are you are going to end up poisoned. And if you DO end up poisoned, well then you are going to want a cure handy! So bring some bloody Milk Buckets mates!

Cave Spider Trivia

  • Cave Spiders do not poison the player if the game difficulty is set on easy.
  • Cave spider poison can be cured with a bucket of milk, as with other effects.
  • In Creative Mode, hostile mobs act like passive mobs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just creeping around waiting for you to not notice and then BAM!


Creepers are probably the best known and most hated of the hostile mobs, largely due to the fact that their habit is to ambush players by sneaking up on them and then to explode, causing massive damage to the player and the surrounding blocks -- a sort of roaming sneaky walking bomb.

This is especially annoying because they can appear pretty much any time -- unlike the other night-mobs they do not burst into flames in the daylight, so if any have spawned outside of your home in the night, they will still be there in the morning!

I can say from personal experience that walking out in to the cheerful sunshine only to have a Creeper sneak up and then blow up myself and a large crater in front of my house to be a rather unpleasant surprise indeed!

Creepers spawn at night and in dark locations that have a light level of 7 or less, so it is generally thought to be a good idea to make sure that your bastion is very well-lit at night. They take a particular interest in blowing up players, call it a hobby for them I guess...

Creepers are THE source for Gunpowder -- which is a primary ingredient for TNT -- but to obtain it you need to kill them BEFORE they explode, right?

-- Creeper Behavior --
As mentioned above, the Creeper generally uses the technique of sneaking up on a player and then when they are within one square, hissing briefly and blowing up -- though once they start to hiss they generally then blow up, it is possible to distance yourself to limit the amount of damage you take, I am just saying...

If a Creeper can see you and get within the one-block distance required, they will explode, but the good news is that they cannot see you through glass (as far as we know none of the mobs can) -- so having them lounging outside your house does not mean that they will count down and blow -- unless you do something really stupid like open your door...

Their explosive force is roughly 25% less than that of TNT, but when a Creeper is struck by lightning (and thus in a "charged" state) their explosion is twice the power. It is not clear if that is possible in the PE at this point but I thought it should be mentioned.

Killing them is best accomplished with a bow and two or three fully-charged shots -- you can do it with a sword but if you do you sort of need to be backing away from it all the while so that it never starts its countdown while you are killing it.

Iron Swords will kill a Creeper better than Stone or Wood, and faster as well, but the Diamond Sword can do them in in just two or three hits, which is something to consider if you are actually hunting them -- but it would be an idea to wear armor just in case one blows up on you...

Flowers can be harvested for planting as a decoration

Useful Factoids:

  • Despite their explosive properties and the fact that they drop gunpowder when killed, Creepers will not detonate when exposed to lava or fire.
  • Despite having no arms, creepers can climb up ladders and vines like any other mob.
  • The creepers path finding allows for it to notice lava, and it will not attempt to chase the player if they are on the other side of the lava.
  • Glass walls around entrances can prevent the creepers' habit of hiding in ambush around corners.
  • To minimize creeper damage to shelters and structures, the surrounding, interior, and roof areas should be well-lit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Silverfish were added to the PE in 0.9.0 and are an unusual mob in that unlike all of the other mobs in the game, they do not actually spawn in the wild so much as appear thanks to the player actions...

You see, Silverfish don't actually spawn, rather they hide inside Silverfish Stones (a stone that holds a silverfish in other words) and when a Minecrafter mines said stone, they pop out and attack them!

When a Silverfish attacks it will wake up any other Silverfish that are within a 12block radias in pretty much every direction - not good news in other words...

When they are left alone for long enough, Silverfish will go back into the nearest stone block, thus turning that block into a Silverfish Stone.

From what we have seen, Silverfish can enter Cobblestone, Stone, and Stone Bricks. Once they do, whatever that block was becomes a Silverfish Stone.

Silverfish Combat
While these guys are not too bad one at a time, their habbit of yelling for help - and raising any OTHER Silverfish within a 12 block radius in every direction means that the chances are you will not be facing just one.

That being so, the safest method for combating them is to quickly build a two-block-high pedestal and get up on to it. That way you can hit them, but they can't hit YOU.

While you can use ranged weapons against them, have you considered dropping things on them instead? For example you know that pesky gravel you get flint from? Yeah, well you can drop that on to the Silverfish and kill them with it!

When a Silverfish is dispatched with a one-hit kill it will not alert other Silverfish, so if you are using a Diamond Sword you stand a good chance of taking any out without having to deal with all of their cousins.

If you are using an Iron Sword chances are you are going to be facing more than one - a Stone Sword is not recommended.


  • As long as the player does not hit them directly, SIlverfish will not call their cousins to battle you... So dispatching them with indirect methods like fire, lava, or gravel will work best.
  • Silverfish are currently the smallest mobs in all Versions of Minecraft

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Perhaps one of the most common mobs to be encountered in the Overworld, Skellies drop Bones, Arrows, and very rarely, their Bow (and there is a very very rare chance that the Bow that they drop will be an enchanted one in the regular game, not sure if that applies to PE).

They are easier to kill up close than they are far away -- and really REALLY good news for PE players is that they are far less accurate in their shots in the PE version than in the other Versions of the game! But still, the reason that they are easier to kill close in has to do with the fact that they are pretty good with their Bow and when they do hit you it can hurt...

The farther away they are, the more effective their bow attacks can be when they do hit you -- and while their accuracy is reduced in the PE version, their bow shots tend to be a lot more effective than yours are on them, which makes them a poor candidate for a shoot-out...

A good sword and a willingness to rush in and swing are your best tactic in my experience.

Like zombies, skeletons spawn in dimly lit areas, burn in daylight -- unless they are swimming in water or are standing in the shade, in which case they will not. Still that is not necessarily a bad thing as they are easy to kill...

As the sole source of bones (and by extension of Bone Meal which is an incredibly useful item as it allows you to instantly grow some plants like trees), they are also a source of Arrow drops, but bear in mind that any Arrows that they actually fire AT you can not be harvested and used by the player.

Useful Factoids:

  • Skeletons cannot see the player through glass.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Added in the 0.9.0 Update, Slimes are supposed to be relatively rare naturally-spawning mobs in the world of PE - the thing is we have actually experienced them pretty regularly, so we are not so sure about the official stance of them being rare.

Now maybe part of the reason we experienced them more often than rare would suggest is that we lately we have been spending a LOT of time in our mines, looking to build up our supply of metal ores... That could be it.

