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Chapter 4: The Patriot

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Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 4-1

Good to be back home. Follow the guard to the first security checkpoint and let it scan you. Afterward head down the right path (past the people sitting down) and scan the upcoming benches for:



After the security checkpoint go check out the benches to the right (specifically the sixth one) to find this newspaper just sitting there.

Neat. Now continue on and soon you'll see a scene.

Once you regain control you'll have a new objective: fight off the terrorists. There's a couple soldiers in front of you in the distance but soon a sniper will appear from the upper left. Engage your scope and take him out, then mop up down below.

Head to where the sniper was and climb up. You can kill another terrorist directly below you from here. Jump down into the building and another wave of enemies will appear. They will likely try to flank your left side so be ready for that and take them out.

Now the game wants you to drop down in the hole in the floor here but let's go get a collectable first. Head to the back left corner of the area and you'll find some stairs leading down. Head down them and in the back down here is a couch where you will find:



After jumping into the building and fighting off the enemies, do *not* drop down the hole. Instead head to the back left area and head down the stairs. Look for a couch down here where you can find the comic book.

Head down the hole now (or if you wish down some stairs north of the hole and past a doorway locked by a console) and get ready to wipe out some enemies below you. Pick them off from up above and watch out for them coming from any direction.

Drop down below (there is a hole in one of the floor panels) and wipe out whatever resistance you encounter. Now find the objective (there is a weapon rack outside the door) but before interacting with it head to the left and search by the cabinets to find an audio log (it's back by the cabinet in the far left corner:



Once you reach the computer console to access the mainframe, *before* using it head to the very left. Back here by the foot of a cabinet is an audio log on the ground for you to pick up.

Go back and interact with the console now to get some dialog.

After the dialog, head back out to the central area and a door further up will open. Take out the three soldier that come out and enter it. Let's grab another collectable now:



After hacking the mainframe a door will open up outside. Clear the soldiers and then check the table around the corner for this dossier.

Continue down the path and up to a door. Enter it to see a scene. After that hang a right and make your way outside the building to where Sinclair is, then follow him and board the drop-ship. You'll see quite a few scenes here and will get a new objective (stop the trains!). You'll soon be outside again on a walk way.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 4-2

A quick note: you are on an active railway. As you proceed down the path, if the lights on the track turn red you need to get over to one of the bigger platforms and off to the side as a train is about to come!

Head down the path and on the second big platform look for a soldier coming up a ladder to the right. Kill him off and head down two more platforms. You will finder a ladder here. Climb it and kill the soldiers in the distance (one may come up the ladder to your left). Continue down that left ladder and up another one, then head to the right towards the objective marker.

There is a train door down this way, but there's no steps leading to it. Watch it for a bit and kill the guard that comes looking out of it. Now from up above you can jump to it and Lucas will grab the ledge and pull himself up automatically.

Inside the train are *tons* of enemies. Easily half a dozen in the first two cars. Due to the cramped space, it is ideal to use a grenade here and easy to create a "killzone" down the aisle.

Continue to the second car and on the right is the console you need to hack, but *before* you do that look to the left for:



After finding the console you need to hack in the first train, look off to the left to find this comic book laying on the ground.

Hack the computer now and Sinclair will call in with an update. Looks like we are headed for another train. Head back the way you came but don't jump outside yet. You can defend this door while two attack drones and some soldiers come at you.

Take them out and jump out. Head up the ladder and go down the walkway to another ladder. Head up and kill the soldier that attack from the distance from the top of the next train, then head over there and jump into the second train. Kill the soldier and then check the left side of this train for:



After getting on the second train, kill the single soldier you find and then check the left side of the train. The comic book is wedged in the seats.

Head forward and be ready for a soldier to drop down (easy melee) and take out the soldier further in. After that hack the console. You'll get some more dialog (train #3!) and the door leading on will open. Head in and stand back!

After the explosion, climb up the nearby ladder on the right and kill the soldiers you find. Now, watch out for trains and jump down to the central track and climb up the next ladder. There will be more soldiers coming (they may even shoot at you on the ladder), so get up and take them out (you can use the pillar up here for cover).

Once they are dead lets get another collectable. Look out towards the open horizon and (watching out for trains) jump down to the first track. From here look for a lower platform connected to the wide platform. Jump down there to find:



From the second train (after the explosion), head up the ladder and fight your way over to the first (furthest out) train track. Find the lower platform nearby and jump down to find this comic book sitting on it.

Climb back up and and head towards the objective. You will see it is quite a bit lower than you are now. Head to the last platform on the end of the racks watching out for the train and some snipers further down, then at that last platform look for one lower connected by a ladder. Jump down.

Now from here you can go behind the ladder and fall down to another platform. Its a bit of a drop by you will survive it and there's no hostiles down here. Now, unlike the other two trains this one has no side doors for us to get into (or no way to reach them). We're going in through the roof. Head for the train and jump on it, then look further in for a roof hatch. Drop down and clear out the train (three enemies). Open the door at the end.

You'll see a scene after that and will soon be in a chopper and equipped with a minigun (an awesome gun by the way). What you need to do here is shoot off the metal train guides connecting the train to the rail. There are six of them in total, just shoot them one after the other right to left. Not hard to do with such a kick-ass weapon. After that you'll get some more dialog and will be dropped off with a ground team.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 4-3

Here we get to rappel down into a building. Choose a good weapon from above before doing so (we don't recommend the shotgun) and then follow the soldiers and get between them for the "Rappel" option to appear. Use it to drop through the building. Wipe out the resistance you find (some soldiers will also be upstairs but don't proceed to far as a collectable is near).

After the immediate threat is gone (the checkpoint will activate and some dialog will play about the transmitter), go back to where you landed during the rappel. We are going to get the collectable below:



After you rappel into the building, take a right and head into the far room on your right. There is a yellow crate here that has the dossier on it.

After grabbing that head back out and head upstairs (note that one of the enemy soldiers had a minigun if you want to grab it). Once you get up the stairs head into the door (leading to a circular area) and head right. There will be a set of doors on your right (if you use your scan you will see two enemies past them). Open the doors and take them out. There is also a audio log in this room, on the right (the last collectable of the chapter):



After you rappel into the building (and clear out the soldiers), head up the stairs and enter the left door to come to a circular hallway. Take a right and open the doors on the right. Clear out the enemies and then claim the audio log sitting on the box to your right.

Head to the other door and scan it. You'll see one of the hostages in this room. Breach it and clear it out, then go untie the hostage. Two more rooms to go and they are both downstairs.

Head back down and enter the middle circular hallway. Pick a door (doesn't really matter), scan it, and clear out the room. Each room has a hostage (one has two) that need freed before you can continue.

Once you have every hostage freed, you'll get some dialog about Tyran. Another rappel point will appear (again by the soldiers) so make sure you nab the ammo and get the gun you want before going. Once you rappel you will see a scene involving Tyran.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 4-4

Once you regain control some allies will rappel down on your left to assist. Open the door and kill the two soldiers you find. Head past them and open the door they were guarding to see a scene.

Well great, Lucas. Now we're on a rope. Just great. Hang on and soon Lucas will pull out his pistol. Get ready and shoot the soldier that appears in the door frame. Keep the pistol out and shoot the next one that appears as well.

Now you are about to be told to climb the rope. You *must* do so as soon as you can to survive. In fact, just hold up on the analog stick after killing the second soldier and you'll be OK. You'll see a scene soon and will need to press R3 to continue. After that this chapter will be done and you'll get to see several scenes leading into the next chapter.

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