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Loop Hero Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Dennis

Loop Hero is a deckbuilding RPG that takes place in a randomly generated fantasy world which you are able to change by placing cards instead of directly controlling a character. The Lich has thrown the world into a timeless loop and plunged its inhabitants into never ending chaos. Wield an expanding deck of mystical cards to place enemies, buildings, and terrain along each unique expedition loop for your hero. Unlock new classes, new cards, and devious guardians on your quest to shatter the endless cycle of despair. Loop Hero is available on Mac and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Loop Hero Trailer

Building your Character

Resist the temptation of swapping the shiny swords and shields you get with your existing gear because they have higher numbers. Having a higher number does not necessarily mean it is better. You should always pause and look at the statistics of any new items you get, so you are able to determine their worth and create a character build that is equipped with armor and weapons that fit into your playstyle and geared towards the type of enemies you are likely to encounter on the loop. If you do this you will survive a lot longer.

Don't Overwhelm your Character with Enemies

Don't place cards down on the loop as soon as you get them, you can get away with doing this early in the game but it will quickly become unmanageable and your character will be overwhelmed with enemies. If you do the opposite and don't place a single card during a loop the only enemy your character will fight will be Slimes in wastelands, and you will just collect mediocre weapons and basic resources as rewards which will make game progression impossible. What you need to try and achieve is a balance, hold onto your enemy-generating cards and think about their placement as you spread them over the loop.

Card Placement

How you place your cards on the loop is of the utmost importance as some tiles can form unique, powerful features, while others benefit in some way from being adjacent to different tiles. It is essential that you know what these synergies are when placing cards on the loop as it will make the more difficult loops you encounter later on in the game more manageable. Check out our Best Card Combos guide to find out what cards create the most effective synergies in Loop Hero.

Delay the Boss

In Loop Hero the boss will spawn once you have placed a certain number of cards. Make sure you keep an eye on the Boss Meter in the top left corner of the screen because once this progress bar is full you will spawn the boss. By paying close attention to the Boss Meter you will be able to ensure you spawn the boss when you feel you have adequate gear, HP, and Level to win the battle. If you play every card that comes into your hand without taking into account their effect in the game you will end up fighting the boss much sooner than you'd like. Check out our How to Defeat the Lich Boss guide to find out how you can easily defeat the first boss in Loop Hero.

Build the Smelter

Once you have constructed the Herbalists's Hut, Field Kitchen, and Gymnasium you should prioritize the Smelter as this building unlocks the Arsenal card which grants an additional gear slot specific to each of the three classes in Loop Hero. Regardless of which class you play the Arsenal is an invaluable card that will make the transition to Chapters 3 and 4 when things get tougher a lot easier.

Check out our Loop Hero Walkthrough and Guide to get additional help in the game. We have many helpful guides for Loop Hero that will help you to progress, these include How to Farm Resources and How to Get Supply Items.

Loop Hero Walkthrough and Guide

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