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Chapter 10: The Savior

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Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 10-1

You enjoy the trippy moments that just happened? Good, right?

Head forward and drop down on the soldier to kill him. After that you will see a camera. Hit the directional button they show to deploy a spider bot and make it crawl over to the camera and destroy it.

Head into the vent on the right where you will find:



After destroying the camera at the start of the chapter head into the first vent on the right and you'll find this newspaper on the corner coming up. You can't miss it.

Continue on to another vent and a message about your shields. Go ahead and try it out. In this room, shoot down the camera above you and then melee kill the guard. Now with your cloak still up head up the stairs to your left to see two guards. Here you want to shoot the one by the door in the head and then quickly melee the other one. Smooth.

You can take two paths now. You can either head through the door using the console or you can shoot the other camera in this room and use the vent. We prefer the camera (shoot it from the upper platform) as it feels much more sneaky than entering a console and hearing your name. Both paths do lead to the same place, so take your pick.

Up ahead use another spider bot to take out the camera, then activate your cloak. Take out the guard in the box (head around to the right) and then search his box for:



After destroying the second camera with a spider bot, activate stealth and take out the guard in the guard box. Search the box he was in to find this dossier.

Head out through the next door now. In the room on your right you can access another security camera to see the next area ahead. We need to get through this area without being spotted (or ideally we need to do it without being spotted, as one of the game's trophies is on the line).

Head through the doors and hear your objectives. Ugh, three of them. This isn't to hard though (we've gone through this *several* times to make it easy for you). A couple notes:

o Your cloak can last throughout this whole ordeal, just don't get close to any soldiers or civilians.

o You can do this entire thing without killing anyone.

o Patience is a virtue. Often guards will appear to be in your direct way but there are ways around them. They will also appear to not move but if you give them awhile they will move. Patience!

Jump over to the rocks and hit your stealth. Now, head to the right down the rocks and drop down to the right on solid ground (there will be a lower walkway to your left). From here, head forward avoiding the civilians / guards and get to the wall. Take this wall left and stick to the wall! You will soon come to some shrubs that you can go through!

Now you are under the platforms above you. No one is down here, so it is safe, and to add to the goodness right in front of you in the corner is the game's very last collectable:



You can find this collectable in the wide open area you have to sneak through. It is located in the maintenance tunnels. From your starting area, pop on cloak and head down the rocks hanging a right to land on some ground to the right. Head to the wall across from you now and follow it to the left to some shrubs covering a door opening. You will find this comic just past the shrubs, laying in a corner.

Good, you should get the trophy now! From there head to the left and head forward to a vent (remember this area: we will be back). Follow this vent to some chairs and the lower objective. Use the console here to take out the lower security systems.

Now time for a trip. From the bushes here make sure your cloak is good and head out. Head for the stairs and hang a left, then head up some more stairs (you will often find people up here - give them a second to move). Cling to the left wall until you see a staircase.

Now up ahead is a soldier guarding an entryway on the left. To the right are some barriers. Head for those going down the middle of the area and jump over them. Interact with the console to disable the last security system and head back to the stairs you were at.

Head up these stairs now. The Sniper Rifle is in the middle area, past a vent cover on the circular walkway. A nearby guard is likely staring at the vent. Don't go up that way: instead sneak around to the right and you'll see another staircase leading up to the middle circular area (be careful of a guard that is patrolling and occasionally using this staircase).

Head up it and circle to the right. The guard staring at the vent will occasionally look away (this requires patience). When he does open it up, take the rifle, and head back to the staircase you entered the circular area at.

Now we need to head all the way back down to the maintenance tunnels. You can simply re-trace your steps. Once you are down here, head to the objective (the window with the gap) and set up your sniper rifle. You'll see a scene here, but be ready to press R2.

Congratulations on beating Killzone: Shadow Falls.

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