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Chapter 8: The Dead

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Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 8-1

You start this chapter in freefall. This isn't bad until you enter a cloud cover: just follow the smoke trail until then.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 8-2

You will soon enter a cloud cover and past it buildings all around you will start falling...


Why is this part hard? Because up until now you have never used this control scheme yet, and ANY false move will kill you. You hit anything and you are dead. Instantly.

Gamers who are familiar with pitch and lift will inherently have an easier time with this part of the game, as those general principles apply. You can control your pitch with left and right, and your lift with up and down. You will need speed at times to garner a better lift.

This section is hard to describe due to how fast it happens and the type of control you have, so follow these tips to get past this very hard section:

o Mid-way through this section is a checkpoint. Do your best to get there so you don't have to restart from the very beginning.

o Your overall goal here is to glide down. Don't dip or lift TOO much.

o That being said, it is better to ride high at times. We recommend dipping for short periods of time (1-1.5 seconds) and then press up and glide. Focus on your left or right turns from there.

o You will see blue circles on the ground every now and again. These things are gravity wells. They will propel you up if you get too close to them. You really shouldn't need them but there they are.

o After the checkpoint Echo will lay down some targeting icons for you: a set of red and a set of blue. You can follow either path, but blue is the easiest.

o You don't have to hit the icons, just follow them. In general they will lead you down a safe path. At the end, the markers converge and you will hit your giant pillow and be safe.

o Practice makes perfect! Don't let the game win! You got this!

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 8-3

Ugh, that section sucks. No denying it. But here you are, on top of a roof. Drop down in the hole in front of you and look to the left for:



After landing from the freefall section, drop down the hole in front of you and you'll find this on the left. Someone has to reward you for that hard fall!

Head to the right now and follow the path down to solid ground. Echo is down here. Go ahead and meet up with her. After the dialog, we need to find another canister and put it in the drill (where the blue light is coming from). There is one behind you. Go grab it and put it in, then back away and shoot it.

BOOM! You just made yourself a gravity well. Use it to head up and meet up with Echo again. She'll advise that we need to split up and look for the drop ship before leaving.

OK, collectable time. Head down the left path and you'll see some ammo. Now, on the rubble to the left go ahead and climb up it to find the below collectable by a human skull:



After splitting ways with Echo, head down the left path of the building and go up the rubble. Look around for this audio log by a human skull. A very good listen.

Head onward now and head over to the building on the right. You want to get up to the third floor here. You can do it just by climbing if you wish, but there are some stairs. Follow the third floor path to another wide open area with a gravity drill nearby.

Find a bot hovering in the sky and shoot it to get it to drop a canister, then use the canister on the drill and shoot it afterward (back away). Ride up this well and press forward at the top. You will land on a narrow ledge of a building.

There is a collectable nearby! In front of you look for a staircase down below. You will likely see an ammo crate shining underneath it. Go ahead and head down there to find ammo and:



After the second gravity well drop down and search underneath a destroyed staircase to find some ammo and this second audio log. Another very good listen. Ugh...

Now to the right is a sentry machine. It doesn't move, but it does scan the entire area in a clockwise pattern (you can see the red camera lines). When it sees you it will shoot at you, so it is very dangerous. You can run around it all day though, if you wished.

While there are collectables about, let's put this thing out of commission first. To the left and right of the sentry are two canister modules. What we need to do is get two canisters in each of them. From safety go ahead and shoot down two robots for canisters (or you can do one at a time like we did). Go put them both in the module receptors but *do not* shoot one until they are both ready to be shot.

As soon as you shoot one, two attack droids will come investigate. Go shoot the other one now and the giant sentry bot will be out of commission. That leaves us with the two attack droids. Take them down (you will likely need that ammo from back under the stairs).

OK, our surroundings are clear for now. Let's get those collectables! To the right of the sentry is one of the canister modules, and to the right of that is a building. Enter it and head into the room by the chair to find:



After destroy the sentry, head inside the building near the right canister module. Inside is a door frame next to a couch. Head in that room to find this dossier.

OK, there's another one nearby. Behind the sentry is a staircase. Head up the first set of stairs and then over to the bottom of the next set and then check the ground for:



Once you destroy the sentry, climb the stairs behind it. At the bottom of the second set of stairs you will find this audio log. Very hard to miss.

Head up to the top now and you'll find a shaft heading upward. Follow it and drop down when you can.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 8-4

Now here is where reading a guide comes in handy: this shaft is an elevator shaft. As you head up the elevator will come crashing down. You must duck into one of the spaces on your right or you will die.

Past the elevator are some spider bots. Destroy them and then run forward and go through the hole on the left (there is a spider generator here but we don't need to waste our ammo). You'll come to a door. Kick it open and watch a scene.

Wow, that was some destruction! Head to the right and stay on the upper level and you'll come to a corner. Here you can find some EMP grenades (grab them) and on the floor:



After seeing the building fall down, head to the right and stay on the upper floor. In the corner you can find some EMP grenades and this audio log.

Now the next part is a little rough. Mostly because we are going to take on one of those walking attack drones (what did you think the EMP was for!). Down below in the center area you'll see some boxes glowing. That is ammo. Either drop down there level by level or zipline down there, Find the assault rifle (Keyzer) and also look around for:



After seeing the building fall down (and collecting the previous audio log!), zipline down to the ammo crates you can see down below. This audio log is sitting next to them.

