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Chapter 9: The Destroyer

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Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 9-1

Head forward and you'll soon be at the edge of an abyss. Look to the left for another section of land and zipline over there. Do the same thing here (head forward and zipline to a new piece of land).

Here head left and up the path. Climb the edges on the left and you'll see a guard with his back to you. Take him out and then check this area for a sniper rifle. This is a great place to snipe from if you wish, although it will put the place on alert and you will have to deal with two attack drones that fly up.

Snipe whoever you can and when the resistance has stopped zipline down to the first building (if there are shielded people still alive that is ok, we recommend taking them out up closer with the help of your OWL and assault rifle). If you see some turrets, leave them alone for now... don't worry, we have a plan for them! *evil grin*

Head inside this first building and check the room in the back. On the floor back here you can find a:



You can find this collectable in the first building you come to. Enter the doors on the ground floor and check the back room. The newspaper will be on the floor back here.

Head outside and head further down the path towards the central scanner. This thing scans in circles like others before it, but we need to destroy it. For now, get around and and head past it to an area with a ladder. Jump down and locate a room on your right.

In here you will find some goodies and a mini-gun. Take this mini-gun and use it to destroy the two turrets outside on the platforms overlooking the abyss (surely you've seen them by now). This gun can handle both of them.

When you are done let's grab a collectable really quick. Go back to the room you got the mini-gun in and jump down the hatch. To the left is:



Past the mobile scanner is a room off a walkway where you can find a mini-gun and adrenaline... and a hole in the floor! Jump down this hole into a vent and look to the left to find this comic book.

OK, next order of business: destroying the central scanner. From this room you can head out towards the abyss and up some stairs on the right. See the blue lines above you? Follow them and place C4 when prompted. If you were wondering, the vent system behind you leads to that comic book we grabbed earlier!

Now head over to the other side of the area and put C4 on that side as well. Now get away (go stand by the room you got the mini-gun in) and wait 30 seconds for the stuff to explode.

Good, now the scan unit is down. Some Helghast forces (about half a dozen soldiers) will come in from your starting area soon. Kill them off when they come and buy Echo some time.

Soon she will have the door open. Go meet her at the objective. Once you can, go check out the left side of this area to find:



Once you meet up with Echo after destroying the scan device, go check out the left-hand side of the big room she lets you into to find this dossier laying over there.

Go hit the console with Echo when prompted and you'll be at a train platform. You need to clear out the guards in here. It's best to fight from the room you opened the console in: you can kill the middle two guards easily and then head back around the corner by the console. From here there will be two guards coming from each side, you just have to be ready for them (they may come in after you but you can kill them easily if they try).

Once the platform is clear get on the train with Echo and ride it to the next area. Holy crap that is a lot of ships!

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 9-2

We'll be on a new walkway now and will need to fight our way forward to Tyran. This first platform you can head forward and melee kill the guard, then set up for some snipping. There is a guard directly below and two un-shielded guards on the far platform. Kill those three and a shielded guard will come at you, so tag-team him with your OWL. Watch out for two cameras as well: one on

the lower walkway and one on the platform up ahead. Also note that down where the first guard was is some adrenaline.

Head to the further platform now and you'll see it is a long narrow bridge to the next area. Snipe the enemies up ahead. One has a RPG, so be ready. Head over there and wipe out the two guards on this next square area. Be careful of two guards with shields arriving as reinforcements though.

The next area you have to go to looks remarkable similar to the first big area that had the scan bot. Snipe whatever enemies you can and head for the room down on the walkway by the ladder. Inside you will find a spider bot, so be sure to take it out. You'll now have a treasure trove of goodies: two adrenaline and weapons galore. There is a mini-gun here as well (consider saving this for a fight coming up: we'll tell you when). Check around for:



In the second big area (that is reminiscent of the first big area that had the scan bot in it) on your way to find Tyran, enter the door on the walkway by the ladder. You know it is the right place if there is a spider robot inside. Kill it and look around for this comic book and a trove of goodies.

Next you will be told to clear the area. Three soldiers will be out and about, but with your stash I doubt you'll have any problems. If you wait long enough they'll come find you but you can go find them if you wish (they show up up top about where the scanner was).

