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Chapter 2: The Shadow

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Time to get some hard evidence. You start out with only a knife. Look for the "Follow the Ratway" sign on the wall and drop down. Follow this path until you enter the factory. No one here. Drop down and look for a platform (a red light will be nearby). You can climb up this. Follow this path and Lucas will point out a camera up ahead (the game will also teach you how to scan the environment).

Head forward and disregard the door on the left (you can open it, but the camera has it covered). Instead head into the vent up ahead. Now instead of going left, head right and keep your eyes open for a cubby on your right:



Once you enter the vent, head to the right. The comic will be on the right again in a vent opening.

As you can see up above, this guide is going to make sure you collect all of the collectibles in the game (we will make them stand out like up above to make sure you notice them).

Head back and go straight now and you'll be past the camera. To the right is a wide open area with a ton of drones out and about. Head to the left and you will see you can jump a gap to the right (you can get a running start by holding down the L3 / Left Analog Stick).

Head down to about the middle and jump over the right railing to a catwalk below. Use the console here to continue forward and climb up. Use your scan to see a guard up ahead. Both side paths have cameras so climb up again and fall on him to take him out. Open the next door.

In here a security guard is patrolling. Use you scan to see him and then melee him from behind. Now we're supposed to head to a door on the left but before you do that find the stairs on the right and head up them to find a bathroom with:



After killing the second guard, find the stairs on the right and follow them up to a bathroom. The log is chilling out up there.

Continue through the door now and head to the right. Here the game will tell you how to throw your knife at an enemy. Drop down on the first one (melee kill) and then quickly get the second enemy in your view and press R3 to throw your knife at him.

Now before going on, check the right side of this area for:



After getting the knife-throwing tutorial and dispatching the two guards, check the right side of the room you are in for this dossier on a table.

Continue on and go through the next door to see a scene and be introduced to your OWL. You control this handy tool with L1, but it can be set to a series of modes:

o Swipe UP to select ATTACK Mode.

o Swipe RIGHT to select ZIPLINE Mode.

o Swipe DOWN to select SHIELD Mode.

o Swipe LEFT to select STUN Mode.

The OWL icon will be in the upper left corner of the screen and will charge up over time (you can't just use the OWL whenever you want). When the icon lights up hit L1 to tell it what to do (depending on the mode it is in). Good to see your Dual Shock 4 touch pad getting some use, right?

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Well, we have a weapon but on ammo. For now. On the console up above hit L1 and let your OWL hack it, then climb up the set of cliffs beyond it. Down below to the left you will see two guards by your ammo pick-up. Put the OWL in attack mode and send it down at the guards (this may take two tries). Once they are dead put it in zipline mode and head down to collect your ammo.

Note: A quick note about your weapon. You have a scope on the thing and can turn it on or off. With it on your rifle will charge up a shot and fire a single powerful blast. With it off it functions like a machine gun. Be sure to enter machine gun mode if you find yourself in a short to mid-range fire fight.

Now you'll head onward and will be out over some cliffs. Note the smoke rising in the distance. That is out goal, but to get a collectable we have to make a slight detour. Follow the upper path until you can see a fence below you. Jump over it to find:



After getting your ammo drop, head forward to the very end of the cliff section. When you look down you should see a fence. Jump over it and look for a barrel with the comic book on top.

Nice. Now from here look down to the right and use your OWL's zipline to head down to solid ground. Now, immediately to your left is a soldier up in a tower. Charge up a shot (hold R2) and take him out (head shot). Now look up ahead (to the right of the tower the soldier was in) and you'll see another tower with something shining in it. Head over there and climb the ladder to find:



After zip-lining from the factory down to the crash site, look for a tower with something shining at the top (past the first tower on the left with a guard). Head up there to find this audio log.

Grab the health while you are up here. Down below are a couple guards out patrolling. Try to take them out with your ranged attack to make sure they don't go press a nearby alarm.

Note: A quick note about alarms. Guards can press these and alert the area to your presence. Even worse, alarms left unattended to will bring down reinforcements, so whenever one goes off you want to do your best to secure the area and use your OWL to hack it and turn it off.

The alarm for this area is to the left of the second tower with the audio log in it. It also has ammo and grenades nearby. Now further ahead is a Helghast outpost. We have to head to the left but if you wished you can assault the outpost. There's some enemies to kill of course but there's also two armory rooms on the lower level (one to the left, one to the right - you have to scan to get inside them) with health and adrenaline, and of course ammo and weapons (in particular the Sta409 Keyzer with a grenade launcher on it).

