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Chapter 6: The Agent

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Once you regain control, a mysterious voice will contact you through your comm. unit promising escape. Hell, don't have much of a choice. When the door opens wait for a minute and the man will make the crate move to you. Jump on it and then jump on the series of crates the man moves for you. Some of these will require running jumps, so be ready and don't jump too late.

You will come across a camera soon. Wait for the man to disable it. Now, a collectable is near. Instead of heading right, head through a door on the left near the camera for:



After the mysterious benefactor disable the first camera, look to the left for a door. Head inside to find this dossier.

Head back out and go straight. You'll head down a staircase and meet some maintenance bots. Continue on and you'll have to do some more jumping (on the first jump do not try to jump to the visible box car - look below you and use that one) and you will eventually come to another camera that the man will shut off. Jump down and take a left (like he tells you) then a right. Wait a second and then jump down and hide in the container.

Keep following the man's directions and follow the guard when you can, then hide in the next container. Continue on when he tells you and climb up the boxes you find. Keep going and enjoy some dialog, then head up the stairs while the man disables a third camera.

Here there will be some guards further down talking. We can't rush this area though: those guards are guarding a collectable. Drop down and take a rightinto a room, then (and we have to be quick here) follow the path and take a right down some stairs. We need to *wait* for the guards to go back on patrol (you can see their flashlight through the floor if you try). When it is safe (when a guard is walking to the left on the upper platform) go back up and retrieve:



This one is tricky. After the third camera is down, take a right and follow the path, taking the next right down some stairs. Now you must *wait* for the guards to start patrolling again. Once it is safe, go grab this dossier that was by their original position. Tough! Do you best Solid Snake impression!

After grabbing it head back down the stairs and follow them. Take a left when you can and head up some stairs. There is a collectable nearby! Take a right and check the back of the shipping crate for:



After getting past the patrolling guards, follow the lower path and you'll be forced up some stairs. Take a right here and check the back of a blue shipping crate to find this audio log.

Continue on and you'll hear your contact go dark. Damn. Follow the pipes to the left and drop down. Keep going through another pipe tunnel and drop down again. Once you do, take a right (it is a dead end) and look for an open door leading to a bedroom for:



After losing contact with your mysterious benefactor, drop down after a pipe tunnel and take a right. Look for a door leading to a bedroom and check the bed for this comic book.

Head left now and climb up the box (note the man to the right). Drop down and freeze... until Echo shows up. Follow here when you can until she stops in a rom and tells you to hit L1 on a grate. Target the vent to the right of the doors and she'll shoot it off.

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Next, you'll try out a maintenance bot hack. Target the spider that Echo holds and hit L1. She will throw it beyond the door. Use the robot and get right under the door controls (they are right in front of you) and blow up.

Continue through the door and you'll have to control another bot. The spider bot will show up by the windows nearby. Before taking control of it find the window near the floor with the gap in it. Hack the bot and get it through that hole, then head right and blow up the next door controls.

Continue forward and Echo will give you a pistol. Great! She will also go off into "overwatch mode" and you can now start targeting enemies and are given control.

This area has a number of guards in it. Or goal is to make it to the upper left. Grab the adrenaline pack in front of you and then start marking guards for Echo to take out (which is quite fun). The remaining guards will identify you eventually, so take them all out (be sure to take one of their assault rifles to replace your pistol). Also note that you can stay on the right side of this area and go down a second set of stairs to find another room with another adrenaline pack in it.

Once the enemy is gone go to the left side and in the back go up the stairs to reach the drawn-back bridge. Here you must hack a spider bot in the distance. Hack the thing and search for a nearby control panel, then go and blow it up.

Continue past the bridge and shoot the security camera you find. Head through the door and head up. Two soldiers will be harassing a civilian in here. Gun them down and then wait as the man opens a nearby door for you for:



After saving a civilian from two guards, wait until he opens a door for you to find this comic book among his stash. Hey, thanks guys!

Now we need to climb up the box we were in to get to the second level. Now find a vent in here (pick up the adrenaline) and head through. You will find yourself out in an open area very soon.

This area is huge. It has no less than three levels to it too. We want to get across to the farthest side on the upper level. Go ahead and start marking targets for Echo and fight your way over there (you can stay on the upper level or explore as you wish: exploring leads to ammo but fighting from the upper level will bring the enemies to you). You can find an adrenaline pack on the upper level in one of the rooms near the back if you wish.