Slime generally spawns inside caves and mines - basically underground - and appear in the form of a Slime Cube that when hit, breaks into a bunch of little Slimes.

Slimes spawn in areas below layer 40, and also spawn on the surface of swamps during the night, depending on the phase of the moon.

Slime Combat
Unlike most mobs, Slimes can actually see the player through solid blocks, and will always try to move directly toward players without regard for obstacles or hazards.

Slimes will jump at the player as part of their attack method, doing damage equal to their size - which is to say a larger Slime does more damage than a smaller one...

When they are killed, Slimes split into multiple slimes of smaller size, unless already at the smallest possible size, in which case when they actually do die they turn into lots of Slimeballs - which the player can collect.

You actually want to collect the Slimeballs because they are a Crafting resource that is used to craft Magma Cream, Leads, Sticky Pistons and Slime Blocks. So hey, good Slimeball!


  • The smallest size of slimes will not do any damage to the player.
  • Killing the bigger slimes are recommended before taking out the smaller ones, as they will cause more damage to you, whereas the smaller slimes will do little to no damage.
  • Due to their ability to split into small slimes when damaged, all slimes except the smallest sizes do not die to fall damage, no matter how high they fall
  • Slimes may have been inspired by a number of classic gaming monsters, particularly the Gelatinous Cubes of D&D fame.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Killing Spiders is the fastest way to get String for crafting a Bow


The form that these take is instantly recognizable for what they are -- big black spiders that would have Harry's mate Ron running for the hills! While these are included as a Hostile Mob here, that only applies to Spiders encountered in the dark, since Spiders encountered during daylight are actually Neutral and will not actively attack the player unless they first attack the Spider.

Spiders are a highly desirable target as they are the source for String -- the String is the thing though, because you need that to make Bows and Fishing Rods.

If you have a decent set of armor and a good weapon, dealing with spiders in melee is likely to be the most effective way to kill them -- if you are a good shot and know how to lead your shots you can also do OK with Bow and Arrows, but Swords is a more reliable method.

In addition to spawning in the dark, Spiders are really good at climbing walls, so even if you build walls around your Stronghold it is possible for them to enter -- though putting a lip around the wall can prevent them from climbing it.

Useful Factoids:

  • Spiders slow down when climbing vertical surfaces, making it easier for a player to outrun them around steep mountains and cliffs.
  • When you set fire to a spider, it will be surrounded by a giant fireball.
  • Spiders are one of the few hostile mobs that will take recognizable notice of you while you're hidden behind glass.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Similar in appearance to Creepers -- but having two arms which instantly differentiates them -- they have green skin, empty eye sockets, and wear the same clothing as The Player and humans Villagers.

Zombies spawn in dimly lit areas and attack the player by shambling towards them and touching them. Like skeletons, zombies catch fire in sunlight.

There is a small chance that when killed by the player they may drop Iron Ingots, Iron Shovels, Iron Swords, and Iron Helmets, and they may drop other pieces of Iron armor.

Unless they are found in a large group -- not likely -- Zombies really do not present much of a threat to the player, and are easily killed.

Useful Factoids:

  • If a zombie is in water, it will not catch fire and die, regardless of the light level.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Zombie Villager

Zombie Villagers are a hostile mob that have a chance to spawn when a Zombie kills a villager depending on the difficulty (usually more common on harder difficulties).

In appearance they are similar to regular un-zombified villagers -- their face is basically the same as a villager except their skin is green, and their eyes are glowing red instead of green. Normal villagers have peach skin and green eyes.

When a Zombie kills a Villager there is a chance that the Villager will transform into a Zombie Villager (100% in hard difficulty, 50% in normal, 0% in easy). This often occurs during sieges I am told but I have never actually seen that.

Generally speaking they behave like ordinary Zombies, and though less likely in the lower difficulty, they may occur in any game mode or difficulty except Peaceful.

Curing Zombie Villagers
In the Xbox One Edition of Minecraft there is actually an Achievement for curing Zombie Villagers - that is to say, un-zombifying them! It is worth 40G - there is no such Achievement in the Xbox 360 version (yet) but that may change when the game gets an expansion?

You cure Zombie Villagers by throwing a Splash Potion of Weakness at them, then feeding them a Golden Apple by right-clicking on the Zombie Villager with it.

Once you succeed in doing that, a loud hissing sound will be heard and the Zombie Villager will begin to shudder.

The transformation will take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes, during which time the Zombie Villager will still attack you - so you must shield yourself from attacks while you wait out the timer.

A Zombie Villager cannot be cured by switching from Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty to Peaceful. They will just disappear, like all other monsters when switched to Peaceful.

Zombie Villager Combat
A bow can be used, though a stone or iron sword can also be useful. Some caution is needed though, as if a zombie villager is found near a village, chances are the whole village population may be turned into zombie villagers and gang up on the player.

Remember what Buffy the Vampire Slayer taught us - when there is a potential good soul inside, it is better to cure than to kill!

Baby Zombie Villagers
We are not actually certain that these exist in PE yet - but they will eventually! In the regular game Baby Zombie Villagers are super rare, since a they are only created when a Zombie kills a Baby Villager - and from a behavior PoV they are pretty similar to regular Zombie Villagers, though there are some rather odd differences:

  • They don't burn in sunlight.
  • They are faster than the normal Zombie Villagers
  • The make a higher-pitched noise when they moan/talk.
  • They can ride Chickens (seriously)
  • They will grow into adults when you cure them..
  • If they spawn wearing armor it shrinks to fit their small body.
  • They CAN climb ladders - if they will on the other hand is an open question.

Zombie Villager Trivia

  • Zombie Villagers can be “cured” by splashing them with Potion of Weakness and then feeding them a Golden Apple.
  • When turned back into normal villagers, they will be wearing the garments according to their occupation BUT if cured they will forget that occupation.
  • Zombie Villagers drop Rotten Flesh when killed.
  • Zombie Villagers have a VERY low chance of spawning naturally. Generally speaking they are created, not spawned.
  • If the Zombie Villager is wearing any Armor or wielding Tools or Weapons, those Items disappear when the villager is cured.

- = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = - - = - = - = - = - = -

Neutral Mobs

This class of mob wishes you no evil will, but also has no good will for you either.. They are, in a word, Neutral. Upset them - in some cases just looking them in the eye - and they will attack. Leave them be and they will leave you be.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Perhaps the most mysterious of all of the creatures and beings in the world of Minecraft, Enderman are also one of the most often sought and most often avoided (figure THAT one out).

