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Traps and Tripwires Guide

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In Horizon Forbidden West, players are given access to a wide variety of weapons that Aloy can use at her disposal against a wide array of human and machine enemies. In our Trap Guide page, we will discuss the different traps available to Aloy and how you can use them to your advantage..


Traps make a return in Horizon Forbidden West, giving Aloy more tools at her disposal in dealing with both machine and human enemies. With the help of tripcasters, Aloy can lay down explosive and elemental tripwires. Thanks to her Hunter’s Kit, she can also deploy a wide variety of individual traps on the go. Be warned, however; Aloy can still trigger and get damaged by her own traps.

Aloy has access to the Trapper skill tree which can unlock new Weapon Skills for her tripcasters and ropecasters. If you’re frequently using traps, consider getting the skills that speed up your trap crafting and deployment then eventually, unlock the skills that lessens the damage you’ll receive from triggering your own traps, and getting more resources back from dismantling traps.

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After the battle, it’s still worth dismantling your own traps to at least get some resources back. The Skilled Salvager passive skill allows you to recover more and higher quality resources from deconstructing traps and tripwires.

While Aloy can easily craft tripwires and traps anywhere, this is best done in the workbench after getting the Workbench Expert skill. This skill lowers the amount of resources needed to craft ammunition (including traps) when using any workbenches.

Trap Basics

These are smaller but equally deadly traps that act like proximity mines. They come in different varieties. You have the regular explosive ones and the elemental traps that inflict elemental damage and build-up. Unlike tripwires, human enemies are susceptible to these traps, even if they’re deployed obviously in plain sight on the field.

Eventually, you’ll encounter advanced versions of the traps. When that happens, it’s recommended to replace the weaker versions from your Hunter’s Kit selection menu. Traps can only be deployed from Aloy’s Hunter’s Kit. Since they occupy the same selection menu for potions, throw rock, Summon Mount, etc, it’s a good idea to modify selection. You can do this by pressing and holding the DPAD button to open the selection screen where you can toggle which items to equip.

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Tripwire Basics

Tripwires can only be launched from Tripcaster weapons. You have to deploy two anchor points to lay down a wire that will be triggered if an enemy trips on it. You can only deploy the anchor points at a set maximum length only. Placing the second anchor point too far will just snap the wire, wasting the tripwire ammo and preventing the trap from being deployed and armed.

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Tripwires are extremely useful against machines since they don’t seem to distinguish it as a threat. As such, it’s quite easy to lure them to your traps. However, when facing humans, you might find them vaulting over tripwires, especially if they see you deploying them.

Deployed tripwires using this manner will stay on the field until triggered or dismantled. The exceptions for this condition are tripwires that are quickly deployed using the Quick Wire Weapon Technique. These tripwires will explode or deactivate automatically after a limited time. This technique however allows Aloy to use the tripcaster as an active weapon if necessary.

Trap List

Traps come in different versions (normal, advanced, elite). You’ll start off with the basic blast trap but as you explore various locations, you’ll eventually unlock the blueprints for new and better traps. Here’s the list of different elemental traps that you can construct:

Trap Type Description
Blast Trap This an explosive trap that detonates upon contact or when shot, creating a powerful explosion.
Vertical Shock Trap This trap generates a powerful electrical energy field above it. This can be triggered by both ground and aerial enemies, or by shooting at it.
Purgewater Trap Like other traps, this purgewater canister detonates on contact or when shot creating a powerful purgewater explosion.
Acid Trap A metalbite canister that detonates on contact or when shot creating a powerful Acid explosion.

Traps and Tripwires are not necessary in combat but they do offer additional combat options, especially when you want to be stealthy and have the upper hand in an encounter. These are also extremely useful in hunting machines, especially the larger, deadlier ones, so you can soften them up before engaging them fully.

That concludes our Trap and Tripwires Guide for Horizon Forbidden West. We hope that this information helps you in your exploration and adventure. For more content regarding Horizon Forbidden West, please refer to our online guide here at Supercheats.

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