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How to Farm Resources

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It is essential in Loop Hero that you acquire as many resources as possible in order to help your progress in the game. Resources will allow you to create new buildings at your main base which will then enable you to unlock new cards for your deck. The more cards you have in your deck the more combos you will be able to create to use in battles against higher tier enemies to get even better resources.

There are 13 different resource types in Loop Hero, and it is necessary that you acquire each of them as they are all have different functions within the game. Each of the resources are also acquired a different way, this can either be by defeating a specific enemy or by making it appear in the game by creating a certain tile combination. When gathering resources you should gear your deck towards farming one or two different resources instead of trying to collect everything at once. Make sure you get a supply of health potions from the Herbalist's Hut before you embark on an expedition to farm resources. Remember also that you can use the Treasury card to obtain a random assortment of basic resources which is useful for farming several types at a time. Listed below are all 13 types of resources that are in Loop Hero and how to obtain them.

Food Supply:

Made by earning 12 Rations. Rations are earned each time a Meadow tile is placed on the level. The easiest way to farm Rations is by placing a Meadows card somewhere on the loop to acquire a small number of them. As soon as they hit 12 these Rations are then converted into Food Supplies. Complete Food Supplies can also be earned by placing Battlefield cards and defeating enemies.

Stable Wood:

Made by earning 12 Stable Branches. Stable Branches are earned by passing through Grove tiles. To farm Stable Wood you need to place as many Groves as possible on your loop, and every time you pass through one they will earn a Branch.

Preserved Rock:

Made by earning 10 Preserved Pebbles. You can earn a large number of Perserved Pebbles by creating a Mountain Peak using a 3x3 grid of Mountains or Rocks. Preserved Pebbles can also be earned by passing through a Cemetery tile.

Stable Metal:

Made by earning 13 Scrap Metal. Scrap Metal is earned by gather excess weapons and armor and overfilling your inventory. Scrap Metal can also be earned by placing Meadow and Rock cards around a Treasury. Farm Stable Metal by placing several Battlefields together to create a Bloody Road and then fighting the Blood Clots that spawn.


Made by earning 20 Noticeable Change. Noticeable Change is earned by using any tile altering combinations. You will be able to farm Metamorphosis by placing down a bunch of Meadows next to tiles in order to create Blooming Meadows.

Book of Memories:

Made by earning 10 Memory Fragments. Memory Fragments can be earned by overfilling the card deck at the bottom of the screen or by building the Cemetery at camp and placing Cemetery tiles on the loop.

Astral Orb:

Earned by defeating Mage and Cosmic type enemies. Farm Dark Slimes which can be created by destroying a Goblin Camp while a Goblin is still on the tile. This will turn the Goblin into a Dark Slime and allow you to fight it on your next loop.

Orb of Afterlife:

Made by earning 10 Pitiful Remains. Pitiful Remains can drop from Vampire and Undead enemies from the second level onward. Place a Village card right next to a Vampire Mansion in order to convert it into a Ransacked Village. Doing this will give you several Ghouls and Vampires to dispatch and earn Pitiful Remains from.

Orb of Crafts:

Can be earned by defeating Artificial and Object type enemies. Farm the chests that spawn from Battlefields to get this resource.

Orb of Evolution:

Can be obtained by killing enemies that the game considers to be Living or Plant types. Bandits are a good living enemy that will appear for every two Villages that are placed on the loop.

Orb of Expansion:

Can be earned by killing more than four monsters in a single fight. Check out our How to Farm the Orb of Expansion guide to find out how you can farm this resource.

Orb of Immortality:

The Orb of Immortality is earned by defeating chapter bosses. There are four different bosses (and one secret boss) that you can attempt to defeat to get this resource. Check out our How to Defeat the Lich Boss guide to find out how you can easily defeat one of these bosses. This is the most difficult resource to farm in Loop Hero.

Orb of Unity:

Earned by defeating Liquid or Swarm type enemies. Liquid types are any Slimes and are quite common. Lay out several Wasteland cards in order to spawn Slimes.

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