These ghoulish creatures are three metres (blocks) tall, and are very very spooky looking. You might think that they wander around to nefarious purpose, but what they actually do, for the most part, is spend their time slowly moving blocks around the landscape. Seriously...

They will continue to move blocks around - including blocks that are part of your HOUSE - until you rest your cursor on one. Unfortunately once you DO rest your cursor on them, they will freeze in place and in a manner that is eerily similar to the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. Yeah, spooky AND very very dangerous!

Basically they are waiting for you to look away (in Dr. Who they waited until you blinked or closed your eyes) at which point they will then charge directly at you - teleporting across the landscape and anything in their way - in order to attack and kill you. Yup, these puppies are engineered by the nature of Minecraft and its unique world to be about as spooky AND disturbing as a presence of the haunting variety that they can be.

Minecraft's creating genius Notch describes the design of the Enderman as a mob that was created to be as creepy as possible.

"I wanted this to be a mob you only saw in the distance and a mob you’d be afraid of, but when I playtested it, it mostly felt like a regular zombie. There’s was a distinct mismatch between looking creepy and not actually playing creepy," he said.

"When I made it move faster towards the player when attacking, and deal more damage, it got more difficult and I started respecting it, but it never felt creepy or scary so I made it passive until you looked straight at it,” he explained. “That was scary!”

Added in the 0.9.0 update, the Enderman is a neutral mob, so it will not hunt or attack of its own volition - however once you engage it, it will do the best it can to kill you!

Endermen Combat
In terms of combat with the Endermen they can be very difficult due in part to their high health and in part to their ability to teleport directly at the player when attacking.

If you actually mean to seek out and do battle with them (since they don't really drop anything you want this does not make a lot of sense) you want to be armed with at LEAST an Iron Sword - but honestly we would not consider going after one without at a minimum of a Diamond Sword and a decent full set of Armor.

Endermen can't be provoked by looking at them through transparent blocks (like glass/glass panes), from within a boat. or from inside a mine cart. We have heard that you also cannot provoke them if wearing a Pumpkin on their head - but we have never actually tested that last bit.

If you have a pack of tame pets DO NOT allow them to attack the Enderman - because it will harvest your pets like ripe barley! It is not worth losing your beloved pets mates.

Unlike Zombie Pigmen or Wolves, Enderman do not move about or attack in groups; that is actually a good thing for you because battle with just one can be a major challenge - but a pack? Fagetaboutit!

Enderman Like Moving Blocks
As previously mentioned, Endermen can move blocks around as part of its natural actions - and they can if they choose to, dismantle your house - not that they would choose to but in a random world of random effects, it can happen!

They are more likely to move blocks that are part of the natural environment, but since they can move or even remove blocks from player-built structures if you wake up one morning and find that a chunk of wall is missing, chances are you were paid a visit by an Enderman!

FYI Endermen will only move and/or interact with the following blocks types (though PE version may not actually have all of these):

  • Allium Block
  • Azure Bluet Block
  • Blue Orchid Block
  • Cactus Block
  • Clay Block
  • Dandelion Block
  • Dirt Block
  • Gravel Block
  • Grass Block
  • Melon Block
  • Mushrooms Block
  • Mycelium Block
  • Oxeye Daisy Block
  • Podzol Block
  • Poppy Block
  • Pumpkin Block
  • Red Sand Block
  • Sand Block
  • TNT Block
  • Tulips Block (All 4 Types)

You can be sure though that what they will not do is move around your crafted objects - for example they can not move things like Mine Carts, Boats, and that sort of thing.

Enderman Trivia

  • Endermen do not spawn in well-lit areas.
  • Enderman CAN pick up TNT - but they will immediately drop it if it becomes primed.
  • Ender Pearls were not added to PE in the 0.9.0 Update so they don't drop Ender Pearls (yet).
  • Endermen can not only pick up blocks, they can teleport while holding them - so the blocks that they move can really get moved long distances if they want to.
  • Enderman CAN teleport directly inside your house (eek!). Lighting your structures and yard doesn't guarantee defense against Endermen however since they can't fit into an area that is less than three blocks high, you can guarantee that they will NOT teleport into your sleeping area by ensuring it has only two-block high ceiling.
  • In most editions of the game Endermen are the primary source for Ender Pearls.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Zombie Pigmen

Zombie Pigmen were the first completely neutral, non-passive mob, and were introduced in the Alpha of the main game as part of the Nether update along with Ghasts (there are no Ghasts in the PE version)..

They are an irregular mob and spawn naturally in the Nether, and appear in the Overworld when lightning strikes within 3 to 4 blocks of a Pig, which is a very rare occurrence.

In the PE edition the ZP's are found when the player builds and activates a Nether Reactor -- because due to performance issues the Nether Realm is not part of the PE version of the game.

When the Reactor is activated and the Tower forms, it will spawn ZP's and, when the player goes inside the Tower to mine it, ZP's will spawn randomly within -- which means there is a real need to be prepared with good armor and weapons, and to be very aware of your surroundings and the danger therein.

Bear in mind that a group of attacking Zombie Pigmen is a force to be feared, with each able to do up to three-hearts in damage with each sword swing! Once they aggro against you, if you cannot kill them chances are they will kill you, and quickly, because they are nearly impossible to outrun unless you get really serious about it.

They are known to drop Gold Ingots, and may have rare drops of Gold Helmets and Gold Swords (that is certainly true in the PC game but is not verified in the PE version).

Because of that they are a desirable target to kill -- and they can be killed if you are very careful about how you do it. Ideally what you want to do is pick them off when they are alone or out of sight of their mates -- because it is SEEING you that causes them to attack.

Another popular method is to build a perch three-blocks-tall and then stand on it and attack them with bow and sword. As long as you stay on top of the column they cannot damage you, but you can damage them, so it really does not matter if they attack in packs with this tactic.

Useful Factoids:

  • About one in six Zombie Pigmen will drop a Gold Ingot.
  • Zombie Pigmen can climb ladders and attack while doing so but generally only do so if the ladder is directly in their path.

As the game matures there should be more mobs added, and the drops that are commonly associated with the mobs should start to equalize with the traditional drops in the core game.

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Wolves in PE are a neutral mob that can be tamed both as a pet and a limited combat companion.

