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Loop Hero Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Loop Hero

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Loop Hero is a endless RPG that takes place in a randomly generated world where you must change the world by placing cards instead of directly controlling a character. An evil Lich has obliterated reality and thrown the world into a timeless loop which has plunged its inhabitants into never ending chaos. You play the role of the hero who has one main quest: to save the lost world from the Lich and eternal darkness. Along the way you will encounter other survivors who either assist you in trying to reconstruct the world or who, in despair, consider it lost and attack you in an effort to further their own survival. Check out our Loop Hero walkthrough and guide to get help in the game.

Customize Your Deck

Loop Hero has s a deck-building mechanic so it is essential that you play around with your deck and customize it so you have the best possible set-up. Experiment with card placement to see if you get any unexpected effects, find synergies, discover what works well together, and see what suits your playstyle.

Know What's Coming

Loop Hero is centered around the Day Progress meter which is found in the upper-left of the screen and how you manage it is the key to being successful in the game. Enemies and bonuses work of the Day meter and each time this meter fills a new day begins and knowing what to expect when that Day meter restarts will enable you to plan accordingly and prevent difficult situations which will cause problems. Some enemies appear daily while others appear once every few days, so it is crucial as new tiles are added that you pay attention to them so you avoid being caught out by them in subsequent loops.

Card Placement is Crucial

In Loop Hero it is crucial that you know what effect you will cause when you place the cards in your deck on the loop. Some cards can form unique, powerful features while others benefit from being adjacent to different tiles. Knowing what effects combinations of cards create will help make the more difficult loops you encounter later on in the game more manageable. Check out our Best Card Combos Best Card Combos guide to get yourself familiar with the different tile combinations and synergies in Loop Hero, so you can take advantage of the cards in your deck.

Learn Building Resources

Before you go on an expedition in Loop Hero you should take the time to learn what resources you are going to need for the buildings you intend to make and how to go about getting them. Having this knowledge will make things a lot easier as you will know what resources you need to prioritize on your run, and you will understand how to get these resources using the cards you have in your deck. You can use the resources you found on past runs to make new buildings at your camp, and you should unlock these as early as possible. Make sure you read through the buildings available to see what can be unlocked. Checkout our How to Farm Resources guide to find out about the 13 different types of resources in Loop Hero and the easiest way to acquire each of them.

Get the Herbalist's Hut First

Make the first building you get the Herbalists's Hut as this will provide your hero with healing potions that they will automatically use in battles if their Health becomes too low, these healing potions will then replenish whenever your hero returns to base. Having the Herbalists Hut will also mean your hero will be healed by a small amount whenever they pass the camp, and it will give you access to swamp cards which can give you some decent rewards if used correctly.

Get the Gymnasium Second

After you have the Herbalist's Hut your next building you need to prioritize is the Gymnasium as it will unlock the ability to level up your hero with three randomly generated traits whenever you kill enough enemies to increase your level. Having the Gymnasium will also give you access to Village cards which will enable you to go on quests that reward you with useful items, additional health, and experience. Villages will also grant a passive heal bonus whenever you pass them during a loop.

Retreat Instead of Dying

It is inevitable that at some point during Loop Hero you will realize mid-loop that you are in a situation you can not overcome. When this happens it is in your best interests to escape and retreat to the campfire the loop starts at in order to stay alive and not forfeit a large percentage of your hard-earned possessions which happens when you die. Back at the camp you will be able to bank or spend the materials you gained. Providing you are not in battle you can retreat back to the camp from anywhere in the loop at a cost of 40% of the materials that you have gathered, this is always preferable than tackling an impossible situation and dying which will cost you a 70% loss of materials.

Take a look at our Best Card Combos guide to find out how you can use the cards in your deck to farm more resources and acquire better gear.

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