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Chapter 5: The Helghast

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Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-1

Head forward with the group of people and watch the scenes. Once you are past the first security checkpoint, follow the linear path onto the train that you are directed to.

Once onboard, Sinclair will send you a message about using an EMP device. Soon after that, Lucas will pull it out. Quickly hit R2 to activate it and stop the train. After that, hit R3 to take out the guard.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-2

We have freedom now! Jump out of the train and head through the slums until you drop down to an area with people in it. Things are about to get bloody! In front of you on the left is a guard you can melee easily. Once you take him out take a second to scan the area for targets and strike first. Soon two guards with shields will come down from the left. Use your OWL as a decoy and take them out together. Don't forget to hack the guard alarm if they had a chance to set it off.

After the area is clear, search around the stands out in the open for:



After the first battle of the chapter, search the stalls in the area to find this newspaper sitting on one of them.

Now from here we have two paths we can go: a path through a security point to the left and a path to the right. We are headed left first.

Head left and keep to the left to see an escalator in front of you. Head down it and kill the two guards inside the booth, along with any other guards that may show up. Once you have cleared out this area, check the table inside the booth for:



Take the left path through the security gate after the first fight of the chapter and head down the escalator you find. The audio log is inside the booth at the bottom of the escalator (kill the soldiers first).

Now from the audio log table let's head to the right and go up the stairs in front of you (by the way, there is a room off to the left that some guards came out of that has ammo, health, laser trip mines and a shotgun in it). Head up two steps and then hang a right into a small room where you can find the next collectable:



After clearing out the area at the bottom of the escalator, head up the two set of stairs to the right and go into the room on the right to find this dossier.

There is an ammo crate nearby as well. As long as we are here, head out of the room and then straight to another small area with an orange console. This is (was) Zeus's apartment. Hack the console to hear a message from him and give yourself a new objective.

*Before* we do that though, we must go hunt down (yet another) collectable. But this time there are two ways of getting to it. From the console you just hacked, turn around and walk out the door and keep going. This path leads to a corner with a door to the north, a guard alert console to the right, and the open air of the city to the far right (along with security checkpoints). Now, like we said, there are two ways to get to the next collectable: stealthy or loud.


So you want to be stealthy huh? Well, going through that door leads up to a bunch of guards, so going in quietly isn't a bad choice. Head to the far right (towards the city air and security checkpoints) and head left. Look for a camera above a security checkpoint and take it out. Be SURE that you do this, as a turret will pop up otherwise and things will get really messy!

Now, this path leads to a dead-end but does have a vent on the left. Open this vent and crawl through it to an open area. You will find an audio log on the ground here.


Time to make some noise! Head in the door and on the staircase you will find a STA4 Stove (the mini-gun) along with a bunch of ammo. Oh yeah! Use this bad boy to wipe out the garrison in this building. There are four soldiers in total, so it won't be difficult.

Once they are dead, search the floors in here for an open grate and hop down. The audio book is on the ground in here. You can exit through a tunnel leading out to a vent (the same way stealthy players got this audio log). Be sure to watch out for a security camera on your way out near the first security checkpoint.

Both of these paths led to:



After finding your contacts apartment, turn around and travel down the street to a corner, then find a door to the right with a green light by it. Enter and wipe out the guards, then jump down the hole in the floor to find this audio log.

Good, one more collectable down. Now, this area (as you've probably explored and seen for yourself) is a dead-end to us. Head out to the open area by the security checkpoints in the back and search for a walkway leading to a new part of the city (it has security checkpoints as well and leads to the section of the city that taking the right path from the first area would have led to).

Now once you are over here we have to go nab another collectable really quick, and it's going to involve some fighting. To the left (and inward a little bit) you will find some escalators. Go up here and in the corner of this area you will find a group of soldiers (and a camera you should take out).