They appear to be based on the arctic wolf, once they are tamed (by being fed bones - see, Skeletons are actually good for more than an arrow supply source!) they can be healed by feeding them any sort of meat, including rotten flesh but not fish. The player does need to keep them well fed tho...

Added as pat of the vaunted 0.9.0 update, Wolves are found roaming around forests, often encountered in packs of four or more, and once tame make excellent pets and companions!

A Wolf will follow the player wherever he/she goes - and like the Ocelot, seem to develop an actual bond of emotion with the player.

If you are moving such as on a hunt and your pack and you get separated, your Wolf pets can (and will) teleport to catch back up with you when the distance gets too large - but if you tell them to sit, they will not.

Untamed wolves turn hostile when attacked, and will pursue the player until they are out of sight - every now and then (we assume when they are hungry?) Wolves will attack and kill Sheep.

Wolf Taming & Breeding
Wolves spawn only in Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Cold Taiga, and Cold Taiga M Biomes - so that is where you should look for them first.

The action of taming a wolf is accomplished by feeding the wild wolf a bone from one to as many as twelve times - the number is random and is based on the bone actually working, which is itself random, right?

Once you are successful and have tamed a wolf, they will attack any mob you attack and will try and kill it for you because that's how they role! So you want to bear that in mind if you bring your wolf or your pack with you in a hunting expedition, right? Particularly if you come up against something really strong like an Enderman (who will easily slaughter an entire pack in a matter of seconds).

You need to bear in mind that when a wolf turns hostile, you can never tame it, even if it stops attacking you.

To breed a wolf, first it's health has to be fully restored, and then you'll need to feed it some sort of meat (beef, pork chops, etc. but not fish) so that it triggers mating-mode. Think about it - you are warm, well fed, and there is a ***** or three around, what do YOU want to do?

Bear in mind that because Wolves are a literal sort, they will not breed if you have ordered them to sit, since they are conditioned to follow active orders over passive ones. That means even if they have triggered their mating mode, they still will not breed after being ordered to sit. So if you are planning on breeding them, it would be an idea not to order them to sit, right?

While the adult wolves will spawn in the wild untamed by default, when you breed two tame wolves, the baby wolves spawn tamed.

As far as we know you can't actually change the colour of a wolf collar yet, but we have been told that this is a feature will be added in a future update so hey, cool that!

Wolf Combat
Once they have been tamed a Wolf becomes a member of your pack - and you are the Alpha Leader - so they WILL attack any mob that YOU attack, or more significantly any mob that attacks YOU.

This is important to be aware of because you can accidentally create a situation in which your entire pack is slaughtered in a matter of seconds, with nothing you can do to prevent it!

Most serious Minecrafters build a kennel add-on to their home/fortress prior to going out and taming a pet or pack - and you should do that too. That way you have someplace to have them stay (order them to sit there) so they are out of harm's way when you are out mucking about or diddy-bopping in the bush.

Really it totally sucks to lose your pet or pack by accident - it is one thing if you mean to have them attack a mob or mobs and you over-estimate the battle - that is clearly YOUR fault. But to have them slaughtered by accident? Man that really stings.

Most Minecrafters prefer to limit the use of their pet/pack to Skeletons, Spiders and Zombies, taking on anything else on their own.

That said you should NEVER use your pet or pack to attack Enderman OR Creepers. Ever. Because you are just going to get them killed. And your pet/pack is too freaking loyal NOT to do such a bone-headed move as attack for you.

Wolf Trivia

  • Baby wolves can become hostile if provoked.
  • Baby wolves cannot swim over deep water, if they try they will drown.
  • In the PE, wolves will fight creepers if you allow them to - so don't allow them to!
  • Like all other pets, your tame wolf CAN activate pressure plates, which can result in accidentally allowing monsters into your home / fortress if you use PPs to control doors - so keep that in mind when you are planning your home / fortress security or setting traps...
  • Once their health is fully restored, breeding is possible straight away.
  • Some Minecrafters call tamed wolves 'dogs' - but they are not dogs, they are tamed wolves. Just saying...
  • When you tame a wolf they will get a red collar (the color is not changeable so far).
  • When a wild wolf aggros its eyes turn deep red and it will doggedly pursue you seeking to kill and eat you!
  • When a wild wolf aggros any/every wolf from its pack nearby will also aggro! So like, run!
  • Wolves may enter breeding mode while sitting, but cannot breed until released from sitting.

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Friendly Mobs

These are the non-aggressive mobs of the game - many of them have useful Crafting elements and in most cases you won't even have to kill them to collect them! Many of these can be bred, and some can be kept as pets! The farm animals can be somewhat domesticated for the purposes of providing you with renewable Resources for Crafts and eating.
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Chickens are a passive mob that first appeared in the Alpha release of the game, and were added to the game in order to serve as a source for feathers, raw chicken, and eggs, which are an essential resource for Crafting and food.

FEATHERS -- Used for Crafting the following Items in the game:

  • Arrows -- Feather + Stick + Flint will create 4 Arrows per craft which can be stacked to x64 Arrows.
  • Book & Quill -- Book + Ink Sac + Feather creates x1 Book & Quill.
  • Firework Star -- Feather + Gunpowder + Dye creates a star-shaped fireworks display.

EGGS -- Used for Crafting the following Items in the game:

  • Cake -- Wheat + Sugar + Egg + Milk creates a cake which has multiple servings and looks cool!
  • Pumpkin Pie -- Pumpkin + Sugar + Egg makes a nice and tasty health-giving Pie.

RAW CHICKEN -- Used for Crafting the following Items in the game:

  • Cooked Chicken -- Raw Chicken + Any Fuel creates a very tasty Cooked Chicken.

Raw Chicken and Eggs are both food Items, though not the same type, as raw chicken can be cooked to make an instantly available food item, while the eggs are used as an ingredient in baking cake and Pumpkin Pie -- though the Pie is also a raw food item and can be crafted in your inventory -- and so require other ingredients to be made into a food.

While they appear to wander aimlessly, they actually possess very decent path-finding capabilities, and they will willingly follow you when you are holding wheat in your hand.

For some odd reason they have a liking for caves, but are also drawn to light in dark environments, and swim very well. They have the ability to jump, and are keen on escaping when they find themselves trapped, which can make it a bit difficult to farm them.

Breeding: Like other farm animals Chicken can be bred by feeding any two adult chickens with wheat, melon, or pumpkin seeds or nether wart.