Wipe out the enemies and head across the bridge (or however you choose to get there) to the upper level (beware of any security cameras you see – feel free to shoot them). Search for a doorway in the far wall now but head in it slowly as there is a camera above you on the wall watching the stairs.

This path leads to a central control center. Kill the three enemies here and enter. There is a console on the left you need to hack to continue but first look to the right and under the second console you will find:



After the big battle in the three-leveled open area (the next big battle after saving that civilian), head to the control center your objective marker is at. Clear it out and check to the right of the console the game wants you to hack to find this dossier on the ground.

After you access this console a group of three guards will appear below. It is extremely amusing to hack a bot and give them a shock, but not very practical. Head down and wipe them out, then access the console beyond to continue (you will lose Echo's help here).

This area... is a little touching. Go listen to the man on the left hand side and you can choose to "help" him or not. Next, head up the stairs and into the next area. A couple will be struggling nearby by a tree. Here you can choose to "intervene" or not (which is an actual button prompt on the screen).

After that let's nab a nearby collectable. From that couple head to the right and enter the little room here to find:



After choosing whether or not to help the couple by the tree (or if you are one of those people that doesn't care at all about dialog going around them - after entering the area with all the helghast citizens), head right and enter a tented room to find this audio log on the bed.

Head back out and head up the stairs. Here you will find a woman asking for help. You can choose to offer up an adrenaline pack here if you wish (again, press O when the button prompt appears) and then continue on. You will have to make your way up several more sets of stairs, but soon you will be able to drop down a ledge on the left.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 6-3

After dropping down enter the door and you'll be in a very wide open area. You will also gain Echo back here. To your left is a soldier you can melee attack for a quick kill. Now, to your right is a secluded area with a single soldier on it: have Echo take him out.

Now look out from where the soldier you melee killed was looking. There are two soldiers in the distance. Have Echo shoot the crate here to have it drop and smash them, then start killing on your own (killing and targeting). Once the coast is clear, head to your left and enter a vent, then go right. On your way you will find:



Even though you find this one while playing the mission we will indulge you: after leaving the civilian area and killing (melee killing) a soldier on your left, enter the vent on the left. The comic book is in the vent to the right.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 6-4

Drop down now and head down the stairs to the right. On a crate over here you can find a new grenade type: EMP Grenades. Grab them, we'll need them soon. Head down and take a left, but don't jump down the ledge yet: there are two soldiers down here. Wipe them out and jump down. Keep following this path jumping down to hit a checkpoint and get a radio call from Echo.

Holy crap, a battle droid has been unleashed. We need to kill it. It will be a pain though, but thankfully we have those EMP grenades. First of all, *never* stand in direct fire of this thing. Its gattling gun will tear you apart. EMP grenades shut it down but only for a little while (enough time to pump a magazine into it). It takes about three full magazines to take down.

Now there are a variety of ways to take this down, but let's go over the vanilla version: from the area you start in to your right is a lower passage way that you can use to avoid the droid as well as ammo and EMP grenades refills. Wait for the drone and hit it with an EMP, then unload. Pick up the supplies if you need them and hit it with another grenade. The path I pointed out comes in handy for one thing: running away. Once it starts taking damage it will lob out grenades randomly. This is *very* dangerous and you should run as you can't take many grenades. Make it come to you and hit it with another grenade. Like we mentioned, it will fall in about three magazines.

Now, the tricky among you will realize that there are containers down here as well. Yep, you know what we mean: you can have Echo shoot a container to land on the damn thing. The timing is a bit tricky but very do-able.

There is also a mini-gun stashed down here. It is by a collectable, so follow the path to the collectable below if you want to get it for the droid (although the decrease in speed and mobility can be deadly):



After (or during, if you are reckless) the droid fight find the big doors that the game has marked as your objective. You can't miss it: it has a big sign above it and is on the right side of this area (plus, y'know... the game has it marked). Instead of going to it, head to the left and up some stairs you'll find on the left. Here you can climb onto a platform above you (right in front of the stairs - there is a minigun blinking) to find a stash of weapons and this audio log.

Now, once the droid is destroyed we do recommend you go get that minigun (and audio log), then head to the door and use the console. Echo will radio in that a fire team is on its way down. Go hide behind something and let them taste your minigun once they come out.

Head onto the elevator and head up. Once it stops head to the left. Now in here there will be some self-contained rooms. Head up the stairs on your left and into what looks like a server room. In the back you can find:



After destroying the attack droid and riding the elevator up to the next section, head up the first set of stairs into a server room. You can find the comic book in the back on the ground.

