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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Guide

Day 8 and beyond, the Mining Session

Once you have the Wood and you have created the “entrance” to your mine that protects your shelter, and thus secures a safe zone for you to retreat to, begin the process of creating your mine.

There are several schools of thought on this, but the best way seems to be to determine what you are seeking as far as Resources, and then targeting the most appropriate level as your goal... FYI the following obtains as your guide:

  • Coal Ore: Appears pretty much everywhere.
  • Diamond: Appears in the bottom 16 layers of the map.
  • Gold Ore: The Bottom 32 Layers of the Earth
  • Iron Ore: Occurs from bedrock to slightly above sea level.
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore: Found at a depth of 31 and below.

If you have played other Versions of the game you are familiar with Redstone and how it is used as an element of devices and circuits and to power things. At this point in the game Redstone has not been implemented as a user-active element, so while you will encounter it as you mine, you cannot actually mine Redstone as when you try no matter what level of tool you use, the ore is destroyed in the process.

If that annoys you then you should consider that it is only a matter of time before they add that part of the game in. There is a well-established tradition in Minecraft that each version starts out as simple as possible, with just the very basic build elements in it, and then slowly gets more and more complex features added in as time passes. It is a sound approach to game development, just saying.

Once you get to the bottom you begin carving long drifts like this

Heading for the Bottom of the World

One of the most efficient tactics in the PE is to start your mine as a continuously dropping drift tunnel, heading constantly down until you reach the edge of the world, where you may be shocked to discover the sky(!), and then drifting sideways for a bit before resuming the journey down. The reason for this approach is that it will allow you to set up strategic side drifts at the levels you want to target a lot easier than shaft-mining can, since it does not require the use of ladders and the constant risk of falling if you make your shafts too long.

You will know you have reached the bottom level when you find blocks you cannot destroy or harvest there, at which point you can start creating large open drifts -- but be sure that they are well lit!

At the bottom level you can expect to encounter regular seams of Coal, Iron Ore, Diamond, and Gold, which makes this a particularly attractive destination.

The white target circle fills to complete the mining action

Establishing a Work Area

Once you reach the very bottom of the world and thus the bottom of your mine, returning to your Shelter each time you need to renew supplies is generally a waste of time, so at the head-end of your mine at the bottom, you should deploy a Crafting Table, Stonecutter, and Furnace as well as ample storage in the form of Chests you can put the Resources you mine that you do not necessarily need at the moment. Remember that the Stone you have mined (Cobblestone) has uses, so don't just chuck it into a hole to get rid if it! You are going to want to build a proper home or even castle eventually, and you can turn that stone into useful materials later.

One tactic that better uses your time is to set up a number of Furnaces and then drop in stacks of Cobblestone and Coal to process the Cobblestone into Stone Blocks. Using Stone Blocks is a good idea for constructing both your home and defensive walls, since it is harder than Cobblestone and thus will take less extensive damage if a Creeper blows near it.

Ores tend to clump so where there is one there may be others

Dealing with Frustration

Here is the thing mates, once you get to the bottom and start your drift, finding either Gold, Diamond or Lapis Ore is really (REALLY) a matter of Luck.

You will find plenty of Iron Ore, plenty of Coal, and even plenty of Redstone, but not so much plenty of what you are really looking for unless you are wicked lucky. That being the case what you really have to do is resolve that you will find it, and then keep extending your drift shaft until you DO.

The important thing to remember is that if you mine long enough you will eventually find all of the ore types. The rumors online is that Lapis is rarer than Diamond and Gold Ore, but that is not true in my experiences with numerous seeds. It seems like Lapis is about as common as Gold, while Diamond is a lot rarer. Digging deep and being persistent are the two best methods to success.
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Comments for Day 8 and beyond, the Mining Session

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13 comments, latest first.
Nov 18th 2015 Guest
In p.a., how do you know what level you are mining?
ID #626320
Jun 3rd 2015 Guest
This helped me a lot they should do an official mcpe wiki
ID #565003
Mar 31st 2015 Guest
Wer is the Start of the mind
ID #535558
Nov 21st 2015 Guest
Any were.
ID #627070
Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
That might work - the only way to know is to try Smile
ID #485392
Dec 11th 2014 Guest
You could try mining directly under your spaw point it might work I have not tried yet I will see if it works
ID #483349
May 26th 2014 Guest
Try Nyan it has lava and it is beautiful.
ID #389222
Nov 30th 2013 Guest
I'm trying that seed. I set it on hard and tried to mine the overhang so monsters wouldn't spawn. There's nothing in the overhang so don't try to mine it.
ID #323668
Oct 5th 2013 Guest
ID #312644
Sep 3rd 2013 Guest
You really helped me a lot
ID #308168
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
Adding on to your comment I have tried that seed. Here's a hint. Once you start mining you will see a waterfall behind that wall(you may have to go further in to find it) is TONS of resources and when I mean tons I mean TONS. For those who have tried it become rich with ores! There's also lots of building space on top, so you could make your mineshaft extend down to meet with the main shaft and continue working. There's a lot on this seed and it seems huge.
ID #300528
Jul 22nd 2013 Guest
In my time of mining I have found at least 2,000 things of gold 500 things of diamonds a hole lot more than 10,000 iron and unspeakable amounts of coal all in one seed. I figure that you would like to know what the seed is, well here's the seed. Rainbowdash no spaces no caps now I'm going to tell you the place that I found all of the ores.
So you spawn right next to a huge mountain then you will see this huge over hang and underneath that mobs can spawn so I'd set it to peaceful next to there you might have found some showing coal that's where you start the mine and from there on out its up to you to make your mine just make sure to have some fun ;-)
ID #299547
Jul 13th 2013 Guest
Although it may seem as if it is best to mine right above bedrock, this isnot the case. The official Minecraft wiki actually reccomends level 11 Coal, Iron, Gold, and Diamond, as this is the prime layer for these. For lapis, try layer 16(?)
Another technique is branch mining. This is one of THE BEST ways to mine, as it covers the most area with the least usage of your valuable pickaxes. To do this, simply reach your desired layer, set up your supply base, and pick a wall to start with. Dig 20 deep into this wall, dig two into either side at the end, dig 20 in, 2 right or left (depending on whichever you chose at first, etc. etc.

Hope I helped! Smile
ID #297172
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