After breeding, chickens will not accept food for a period of about 5 minutes (which you might say is a breeding delay). The baby chickens are obtained by breaking the eggs from the breeding pair -- note that the eggs must be broken, as the chicks will not hatch on their own and, if the egg is left in the environment nad not broken, it will eventually de-spawn.

A thrown egg that breaks has a 1/8 chance of spawning a Chick -- when it does there is a 1/32 chance of the egg spawning four Chicks.

Chicks do not lay eggs, and like other baby animals, they do not drop anything (including experience) if killed.

Farming (or is it Ranching??) Chicks is a very effective method for creating a renewable food and Crafting supply resource. However it is generally considered to be a good practice to raise and breed Chickens in an enclosed pen area rather than as free-range.

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Cows are the go-to source for Leather and Beefsteak


Cows are a passive mob and are the sole source for Leather, Raw Beef, and Milk in the game., and as they are a farm animal (and can be bred) they are an excellent resource for Crafting and food. While not the most commonly encountered animal in the game, when they are encountered it is often in herds of 4 to 8 cows (and there can be baby cows too).

They are not the most durable animal, or the smartest, and have been known to walk off of the edge of cliffs, falling to their death. They appear to like water -- they swim very well -- and their primary defensive move is to flee when attacked.

The largest of the 5 common animals in the game that are used for Resources and farming by the players, Cows will willingly follow you when you are holding Wheat in your hand, which is useful for herding them into enclosures. Walls or fences work well for this purpose.

Cows are the source for Leather, Raw Beef, and Milk.

LEATHER -- Used for Crafting the following Items in the game:

  • Leather Cap -- x5 Leather makes 1 Leather Cap.
  • Leather Tunic -- x8 Leather makes 1 Leather Tunic,
  • Leather Pants -- x7 Leather makes 1 Leather Pants.
  • Leather Boots -- x4 Leather makes 1 Leather Boots.

RAW BEEF -- Used for Crafting the following Items in the game:

    Steak -- x1 Raw Beef + Any Fuel makes x1 Beef Steak

MILK -- Used for Crafting the following Items in the game:

    Cake -- x3 Milk + x2 Sugar + x3 Wheat + x1 Egg makes a multi-serving cake!

Useful Facts:

  • All cows in Minecraft have udders, therefore all baby cows have two mothers.

  • Cows seem to be a less common mob in the game.
  • It takes one complete Minecraft day (approx 20 minutes) for baby calves to grow into fully mature cows.
  • Calves, while not full-grown cows, can still be milked.

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A passive mob in the world of Minecraft, the Mooshroom is a mutant hybrid of a Cow and Mushroom...

Basically picture in your mind the movie The Fly - where Jeff Goldbloom went into the machine and got combined with a fly right? Well in this instance a Cow got mutated with a Mushroom! And it is now called a MooShroom - being meet and fungus! Eek!

Added during the 0.9.0 update, the Mooshroom (long a fixture in the other editions) appears very similar to the Cow that has been in PE for a while - though it is different in that it (a) has mushrooms growing out of its body and (b) is a very strange color - being Mushroom Red in different shades...

While Mooshrooms tend to spawn largely in Mushroom biomes and travel in herds of 2 to 8, they behave very much like Cows in that they make no attempt to avoid water, and will nicely bob up and down to stay afloat.

Generally speaking the typical Mooshroom is not all that smart... They can only jump 1 block up, but when they are faced with an impediment they will try to jump - even when it is clearly too high. As we have said, they are not real smart - the phrase "Smart as a Bag of Hammers" is often used to describe them - but even though they will walk into a fire and so leave behind a pile of beef steaks, they are smart enough to know better than to walk off a mountain!

Mooshrooms can be hearded with the use of a sprig of wheat - and when you give a pair of Mooshrooms wheat, they will breed. A pair of Mooshrooms that are bred will create baby Mooshrooms!

MooShroom Uses

  • When you milk a Mooshroom with a Bucket, you will get Milk.
  • When you milk a Mooshroom with a Bowl, you will get Mushroom stew.
  • When sheared, they become a regular Cow and yield 5 Red Mushrooms.
  • When killed, a Mooshroom, it will drop leather and Beef like a normal cow.

There are plenty of Cows in the world and not enough MooShrooms. Because of that there are TWO simple RULES that you must follow when dealing with Mooshrooms. Those are:

1. NEVER Kill a Mooshroom
2. NEVER Shear a Mooshroom

Know the rules. Follow the rules. BE the rules!

Mooshroom Trivia

  • At night, the Red Mushrooms on a Mooshrooms back appear to glow.
  • Baby Mooshrooms can be milked, or "bowled"
  • Cows and Mooshrooms can't be cross-bred.
  • Mooshroom babies don't have mushroom growths.
  • Mooshrooms can become cows but cows can't become Mooshrooms.
  • Some players call Mooshrooms “Mushroom Cows” but we don't because they are not Mushroom Cows!

Mooshrooms are uniquely valuable because they only case in Minecraft where you can get food indefinitely from a single source without growing crops, breeding animals, or having access to a zombie / spider spawner.

The question we have always wondered about is this: If you use a bowl and milk a Mooshroom, do you get Mushroom Stew or is it MooShroom Stew? And what is the difference?

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The Four Forms of Cat are from left-to-right, Tabby, Tuxedo, Siamese, and Wild Ocelot


The Ocelot was originally supposed to be added to PE during the 0.9.0 update, but the initial testing during the Beta for 0.9.0 revealed that the AI code for them was way too buggy to allow them to be added to the game, so they were removed from that update.

After major changes to their behavior profile, the Ocelot was added to PE during the 0.10.0 update, being deployed as purely a passive animal whose home is the jungle regions. The Ocelot was added as the second fully tameable animal for PE, being what you might call a very large house cat or a very small lion :) We better hope that Snoop Dogg does not start playing Minecraft, because we are not sure we could stomach Snoop-Doggy-Ocelot!

Based upon a real-world animal of the same name and general appearance (the ocelot - or Leopardus pardalis - is also known as the “dwarf leopard” and is a wild cat naturally distributed throughout South America though there is evidence to suggest that it was once much wider in habitat).

When tamed they will follow the player - their master - and like the Wolf, if separated by too great a distance they will teleport to rejoin the player.