Grenades would be ideal here, except there are civilians. Of course you could always disregard that and chuck them anyway (you monster), but it is also really easy to kill the soldiers as they come around the fence. Also note that they will try to go for a guard alarm to your left, out on a walkway (do your best not to let them). Once you wipe them out, check out the room (to the right of the fence) and you'll see a room here. Go inside for:



After wiping out the guard post at the top of the escalators (on the right side of the first big open area), look around for a door you can access that leads to this comic.

Now, on to the next collectable (it really feels like we jump from collectable to collectable sometimes, huh?). Head down the escalator and hang left slightly while heading forward (there will be a red neon sign on your left). Keep going forward and pass a second red neon sign. Keep going forward (still) until you hit a corner. The bed on your left should have:



After picking up the first comic book, head outside and down the escalator. Go forward and stick to the left-hand wall (you will pass two red helghast signs) until you get to a corner. Check to your left to find this comic book on a bed.

Time to head to an objective now (finally). From the comic book head down the right path and then down the set of stairs when you get to it. In the right corner is a vent. Crawl in and follow the pathway to meet up with Zeus.

Zeus will tell you where to find your prey while you load up on ammo. Grab the adrenaline here and C4 if you wish. He'll also lay down a secondary objective for you.

Once he's done, head through the vent you didn't use and the next one down the path. You'll end up back in the area near Zeus's apartment. Remember the building we got the second audio log in? That is the place we need to go to for our secondary objective.

Head over there and wipe the garrison out. If you wiped them out earlier, there will be three new guards there. Head inside and at the top is a red console (that wasn't turned on earlier) that you need to hack to help Zeus out.

With that done we need to head towards the area we got the first comic book in. Head out the guard barracks and across the walkway nearby connecting the two big sections, then head up the escalator and stick to the right. The doors in front of you will open, revealing the way forward and two guards that you need to kill.

Take them out and access the console ahead, then the one further down the hall. Here you will be in a warehouse area. Kill the guard (melee) to your left, then head right (there is a camera monitoring the left path). Kill two more guards that you run into and take out the camera. There is an elevator here but *before* you go on it check along the walls for:



When you arrive at the elevator room, kill the guards and then check the far (back) wall for an audio log sitting on a shelf. This one is rather interesting...

OK, time to ride the elevator. It is a long, boring ride. Could have used some music...

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-3

At the bottom, head down either path and down the walkway. At the end of the walkway, be sure to check around for:



After riding the elevator head down either metal walkway to the far end of the walkway (you have to do this to continue on anyway...). When you get to the end, search nearby for a couch. The audio log is just to the left of that disgusting couch.

Good stuff. Head to the right to a dead end and then use your zipline to get further down. Head down this walkway to another big drop and once again use your zipline to head further down. There is a door further on you can enter to see an interesting scene...

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-4

Head past the kids (see the dead body?) and follow the path to a door. Head through it and take a left (the right staircases go nowhere). Continue down the path around a corner and through another door (an interesting announcement will play over the loud speakers). Head through the door and take a left again, except now keep your eyes open for an open door on your right as you head forward. Enter it to find some ammo and:



After the scene with the children, head forward down the path and you will find yourself going through two doors. After the second door, keep your eyes open for an open door to the right. The dossier is in that room along with some ammo.

The next collectable is really close. Head out of the room and keep on going. You'll nead down some stairs soon but instead of going up the ensuing stairs, hang a left at this junction. Down at the end of this short walkway you will find:



From the second Dossier, keep following the path until you head down some stairs (this won't take long). Here you will be looking at a walkway to the left and more stairs. Head down the left walkway to find this audio log at the end.

Head back and go up the stairs to the left so we can continue on. You will drop down to a staircase. Head down to see some soldiers talking to the civilians. Take them out. This area is a giant square walkway, so watch your flank and take out the soldiers that come.

Once you are done, head down the only path you can and keep going straight (note the path to the left) to a dead end where you will find some ammo, an adrenaline pack and:



After fighting (and killing) the soldiers talking to the group of civilians, head down the only path you can then head straight into a dead end with some green barrels. Gather the supplies here and the audio log on top of the barrels as well.