OK, let's first destroy a couple of spider bot boxes. First of all, outside the building near the hull of a car is a spider box. Destroy it. Now climb up the first bit of rubble facing the building and head right. Down that path is another spider box. Destroy that as well.

Now time to take out the big attack droid. Get it to come down here. Use the building for cover and use up your EMP grenades. If it takes more than that to kill it, send your OWL out and run around the building so you pincer attack the sucker. It will fall soon.

Note: If you are having a hard time, you can head to that second robot mine generator and climb a wall to the left. Head forward and climb another wall. Up here on the second cubby to the left is a BLR08 Hadra, a rocket launcher. Using it with the EMP grenades is good fun.

There is a collectable up here to but we'll get to it soon.

Good job! Now before we go collectable hunting, let's take care of one last nuisance: a giant sentry (number two!). Head up the road on the left and you will see it in front of a building. Further ahead (on the left) is a spider generator. Take it out. Beyond the spider generator is one of the two canister machines we need.

Now, to the right in the plaza shoot down two maintenance drones flying overhead and make two canisters drop. Grab one and put it in the receptacle on the left. The second machine is to the right of the sentry, but is not guarded. Go put the second one in and shoot them both to take the sentry down!

Excellent. Now, we are supposed to go into the building behind the sentry, but we have some collecting to do. First of all face the sentry and turn around. Enter the building here and head up the rubble to the second floor where you can find an adrenaline pack (you likely need one at least). Head on up to the third floor now. Up here you will find ammo, that BLR08 Hadra we mentioned earlier, and in a cubby up here is:



After destroying the second sentry, go stand and face it and then enter the building behind you. Head up to the third floor now and search the trashed rooms up here to find this dossier amongst the rubble.

One down, many more to go. Head back and face the destroyed sentry. Head to the right this time and up the steps. On the bridge further in is a robot generator. Wipe it out. Now in the building you can find ammo, adrenaline and:



After destroying the second sentry, go right and up some stairs. Head across a bridge and then into a room with a bunch of goodies (ammo, adrenaline, etc). Among the goodies on the floor is this audio log.

Time for another little trip. From that audio log, take a right and go down the path and you'll soon have to fight another robot generator sitting in some ruins. Destroy it and then head into the door on the right. You will find some adrenaline here, a mini-gun and:



After destroying the second sentry, go right and up some stairs. Head across a bridge and then into a room with a bunch of goodies. From there head right and continue to a spider robot generator. Destroy it and head through the door to its right. You will find the comic book in this room, along with some adrenaline and a mini-gun.

What's next!? Another collectable of course! Go stand in front of the second sentry once again (it is a good reference spot!) and head left. Go up the stairs and into the street. To your left (slightly) is a doorway. Head through it and look to the left for some more ammo, adrenaline, and:



After destroying the second sentry, go left and up some stairs. Head into the street and take the doorway on your left. Take a left here and search nearby for some ammo, adrenaline and this newspaper.

OK, that is all the collectables here, I promise. Let's continue on. Head past the sentry and into the building. There is a ton of ammo in here so be sure to stock up. Head to the back and drop down the elevator shafts. Once you get to the bottom you'll have some dialog. Continue to the left and in this room search the floor for:



After destroying the second sentry head into the building behind it and drop down the elevator shafts to continue (Make sure you got all the previous collectable items from this area). At the bottom head into the room on the left (you have to) and search the ground for this audio log.

That last audio log was a good one. Wow. Continue on through the building and you'll find yourself outside soon. Climb up the ledge to the left to see a scene.

Killzone Shadowfall Guide Video 8-5

He's alive? How!? Bah, this area is kinda rough. First of all there will be two walking attack droids to kill. And then at the back of the area is another scan machine.

Start off by heading forward and finding some EMP grenades and a mini-gun on the ground. This is more than enough for a walker. Further in (I'm going to point this out now, but it is best to collect it later) is a railroad car box on the right. Inside is some adrenaline, ammo and:



After seeing Tyran take off in the ship, head forward and look for a railroad car on the right. The comic is inside (along with a bunch of other goodies).

Take note of the canister nearby (we'll need it soon) and take out a walker coming from the left. Before firing on him find somewhere with a corner so you can take a break once it catches on.

After you take the first one out, you can get some ammo and work on the second one. He should be walking around somewhere (he came at me from the left a minute after the first one). Hunt him down and destroy him. Not hard with the minigun. Make sure to use your OWL and grenades if you have to.

OK, time for the scanner. There is a canister module / receptacle to the left and to the right. As for canisters there is one in the starting area and one to the far left (there are more, but those two are easy to find). You can access everything you need without the scanner seeing you, but do be careful running in the middle area.

Once again, put them both in before shooting them. Also, back away and shoot the right one first before the left one (as you can quickly get to the left one).

Once it is destroyed, a gravity well further in will erupt. Go use it and at the top press forward to meet up with Echo again. Head forward with her now and just keep following her, looking up when she says so (what a huge ship!). At the end you'll see a scene.

Onto the next chapter!

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