The tame Ocelot has a hidden but very useful trait - they scare the bugshit out of Creepers, so those nasty green hiss-bombs will actually run away from the Ocelots (both wild ones AND tamed ones). In fact a Creeper will run even if they have been provoked by the player!

Like Bats and Squids, Ocelots (but not tamed Cats) can also de-spawn when far enough away from the player.

We probably don't have to tell you that this hidden trait makes having a pet Ocelot really really useful, right?

Ocelot Taming
An ocelot can be tamed by feeding it 1 to 12 uncooked fishes - which is one really great reason to track down some Spiders and kick their spider butts to get the string needed to make a fishing pole!

Ocelots may only be tamed under the following conditions:

1. The ocelot must be in "begging for food" mode.

2. Entering "begging" mode requires that the player be within 10 blocks and possess raw fish.

3. When an Ocelot is within 6 blocks the player must remain very still or, if they must move, should do so VERY slooowwwlllyyy - because an Ocelot will instantly exit "begging" mode and bolt should the player move abruptly or should the Ocelot perceive that motion as theatening (and Ocelots perceive almost ALL rapid motion as threatening - just saying)...

4. If the Ocelot exits "begging" mode for any reason, it won't enter it again for a minimum of 15 seconds but often longer.

5. The Ocelot must be within 3 blocks of the player for a successful taming.

Once all of the above conditions are met AND the player has made the taming overtures, there is still a 2/3 chance that an Ocelot will take the fish without actually being tamed. This really does require absolute Zen-like patience on the part of the player!

As should have been gathered from the above, because Ocelots are a rather skittish beast, the process of taming is necessarily a patient and careful one - the player basically has to convince an Ocelot to approach and accept the offered Fish - but they really are worth the effort as they make great pets!

Ocelot Breeding
If they are offered raw fish a tamed Cat will immediately enter "breeding mode" at which point two of them can breed. Breeding will create a kitten, and the parents cannot be bred again for a full five-minute real-world-time.

Types of Ocelots
Once they have been tamed, Ocelots technically turn into Cats as far as the game is concerned. That is not simply a matter of Etymology either - they really do change their appearance to take on one of the Cat forms that have been coded into PE!

In fact there are three distinct types of cats in Minecraft:
Form 1: Siamese Cat (Black and White)
Form 2: Tabby (Red)
Form 3: Tuxedo (Black)

While they all enjoy a similar shape there are subtle and not so subtle diffferences between them - for example the eyes: a ginger tabby and tuxedo cat has green eyes, while a Siamese cat has blue eyes; a Wild Ocelot in its natural form has dark green eyes. A tamed ocelot is noticeably smaller than an untamed one.

In their wild form Ocelots are very shy to the point of fleeing any player contact, but once they are tamed, the opposite is true. As Cats they seek out player contact, and are known to purr and meow frequently to express their love for the player.

Unlike dogs, tamed Cats will not fight hostile mobs - that is just not how the roll. Unless commanded to sit, Cats do not remain still for long; they prefer to explore the area around the player.

The fact that they will avoid conflict and/or combat is actually a good thing when you consider that unlike your pet wolf, the Cats can NOT be healed by being fed fish! The only means for healing a cat is to use a Splash Potion of Healing or Regeneration on it!

WARNING: Cats can and often do jump into mine carts. Girl Gamers LOVE Cats. Except when they don't - then they hate them.

Ocelot Trivia

  • Ocelots can be made to sit, like wolves.
  • Ocelots may sometimes attack chickens.
  • When not made to sit, Ocelots will purposely sit on chests, beds, furnaces, etc. so that the player cannot use them.
  • Ocelots were the first mob created by Jon Kågström, an AI Specialist working with Jens Bergensten on Minecraft.
  • The tuxedo cat is based on Jens "Jeb" Bergensten's pet cat, who was called Newton (we say "was" because it has since passed on through the Rainbow Bridge).

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Next to Chickens and Sheep, Pigs are probably the most frequently encountered and easiest to find passive mobs in the game, and considering that they are the source for porkchops, a very useful bit of foodstuff, that is a good thing.

You will not likely confuse a Pig for any other animal in the game, considering that they are bright pink and have a curly tail.

As implied above, they are a common animal to find roaming the Overworld -- often encountered in groups of three-to-five Pigs, and they are a very mobile animal, being good swimmers and able to jump up and down ledges, which means that they can and will flee when attacked.

Having said that they are generally considered to be a rather stupid animal, mostly because they are not very good at fleeing, often getting stuck or trapped in the environment, which is good news for you as it means that they are pretty easy to harvest.

Useful Factoids:

  • It takes one full Minecraft day for baby piglets to become Pigs.

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Using Shears on a Sheep makes their Wool renewable


Having been raised on a Sheep Station I can confirm that Sheep are a devious and mean sort of animal, and really you are doing them a favor when you kill them...

They are also the passive mob in the game that serve as the source for wool both when sheared (providing 1-to-3 pieces) or killed (usually resulting on only one piece of wool). Originally they were planned as a source of meat as well as Wool, but at some point following the addition of Chicken and Cows it was decided that this was not a necessary addition to the game after all.

Sheep tend to wander around aimlessly, usually in flocks of between 2 and 8, and are generally considered to be a rather stupid animal and easily killed. Sheep are generally excellent swimmers and seem to like water, which is why you often encounter them jumping up and down in it.

The Wool that you get from Sheep is used in making some rather nice Items in the game, including beds and paintings, and can be dyed with any of the 16 colors of dye that can be made in the game, so that they can be used as decorations as well.

As mentioned above Wool can be died -- a block of white wool can be crafted with a unit of dye to produce the desired colored wool -- but a much more efficient method for achieving that end is to simply make your dyes and then apply the dye directly to sheep prior to shearing it!

The dye can be applied by holding it and clicking a sheep of any color, and then using the Shears to shear the Sheep, which allows you to harvest whatever the number of Wool you would get but in the color you have made it.

Useful Facts:

  • After being sheared all sheep (regardless of their original color), will display remnants of white wool on their head and legs, but when they eat Tall Grass and regrow their Wool it will be whatever the color was that you harvested from them, which means you can encounter oddly colored Sheep.
  • Sheep can be herded when you have Wheat in your hand; thus a Sheep will follow you around which makes it easy enough to herd them into a pen.
  • Sheep can get stuck in the environment, and particularly in fences.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Snow Golem

The Snow Golem was the very first “utility mob” to be added to Minecraft,, and they are crafted by the player originally as a partner against hostile mobs. At some point since the Introduction however they have taken on a dual-role as utility mob and pet.