Once they are dead, Echo will start to hack the door to the tower. Give her a second and she'll be in. Inside will be some guards though, so take them out (again, mini-gun for the win). Head up to the second level for grenades and goodies as well as:



Once Echo hacks open the doors to the communication tower, go in and clear out the guards. Head to the second floor and look at the desk to your right to find this audio log.

Once everyone is dead Echo comes in and asks you for time. We're going to have to cover her now while she works her magic, which of course means we'll have to fight off a few waves of enemy reinforcements.

Start off by heading upstairs and noting the door up here: there is a lot of ammo you can use. You can also lock the door up here if you wish (not necessary as long as you know about it). Now head back to the second level and note your two points of entry: the door up here and the door you used downstairs. Eventually we will have to hack consoles outside both of these doors, but the upstairs one will come first. Also note that you have laser trip-mines for grenades nearby (we save these for a later fight but you can totally use them now (if you do use them, we would recommend using them outside the bottom door).

Hang out in the second room while reinforcements come and take them out as they come. They will likely show up outside the upper door first but will soon try coming in the lower door. Putting your shield by the upper door can help a ton (although we always like sending out the attack bot).

Hold your position and soon you'll hear some dialog about Lucas saying he is going to shut one of their entry points down. You will now get an objective on the screen showing one of their entry points on the second floor. The objective points to a console: you need to hack it to stop reinforcements (and until you do they will keep coming).

Find a shotgun if you can and head out to the objective. Try and avoid sending out your OWL (you need him for hacking) and clear the platform off (a bomb or two in the back really helps). Set the OWL to work on hacking and watch the door on your left, as that is where they are coming from and they can still fire on you from inside their door.

Once you are done with that you'll get a slight break in the action. Gather up ammo and get ready for another wave (as Echo points out). Now would be the best time to use those laser trip-mines down below, outside the main door (scatter them around somewhat for maximum effectiveness). You'll start the next wave with some attack drones showing up. Take them out from a doorway and get ready for soldiers.

Like last time, after some fighting you'll hear some more dialog about Lucan going out to shut off another one of their entry points. This time it is right outside the main door on the bottom floor. It's pretty much just in front of you, maybe slightly to the right. You can't miss it; it is another console. The mines are hopefully helping you out out here but you need to fight your way to the console once again and hack it with your OWL.

Once you are done with that and stop the flow of enemies Echo will call you to her, but *before* doing that let's grab a collectable! It's nearby, and we probably could have gotten it earlier, but now is really the best time with the let-up in combat.



After hacking the second console to fend off the Helghast reinforcement attack, head to the left (of the console) and jump down the ladder to a lower walkway. Look to your left to see this comic book on the floor.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 9-3

Head back to Echo now for a scene. Soon we will be fighting...



Ah, we finally get to face him properly one on one.

There aren't many boss fights or special encounters in this game so below we will talk about how to take Tyran on and wipe him out, focusing on his attacks and moves. We'll explain what to do below, and list his moves after that.

Tyran is honestly pretty lazy in this fight. I mean, he just walks around with drones out. Granted they are a pair of attack drones and a shield drone constantly protecting him. To start the fight you want to have your shock OWL ready and then quickly try and destroy his shield and attack drones, following that up with your OWL attack and shooting (we also often used the attack OWL and just shot the shield away).

After taking some punishment Tyran will warp away using his EMP attack (which he is fond of doing). Now, if you saved the mini-gun from earlier now is a perfect time to go get it. It will help a ton. The second phase of this fight Tyran will use spider bots and his drones again. Since he warped away you can also often snipe at him if you so desire. You need to find him and take out his drones / start hurting him again. He will likely get away from you one more time.

When he is close to death, Tyran will up the ante slightly by deploying a whopping *four* attack drones. This hurts if you are unprepared but with the mini-gun you can easily handle it. If you don't have that, using an adrenaline after killing one or two attack drones lets you quickly wipe out the rest of the drones (thanks to the slowing down of time) and lay into Tyran for a victory!

Attack Drones: Tyran's main method of attack (besides screaming loudly): he will deploy attack drones. They aren't nearly as hardy as the normal attack drones you are used to seeing (they go down way faster), but he always deploys them in pairs. During the start of the fight he will have two out, but towards the end he can bring out a total of four. You should always focus on taking these things out first (unless they aren't around and you have a shot at the shield / Tyran).