Good, now let's go down that left path we passed earlier. This leads to an area that splits into two walkways heading forward. There are also large containers being moved up and down the center of this area. Up ahead is filled with soldiers (around 8 all together). If you have a sniper option on your weapon, now is the time to use it.

Get the soldiers attention and take them on as they come to you (fighting by a corner or ducking by a rail helps). You can use the two platforms to your aid by sending your OWL down one and clearing the other. Head forward past the container area to a second area and wipe out the soldiers here to. Nearby is a collectable:



After fighting your way past the first walkway area (with the very large containers going down in the middle) you'll find yourself in a second walkway area that actually has some space down the center with little huts and cubicles. Search the left side of this center area to find the audio log.

Once you have that let's grab another one real quick. Head forward and hang a right. Head past the crates you find and duck under the vent to find:



From the previous audio log, head forward (barely) and turn to the right. Head past the boxes you find and crouch under a vent. You will find this comic book lying on the ground.

Go back and continue on now to find another elevator. Yep, jump in and head down. Don't worry, it isn't nearly as long or boring this time.

Get off and follow the path. You'll have to go down a long ladder and will eventually have to drop down a drop to the right (you'll know it when you see it) but you will be entertained as Tyran reads your file out loud on the speakers. Psychological warfare!

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-5

Soon you'll come to a soldier with his back to you. Melee kill him and then take a left. On a crate over here you can find:



After the second elevator you will come to a soldier with his back to you. Take him out and go left. Up ahead is a crate with this comic book on it.

Now, onto another collectible. Head back to where you killed the guy and head right this time. On your left is an open door. Hop up into it to find:



After the second elevator you will come to a soldier with his back to you. Take him out and go right. Look to the left for an open door leading to someone's sleeping quarters and you'll find this comic book laying there for you.

Head forward now and wipe out the soldiers you find. There will be quite a few snipers in this area, so be careful and follow their beams to find them easily. All in all you'll take out about five soldiers with Tyran taunting you the entire time.

Now once you are done let us guide you to the next collectable. Head back to where you killed the first guard in this area (the one with his back to you). Take a left and then a right when you can. Follow this path to the next path split, take a left, and hop in the last sleeping area on the right (there is an adrenaline in here if you need it). Head outside and go up the stairs, then forward. Now, check the corner to your left for:



After clearing out the area of enemies, head to where you melee killed the first guard. Now take a left, then a right to a walkway. Here take a left and then a right into the last box on the right. Head forward up some stairs and check the left corner past that to find this comic book.

We're done with the area now. Head to your left and find the crane on this walkway. Enter the door and start her up and enjoy some dialog. Once it stops, hop down to the yellow walkway in front of you and enter the next crane. Start it up for some more dialog.

Now, once it stops exit and walk down the right platform. Walk down onto the *very narrow* beam and then use your zip line to get to the next walkway in front of you. Enter the door here, start it up, and enjoy some more dialog.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-6

Once this care ends you must once again walk down the right platform and zipline down to a new walkway. There are soldiers down here, so if you have sniper capabilities use them then zipline down. These walkways web out a bit and have plenty of soldiers to kill (around 7-8 - it's easy to get lost in the red haze). Take them out and make your way towards the objective mark, looking for some stairs and a ladder leading up to a door.

Bust through the door and check the table to the left for:



Once you enter Tyran's safe house, look to the left and you'll find this dossier on the table. Hard to miss.

OK, almost done with this chapter. That was the last collectable (this chapter had a *ton*). Hack the console nearby for a scene.

After that head up the ladder for another scene. You will have to press R3 during this scene, but after that just enjoy.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 5-7

-- Video coming soon --

Once you regain control, head down the walkway. You can't move very fast (you are badly hurt) but just keep going. The platform will break apart in various sections, making you cross narrow beams and even duck under sections of it to continue.

Soon a gunship will track you down and order you to stop. Do not stop, keep going. It will fire but you should live through it if you stay on the move. Eventually you'll reach a large area that results in a dead end. Just wait here and enjoy the dialog. You aren't getting away, but there are several good scenes awaiting you.

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