When attacked the Snow Golem will naturally support the player in combat - usually by throwing snowballs. Although they are obviously weaker than Iron Golems and they will melt in warm biomes, when they are used properly and strategically, Snow Golems are quite valuable companions!

As they move a Snow Golem leaves a trail of snow on the ground, and when they walk over a mushroom, will destroy it (it appears then as a dropped item). They do not take fall damage, but once they are killed, will drop a maximum of 15 snowballs.

Like Endermen and Blazes, Snow Golems take damage upon contact with water.

Crafting Snow Golems
A Snow Golem is crafted by placing two Snow Blocks with a Pumpkin on top; the pumpkin is placed last.

Snow Golem Trivia
The Trivia section for each mob listing is of course where we share information about the mob (or that applies to the mob) that is of a factual nature but that did not otherwise fit into the proper sections above.

  • Snow Golems can't actually deal direct damage because snowballs don't harm a mob when thrown at them - with the rare exception of Blazes, or course.
  • Snow Golems are usually crafted by players to be a distraction for hostile mobs - though increasingly players appear to consider Snow Golems to be sort of pets - this is especially so when you read about them in player diary entries - as increasingly they appear as anecdotal comments or as the basis for some amusing story of a random event.
  • Although Snow Golems can attack most hostile mobs, they will generally only serve to agitate them...
  • They have been seen to attack Cave Spiders, Spiders, Skeletons, Blazes, Silverfish, and Witches, though we have heard that they will also attack Zombie Pigmen and Endermen (in the case of the latter though, the Enderman simply teleport away).
  • When constructing a Snow Golem, it will be 3 blocks high, but when it activates it becomes only 2 blocks high.
  • Snow Golems were given path finding AI when they were introduced, making them the first mob to have path finding.
  • Snow Golems can ride in minecarts, allowing for moving turrets, but cannot disembark from them without player help.

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The Squid is a mob that really does not provide much in terms of Resources considering its size. As big as it is you would think that it would be a treasure trove of resources, but really not so much...

A passive mob, they live in the water (naturally), and when killed drop between 1 and 3 Ink Sacs - those being the preferred resource for making dyes from grey to black.

As a rule Squids aimlessly swim around, their animation showing tentacles opening and closing rhythmically. Squids are not attracted to light, nor do they appear to be attracted to the player - in point of fact they will not interact with the player at all.

In addition to being useful for making dyes, the Ink Sac is also used combined with a feather and a book to produce a book and quill.

When attacked, a squid will attempt to swim away. Your job of course is to prevent that :)

Squid Spawn Notes
Squids spawn in any light levels, but only in water.

Squid Trivia

  • Squids are the only mobs that live in the water.
  • Squids suffocate when out of water.
  • Squids are the only mob that lacks a unique dying animation.

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Villagers were added to Pocket Edition in Update 0.9.0 and though they are not warriors by any stretch of the imagination - they only have around 5HP - they will try to defend themselves under normal circumstances...

Every villager spawns in its specific house based upon its occupation - though it should be noted that unlike in other editions, in PE Villagers do not trade, cannot open or close doors, and generally will not go inside their house at night.

They appear to have at least some level of socialization needs and will interact with the player to some small degree... When a player comes close to one, and faces its direction, the villager will turn and face the player, and “talk” to them using Villager sounds as such.

They will also do this when a different villager approaches, and while dumb as a bag of hammers, they WILL run from Zombies and most other hostile mobs - though apparently ever the optimist they will not run from Wolves..

Villagers can be bred, and when the breed they spawn Baby Villagers. After 20m the Baby Villager grows into an Adult.

Villager Spawn
Villagers only spawn in NPC Villages - which makes sense... In Creative Mode they will also spawn in eggs - but they will never de-spawn (even if the player wanders away from them) once they are spawned.

Once they spawn one of the first things that they do is explore their village and then the area around it as they are among the more curious of mobs.

Villager Trading
We are not sure if they actually have added Villager Trading into PE yet - we hope so but you never can tell... Villager Trading is just what it sounds like -- the trading system is a game play mechanic that allows players to trade Emeralds for Items and vice-versa with Villagers.

You trade by right-clicking a Villager, which opens the Trade Display (along with the Villager Career Title) and then they will make offers based on their profession and whatever stock it is that they have to trade.

Note that depending on the game edition trading with Villagers is the only way to obtain specific and special objects in the game - for example trading is the only way to obtain a Bottle o'Enchanting in Survival Mode.

FYI: The Bottle o'Enchanting is also known as the “Experience Potion” and is an item that can be used to spawn experience orbs when thrown. A Bottle o' Enchanting cannot be brewed, but can be acquired by trading with a Villager Cleric.

Villager Occupations
Each villagers have professions, which are seen in both their clothing color and home building.

  • Blacksmith: They wear Black Robes, and live in the Forge.
  • Butcher: They wear a White Apron, and live in the Butcher Shop.
  • Farmers: They wear Brown Robes, and live in small farmhouses.
  • Librarians: They wear White Robes, and live in Library.
  • Priests: They wear Purple Robes, and live in the Church.
  • Resident Villager: They wear Green Robes, and live in regular house.

Villager Trivia

  • Villagers will have degraded mob AI, which means no trading, nor opening doors.

Special Notes on Villagers
On 1 April 2014 the source of all that is Minecraft - Mojang Studios - which is the beneficial place what employs the wizards who create Minecraft (though we understand that they have to force the wizards to accept pay for their efforts - as everyone knows that the honor alone of working on Minecraft is payment enough) announced that Villagers have taken over the Skin Servers and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) as an April Fools joke.

This caused the players' current skin to turn into villager skins. This also caused users to be temporarily unable to change their skins.

Different career Villager skins were used, including the unused generic villager (The Green Robe). Naturally this was a very annoying 24 hours and isn't it just great?

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Coming Attractions

The one important difference one must take note of between the Editions - and the reason for the significant effort that is made to state the Edition that a particular feature, object, action, structure, or mob appears in, is to help the player to understand how likely it is for them to have that anytime soon. Which is to say that the farther away from the PC Edition (which is the first and most advanced) one goes, the longer and less likely an item is to appear right away in one's preferred edition.

The following are the mobs that players of the PE edition may look forward to having - one day - heopfully very soon, and when we say "very soon" we mean within the next year or two...

