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Traits Guide

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Traits Guide for Loop Hero

Traits can only be accessed through building up your base with the various buildings. Once you have built the Gymnasium you will be able to learn traits that are specific to the class of your character. There are 14 traits that can be purchased by all three of the classes. 7 belong to the Warrior, 7 belong to the Necromancer, and 9 to the Rogue. Listed below are all the traits for each character class along with their effect in Loop Hero.

Traits for All Classes:

Awakened Fragment:

You are given a 2% chance of finding a whole supply sphere rather than a chunk.

Axis Tilt:

Time in the game moves 25% faster.

Battering Ram:

Your character rushes into battle, granting them a 75% chance of stunning the enemy for a full second.

Blade of Dawn:

Each morning at camp, the sword is filled with light, causing its next attack to two times its normal damage against all.

Blissful Ignorance:

You are dealt a full hand of Oblivion cards. When played, these Oblivion cards will heal your character for 10% of their max HP.


Grants your character a 10% chance of keeping a card in your deck after playing it.

Deep Pockets:

Your inventory is doubled.

Omicron's Technique:

Your character gains an extra Resurrection charge.

Treasure Hunter:

Grants a 5% chance for a chest to spawn on a dead enemy.

Second Thoughts:

Gives your character a new set of 3 traits without the cost of those traits.

Shield of Faith:

Killing an enemy grants your character a Stained Glass charge. Which will give you a 20% chance of being protected. Stacks up to 3 glasses.

Strong Aftertaste:

Your character will gain a +1.5 damage dealt for every potion you use.


Your character will leave 10% of their findings at the camp when they pass through the campfire tile and start a new round.


Grants a half loop HP boost for each adjacent roadside tile when passed.

Traits for the Warrior

Article of Protection:

At the start of each round, your character will gain a Phantom Protection bar that spans 65% of their max health bar.


Every counterattack your character performs restores one and a half times of the loop HP.

Dominant Mass:

The damage your character deals is increased by 20% of their defense value.


You gain a 20% chance to stun enemies when landing a hit.

Skilled Armorer:

Armor is increased by one point for every round.


You get a 35% chance to perform a counterattack when successfully evading.


The HP regeneration of your character is doubled when their health falls below 40%.

Traits for the Rogue

Child of the Forest:

There is a 75% chance of being accompanied by a ratwolf that will aid in battle.


If a fight has two or more enemies, each enemy will deal you 7% less damage.

Lethal Weakness:

Every 10% of health your character is missing will give them a 0.5% chance to deal 1,000% damage.


Fighting three or more enemies in a battle will grant you an additional trophy.

Master of Fencing:

Grants you a 10% chance to hit two targets simultaneously.

Nothing is Sacred:

Each kill will heal the player by three HP.

Old Scars:

Each trophy received will increase the player's Max HP by one.


Lowers the number of items received on the camp tile in exchange for more trophies.

Smoke Screen:

You will have guaranteed evades for two seconds after losing 20% of your total HP.

Traits for the Necromancer

Ambitions of the Dead:

One of the Necromancer's skeletons will fully heal after killing an enemy. Its damage and HP will also be increased by 10% until the end of the battle.

Art of Control:

Adds one skeleton to the max amount a player can have.

Edge of Impossible:

You gain a 20% to exceed the max number of skeletons and summon two during the last summon.


Gives your character 3 strengthened skeletons at the beginning of every loop to help in battle.

Preparation for a Ceremony:

Makes the first 2 skeletons summoned in a round strengthened.

Residual Heat:

Gives the Necromancer 3 times their normal loop heal after a skeleton dies.

Unseen Care:

Grants you a permanent +0.5 bonus to your energy armor for each skeleton.

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