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Map Descriptions

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The game has 10 maps in total. We will briefly go over them below, but as we say in the tips and tricks section in order to really succeed in Multiplayer, you really have to become intimate with these maps yourself. No amount of reading will help you as much as experience!

The Divide


This map is sniper friendly, as you will find a giant chasm between two enemy bases. Each base has multiple levels as well, lending to multiple snipping spots. Two long conveyor belts run between the chasm to bridge the gap: expect heavy traffic in these areas for mission pushes.

Using spawn beacons can help a ton on this map, as can nano shields, turrets and excellent snipping.

The Spire


Danger! Danger everywhere! The Spire is exactly what it sounds like, but there are vents and small holes to hide in everywhere. This map is NOT sniper friendly, so consider going assault or support. There are a few short bridges leading to a main are, where you will find walkways above you and small vent pathways everywhere you look.

The Park


This is the park area from Chapter 10 of the campaign, although it has been modified a bit. The center area is still the same, with the circular area above it, but it's only two stories tall now. They've also gutted the area below, replacing the maintenance rooms with a fairly bland spoked walkway (although the shrubbery covering the entranceways are still there). There's also some indoor areas leading to both bases as well. Overall, a very fun map that lends itself well to every game play type. Snipers *may* feel a little cramped...

The Station


I really like this map. It is obviously a train station, but everything is in ruins already. There are a lot of half-broken train cars you can get in and station areas (with stair cases and escalators) on each side of the central train area. The central area is actually quite open (disregarding the broken train husks) and lends itself quite well to snipping (so try it out if you like snipping and don't hang around if you don't!).

To get from one side of the map to the other you have to pass through the central area, making it a good chokepoint. With great knowledge...

The Wall


This map is designed around the area outside the great wall dividing New Helghan from Vekta City. While there is a big divide between spawn bases (which a sniper can capitalize on), there is also a series of underground tunnels in the middle of the map. These tunnels are narrow and snipers should stay out of them (the narrowness helps with turrets and choke-points though). A fairly fun map, just be sure to watch your back if you plan on snipping and never stay immobile above ground for long.

The Penthouse


This is an interesting map. The central area has a rotating metal door that both cuts off and provides access to the very central (and cramped) chamber. Around that is a circular hallway with rooms branching off in every direction. The rooms often have 2-3 points of entry though, through connecting doorways and even outside, where players can run along the ledge of this high-rise building and destroy the glass. There is an upper level to this penthouse where the bases are and some outside areas to fight in, but the majority of the fighting is going to be down below in the rooms, meaning snipers will likely want to work on their assault or support classes in this map.

The Factory


Here you are in a (gasp) factory, but it's one of the most convoluted factories you've ever seen. There's a center area of course that resembles a ditch (very dangerous territory) with cargo moving in and out, but you will find a TON of randomly placed obstacles and structures throughout the factory. This includes upper areas designed for snipers and overwatch as well as lower level walkways. There's also a good chunk of territory outside of the factory itself, so like usually every objective will have multiple lanes of fire centered on it. One of the biggest maps in the game.

The Forest


One of my favorite maps based off the forest portion in the campaign. Here you will find natural cover and ledges, although there are a few built-in poles with platforms around the map. There is a stream running down one side of the map as well as a crashed cruiser in the middle. Try to claim the high ground as soon as you can and protect your flanks and you'll be ok. Snipping is a bit limited on this map due to the massive chunks of rock and land in the way, but there are several good lanes of fire, especially out of the waterfall base.

The Remains


Another one of my favorite maps, I've read this one is recycled from a previous Killzone game, but I can see why. It is just utter destruction no matter where you look, but it is brilliantly designed. Tunnels, buldings, upper walkways galore... you'll find a bit of everything here and every class should excel.

The Slums


Another very good map, inspired by New Helghan. Just like the remains, there are obstacles everywhere, as well as several levels of ruin and devastation to fight on. There are several narrow entry-ways leading from one area to another, which restricts some snipping and lets devious people set up some clever traps for those who rush without looking. A good map overall.

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