So with that in mind, here is a list of the mobs that we all look forward to one day having in the PE edition of Minecraft, along with a very brief description of each:

  • Bat - are passive mobs that spawn naturally in caverns.
  • Beast Boy - humanoid mob modeled after a character from DC Comics.
  • Black Steve - a human mob that drops more gunpowder than any other mob.
  • Blaze - are mobs with a yellow skin and black eyes found in The Nether.
  • Chicken Jockey - are an extremely rare appearance of a baby zombie, baby zombie villager, or a baby zombie pigman riding a hostile chicken.
  • Elder Guardian -- a hostile mob which only spawns underwater in ocean monuments.
  • Ender Dragon - is the first official boss mob to appear in Minecraft.
  • Endermite - are mobs that occasionally spawn when the player teleports using an Ender Pearl.
  • Ghasts - are very large, ghost-like mobs that float through the air and shoot fireballs.
  • Giant - are over-sized mobs that have no purpose other than decoration.
  • Guardian - an underwater hostile mob.
  • Horses - are passive mobs that can be tamed.
  • Human - are mobs which take the form of clones of the default skin.
  • Iron Golem - are large, strong utility mobs.
  • Killer Bunny (AKA Vorpal Bunny) - a rare variant of the rabbit that is hostile to all players.
  • Magma Cube - are hostile mobs with dark red and black skin found around The Nether.
  • Panda - just what it sounds like but cuter...
  • Pigman - a Pig in a humanoid form.
  • Rabbits - are passive (with one rare exception) mobs. They spawn in many different biomes.
  • Rana - a passive mob who resembles a little girl with a frog hat.
  • Red Dragon (UM) - a new mob that is planned to be included sometime in the future.
  • Spider Jockey - are the rare appearance of a spider being ridden by a skeleton.
  • Steve - a variant of the now unused human mobs.
  • Witch - are dangerous hostile mobs that use splash potions as their ranged weapon.
  • Wither - a floating three-headed boss mob with a skeletal appearance.
  • Wither Skeleton - are dangerous hostile mobs that spawn in Nether fortresses.
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Please be aware that the information that was presented above is based partly on my experience with the game and partly on the assumption with respect to certain drops being retained. If they are not I apologize for including them, but on the other hand, a broken clock is still right twice a day, and eventually they WILL drop those Items!

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Nov 4th 2015 Guest
I can't use spawn eggs in creative 😕😕😕😕
ID #622301
Jul 27th 2015 Guest
Thx for the great info but can you add mice plz and say yes
ID #589844
Jun 2nd 2015 Guest
I like mobs in minecraft pe but how do i get it in minecraft
ID #564844
Jan 10th 2015 CMBF
You guys are all very welcome - but please do not email me your questions and comments - please post them here using the comments system instead - that way the community can benefit from them and I can actually answer them. I am not allowed to answer emailed questions - it is part of the policy here - so please use the comments system?
ID #499595
Jan 10th 2015 Guest
Hi thank for the tips people
ID #499312
Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
Try a sponge bath? Shower? Bathe in a tub? Wet Wipes? Just saying...
ID #485394
Nov 20th 2014 Guest
im a dirtychrisina
ID #474061
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
ID #463025
Sep 16th 2014 CMBF
While this is not 100% gospel, I do not believe that there is any way to play survival mode without there being mobs...
ID #448678
Sep 3rd 2014 Guest
In pe can I have no mobs
ID #444099
Aug 20th 2014 Guest
I like it thanks
ID #438555
Aug 19th 2014 Guest
Thanks For This Amazing Info! As A Girl Who Plays Video Games,I Love Minecraft,And I Have Forever,a
So Thanks For This! ^_^ (It Is Really Helpful! ^_^)
ID #438207
Jul 7th 2014 Guest
Soon more mobs
ID #413897
Jun 27th 2014 Guest
If you want to build the nether reactor without the zombie pigmen, than just before you activate the nether reactor, change your game mode to peaceful, then they won't spawn!
ID #407609
Jun 10th 2014 Guest
I can't find any mobsters
ID #397278
May 1st 2014 Guest
Some things you said are lies
Diamonds are also found where the spawn point is
ID #380461
Apr 17th 2014 Guest
Best explanation of mcpe mobs I have ever come across!
ID #375906
Mar 24th 2014 Guest
Love this ♥
ID #367791
Mar 22nd 2014 Guest
Rails and Minecarts are now availible, pigmen can only spawn in the nether and cannot get to the over world ( not that I know of anyway!) also, can all mobs not see through glass?
ID #367009
Mar 22nd 2014 Guest
because multiple entrances/exits are foolish xD
ID #366961
Mar 21st 2014 Guest
Awesome this helped me a lot and nice pictues lol I liked the creeper one
ID #366615
Feb 2nd 2014 Guest
Thanks for you time and effort. It always helps to know more and you did a very good job.
ID #351140
Jan 6th 2014 Guest
i totes think that mine craft pocket edition should have like horses and all the other kinds of stuff that the other ones have ya know
ID #340295
Dec 31st 2013 Guest
This helped but umm how do i get zombie pigmenin pe everyone says u can so how though?
ID #337173
Dec 26th 2013 Guest
Hate to burst anyone's bubble but I believe I was trapped inside my house for 3 minecraft days because of a zombie.... I was not able to leave because then a spider came! Thanks for the helpful tips though!
ID #334556
Dec 12th 2013 Guest
Interesting, I will try nether core reactor for pigmen so I can put them in a zoo!
ID #328350
Oct 16th 2013 Guest
there is no lightning or enchantments in pe!!!!!!!
look at creeper section

ID #314904
Oct 14th 2013 Guest
Thanks!! This helped me soooo much!! I am just a beginner at minecraft, and I have been trying so hard to find out more about all these monsters & animals & such, and then I came across this! It helped me soooooo much!!
ID #314566
Sep 24th 2013 Guest
I think as of fall 2013 there are ghosts.
ID #311011
Aug 21st 2013 Guest
Guys, zombie pigmen only spawn in the nether read the turtorial below
Step one first place four gold blocks so you can see a air plus
Step 2 fill the Plus in with COBBLESTONE and place a nether reactor core in the center
Step 3 place COBBLESTONE on the gold blocks and place put COBBLESTONE on the nether reactor core
Step four finsh the COBBLESTONE Plus on top make sure no corners ar on top of the gold blocks
ID #306038
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