Head out and use the console nearby, then listen to some (kick-ass) dialog. Drop down and head up the slope. At the top turn to the right and you'll see a small space on a door to the right. Wait for a spider bot to show up and hack it, then use it to blow up the console in that room to open the door. Follow this path to Echo.

Here Echo will give you her sniper rifle and she will be marking targets for you. This rifle is awesome by the way. Start off with the spotlight she will point out. After that is a guard to the right (she kills one right after you take care of one). Next she will climb up and mark *three* targets for you: two guards and a camera. The guards are spread out so you can take them out easily, then get the camera. After that is a guard in the tower on the right.

Once you are done she will get the boxcar you are on moving. Ride it to another pair of boxcars, then quickly walk on the left car and find the ladder in the roof. Head down to avoid danger, while also finding:



During the sniper section you are forced down into a boxcar. Pick up the newspaper you find in there. You literally cannot miss this one.

Soon Echo will point out two guards for you. Do *not* go up the ladder to kill them: you can kill them from the crate you are in. Head up the ladder once they are dead. Next up is two more guards on the left and the right. You need to do this while moving: she can't stop the controls. No big deal.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 6-5

After that you will ride and talk together. At the end get off on the right side and give her back her rifle (awww...). She will leave to get into a good position, giving us our marking capabilities back. Head forward and then go to the right. Over here there is a ton of guns and ammo. Further on along the right hand wall on a crate is:



After the sniping section, take a right and load up on guns. Now head forward and on the right (on a crate) you can find this audio log. Easy!

Our goal now is to get to the control room. There are two long walkways leading up to a ton of soldiers (you are on one!). Head down the walkway and shoot the two cameras on the posts (the left walkway has these two). Now you may as well engage the soldiers up ahead. You can mark them and then hide behind one of the giant crates on the walkway. Keep marking and killing until you wipe them out.

Now before heading up the ramp to the right (only the right side has the ramp) note that the lower level has several bays. Search all of these for ammo, grenades and, in the one on the very left:



While heading to the control tower you will have to fight your way to an area with several bays down below a higher level platform. Search the bay to the very left and look on top of the crates to find this comic book on one of them.

Head up now and meet up with Echo in the control tower (note all of the ammo and grenades on your way up: we will be needing them soon).

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 6-6

Up here she will tell you an antennae capacitor is down. What you need to do here is to go down the stairs and find the capacitor in this room and pull it out (much like we did on the space station, remember?). With it in hand, take the door on your left and head down the stairs.

Now the antennae is to the right. See it? It has an empty orange hole at the bottom. Head over there and put the capacitor in. By now you will have noticed that your position is being attacked!

What we need to do here is to hold out. Buy Echo time. To help she has hacked and called in several ATAC units. These things will help a ton. And for icing on the cake you can control them - or well, at least tell them what to aim for.

The primary targets in this assault are two battle droids. Always have your ATAC units aim for the droids. Your general strategy here should be to hold the top platform at all costs. There's a ton of weapons and ammo up here, so grab a minigun and hold your position. You may find it advantageous (like we did) to head down the first ramp on the right and then use that left corner. Enemies will *have* to come at you from that direction and you can shoot down the walkway to take personnel out easily. Remember: ATAC any droid and hold your position. With that corner you can get in cover easily.

Once you are done repelling the enemy, head back up and meet with Echo. After the talk, go press the button prompt in front of the ATAC and ride it until it crashes. You will find yourself between the walls now, with a fight raging on.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 6-7

You only have one choice here: run! Keep running and don't slow down! There is a collectable coming up though, but it is near the wall, so until you start to approach the wall don't worry and keep running.

Once you get near the wall you will see a bunch of crates off to the left. Go check them for:



While you are running for the wall and are getting close to your side of the wall, look off to the left. You will see a bunch of crates. This comic book is on top of one of them.

Enjoy the ensuing scenes as this chapter transitions into the next.

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Nov 27th 2014 Guest
When entering this area after killing the first two guards in the immediate area. Look across and you will two security camera's. The highest one has a bot above it. Hack this bot and take out the higher camera. This will enable the security gun to fire on all enemies. In short, this gun will do all the work for you. Sit back have some fun and maybe mark a few targets to be snipped. Most times this security gun will take out all the enemies before they even have a chance to set of the alarm. This gun will keep doing g the work for you till you leave this level.
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