Shield Drone: Tyran's main form of defense: he may openly strut around the arena but that's because he not only has a shield protecting him but his own personal shield drone as well. Once you destroy it (it falls easily) his shield will stop regenerating.

EMP Attack: If you get too close to him (of if he needs drones / gets bored) he will use an EMP attack. This functions mainly to keep you away from him, but can also refresh his drones and even make him disappear, giving him a chance to re-appear somewhere else and make you hunt for him. At times he'll even re-appear without his shield up (which is a great opportunity for snipers).

Spider Bots: That's right, Tyran can deploy those annoying spider bots. Ugh. He usually does this after teleporting away, and they always come in packs of course. Just destroy them while trying not to get blown up.

Once he is dead you'll see a scene and will be told to take one of their ships. This leads to a ship coming in and three soldiers popping out of it. Head over to the objective and take them out, then head into the ship.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 9-4

You'll watch quite a few scenes here and will eventually be floating upwards. Just go with the flow until you get control (all of that totally rhymed). Once you gain full control you'll have to head upwards and to the right (remember that you can boost with L3), then upwards further to the left. Get ready to shoot stuff now as you are about to run into some missile stations. You will encounter two of them at first, just float back and forth while laying into them and you'll be ok.

Continue on heading towards the checkpoints and watch for more soldiers (really easy kills) and missile launchers (focus on these after wiping out soldiers). Soon you will come to a place where the objective leads into the base: float down to a console and access it to finally get your feet on solid ground.

Head to the left and then look for a vent on your right. Open it and head on through to a ladder. Head up and look to the left for a hole to drop down.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 9-5

You will find an armory... literally. Just stockpiles and stockpiles of ammo (more than you could ever carry), weapons, grenades... load up however you wish. There is one collectable in here as well:



After entering Stahl's base, head forward until you get to the armory room (you can't miss this room). In here search the right-hand wall and on the floor you will find this comic book.

Head forward and access the console when you are ready. Past the next set of doors you come to will be a group of soldiers. Two have shields and will try to approach you so take them out. Now wipe up the remaining soldiers. If you need ammo, you can find it in the back past the globe. You can also find a:



In the room with the giant globe (past the amazing armory) take out the soldiers you find and then head past the globe. Now check behind the middle strut here holding up the upper platform. You will find this audio log behind the strut, on the ground.

You can also access a console back here to spy on the upcoming room if you wish. Head up the stairs (more goodies!) and head forward to a central door. This door barely opens but that's good: use the angles to kill the enemies that fire on you. Remember you can shoot through those orange monitors. Most of the enemies will start firing from the central area taking cover behind the barricade but some will show up on the lower level so be ready.

Once you've thinned them out get ready for reinforcements (search this area for a Voltage or Pulverizer (or perhaps you already have one) and get your OWL ready for shock and have a grenade ready.

Wipe out the remaining soldiers and soon you'll hear a voice telling more soldiers to stop you. Here run to the northwest corner where you will see a door. This is about to open and let in 4-5 troops. If you are ready for them, you can chuck in a grenade, send in your shock OWL and obliterate them easily as they all stand close together. Barring that you can just take them out one at a time, using this area for cover (it is worth noting that both the northwest and northeast corners have plenty of ammo and weapons).

Once you are done with the first wave of enemies, a second wave will show up from the northeast corner. You really don't have time to blitzkrieg them like you did the first wave, so gather up ammo and take them out one by one (you may find it helpful to run back to the start of this area so they don't flank you). Get yourself a minigun to make this smoother (the last wave had a guy with one you can "borrow").

Once all the carnage is over with we need to get the chapter's last collectable, which is past the northwest door where the reinforcements came out of:



You'll get this one in Stahl's base. After fighting two waves of enemies coming out of a door from the northwest and northeast, head through the northwest door out onto the landing pad (Note: These doors won't open for you until the two waves of enemies are dead, so don't even try before then). You will find this dossier laying on the ground out here.

Good, we got all the collectables. Head up to the center area and you'll see a door has opened. Enter it to ride up, listening to Stahl's monologue. Fun stuff. Head forward when it stops to see a series of shocking scenes.

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