Head outside and continue towards the crash. You'll pass a rock bridge and can look over the crash site from a rocky outcropping. After the dialog, take out the two guards and then look forward to the building. There is an alarm station outside of it you want to ensure no one touches (there's three guards over there as well).

Head over to the building (there is some ammo off to the right of the door) and head inside. Now to the left you'll see the other half of the building. You want to zipline over there, but after you do be ready for a sniper appearing from the other side (take him out). Head down to the bottom level to find:



After reaching the building past the crash site, zipline to the other side of it and head to the bottom floor. Search around for a comic book on the floor.

There is also some ammo and adrenaline here. Head back to the crash now and make your way forward (straight) to find a ladder leading down into a bunker. Follow the path and you'll soon find the crew and can recover the intel (you can get here from a doorway on one of the building levels as well, but this is the easiest way).

After the dialog head back to the ship and put on the C4 where the game tells you to. Watch out for two soldiers from the building and then head up the hill you came from. Two more soldiers will show up as well as two more soldiers beyond the rock bridge. Wipe them all out and take the right path towards the cliffs.

Now, past the small tower you will see a rock on the left. There is actually a collectable on the top of that rock but we can't jump up to it or get to it (yet). Head past it and climb up the rock, then head to the right. Climb up another rock at the end and head left. Some rocks will fall down here, so jump the gap and climb up one more rock.

Now, from here, we can get to that collectable now - but it is tricky. You have to look to the left and line up a zipline shot between you and the tower. Then, when you start to slide down, wait for about *ONE* second and drop. You need to drop onto the rock (if you hit the water it is death). Now to make that collectable pop out for those of you skimming this guide!



While climbing the cliffs near the crash site (after placing the C4), climb up past the cliff after the rocks drop and look to the left. You will see a comic sitting down on a rock down below.

Shoot a zipline shot between you and the tower. Then, when you start to slide down, wait for about *ONE* second and drop. You need to drop onto the rock (if you hit the water it is death).

Well, that one was rough. But no letting up now: another collectable is coming up. Head back to the cliff and climb back to where you were after the gap. Now continue on and you'll need to climb up once more. Head forward a few yards now and look off to the right, over the edge of the cliff. You should see a new flat area down below (there is a fallen-down tree down there - a sign that you are looking at the right place). Jump down there and and then follow the note below to find a collectable:



After climbing up a rock past the gap in the cliffs, head forward a bit and look down to the right for an area to drop down to. Now go search by the bottom of the cliff on the far side to find this dossier. It is small and on the ground, so look carefully.

Once you are done finding that, head down below (there is another tree fallen over you can follow) and climb all the way up to the building. We need to take down the anti-aircraft guns here. There's several soldiers patrolling around. The alarm is down the steps on your left, down below on the lower level. Take the soldiers out and secure the alarm.

After that search the pillars down below for some adrenaline (if you need it) and then head up and place the C4 on the two anti-aircraft guns.

We'll get a new goal now: find the communications tower. Remember the cenral Helghast outpost? Head there. You'll have to fight off some more Helghast troops near the outpost, but afterward go follow the right path (right if you were facing the outpost) to the building over there.

After crossing the bridge survey the open forest area for a single guard and take him out. Head forward and note the alarm tower outside the gate. Secure it and take out the communication tower soldiers.

Now we need to hack two terminals here. The first one is on the second floor, so go hack it. Now head back outside and head up the stairs. We'll need to head up quite a few flights here, but along the way are some mines, so be ready to shoot them before walking into them!

At the top *before* you hack the terminal, take note on the collectable below:



At the top of the comm. tower, before you go hack the second console, look to the left and you'll find this newspaper on the desk.

Head back to the main outpost now. You'll have to take out three soldiers who come inspect the comm. tower. Once you get to the main outpost you'll see the survivors assaulting it, so help them out (grenades near the entrance help).

Fight your way inside and hack the console on the lower level by the drop ship outside. Now we simply need to wait while it gets prepped. Of course the Helghast aren't going to make this easy. Head up to the roof and repel their advance. They will send in a few drop-ships of their own, but you can often shoot the enemies while they are in their ship or when the just get out to help take them out easily.

Once the attack drones show up, save your ammo and hide. The ship will soon be ready, so run up to it and enter it to see a scene. We're now done with this chapter.

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